13 Tips to Becoming a Successful Online Marketer

Successful Internet Marketers are not born overnight. If you look back at their history, you will notice lots of up and downs, that is the beauty of life. Everyone will face some kind of hardship at one point of their life, be it family related or job-related. But those who find positives in every downfall they face are the ones more likely to succeed.

Coming back to the point, today, I’m going to share with you 13 Tips you should put into practise in order to become a successful online marketer. Use this as a guide and checklist to counter check on what you are doing. If you have not been seeing results, maybe implementing some of these might actually help you out.

I’m definitely not the most successful person around but I believe over this 11 months online, I have learned and grown a lot as a person and also as a whole. I had my ups and downs too, I was on the verge of quitting at my 4-month mark after getting diagnosed with a medical problem.

But thankfully, I didn’t quit. I found motivation from elsewhere and stood back up, standing strong on both feet. If you have read my eBook you would have noticed that I am making 5 figure a month. All these wouldn’t have happened if I were to throw in the towel in my early days.

I’m no different from any of you here. I started out with ZERO knowledge and experience in the online space. If I am able to grow my income to that level in a short period of time, I believe any of you can do it. Your journey may or may not be the same as mine.

Some people will see success quicker than others. Don’t feel down if that person is not you. Everybody is different, so you can’t expect to replicate everything he does and achieves. Comparing yourself with others is fine, but don’t do it t0 the extent where you led yourself down and in worst scenario you QUIT.

Alright, without further ado, I will move on to today’s topic itself.

Following are the 13 essential factors that might determine your level of success,

1. You need to be Patient

Online Marketing is not something that can be achieved overnight or within a month or two. It is going to take you at least 3-4 months before you make your “first money” or “first sale”, whichever fits your liking. But like I mentioned earlier, these results are not typical. I have seen people made some money within a month and I have also seen people who took more than 6 months to just make their first sale.You-Need-To-Be-Patient

I like to call this the “Waiting Game”. When I say wait, doesn’t mean you wait without doing anything. If you are going to wait for something to happen then I’m sorry, you would see any results even in years.

You have to work on your online marketing business, preferably every day and wait for the day till you start to see sales trickling in.

Setting goals(Short term, Long term) is a good way to move forward. Don’t be disappointed if you never reach your short-term goals, because most of the time we overlook the reality of running an online marketing business. Just stick to your long-term goals and work towards it.

End of the period, analyse and see how far off are you from the goals you initially set. If it’s not far too off, then that’s great, keep doing what you have been doing.

But if it’s totally off, you might want to rethink and see what you are doing wrong and why you think you haven’t reached your goals. Be realistic, but at the same time shoot for the stars when setting goals. If you tell me then you want to make a million dollars within a year, I can honestly say you are setting yourself up for failure from the get go.

“Patience is a virtue”. Just be patient and keep going forward, I’m sure sooner or later you will see even the slightest of success. That small spark is all you need to snowball your earnings 🙂

2.You have to be Self-Disciplined

Whether or not you are going to succeed, or how long you are going to take to see results are greatly influenced by yourself. I don’t know, some of you maybe doing online marketing full time while some may be doing part time.

Regardless of any of the above, you still have to be self-disciplined and work on your online business. If you set yourself two hours per day, then stick to it. If you are really tied up, then it’s ok. But giving excuses like I want to watch my favourite TV show is not welcomed.

Most people tend to get distracted easily, especially when working from home. I know it’s hard but its definitely do-able. Always keep in mind of your goals, most times it will help you get back right on track.

3.Never Stop Learning

Being an online marketer can provide you with tons of benefits whether its freedom or moneywise but at theNever-Stop-Learning same time it is very competitive. Since online marketing can give people the life they always wanted, more and more people are moving into this path, which means more competition.

Every now and then, there are changes happening in the online space. Out of everything, the most important are the SEO and Social Media. Both of this are going to play a vital role in getting traffic to you.

Google changes its algorithm, don’t know how many times per year. If you want to keep your rankings or get better rankings you have to always be on the run.

When you stop learning, someone behind you is ready to overtake you. That’s how competitive is the online space.

You can say that this is a lifelong learning journey. Don’t worry all these are not too difficult as you might think. Just keep yourself up-to-date and make changes accordingly from time to time, and you are good to go.

4.Don’t overload yourself with too many projects at once

This is a big problem with many people. They try to multi-task by working on several projects at a go. This isDon't-Overload-Yourself not only going to tire you but it’s also going to slow the process of you making money.

What you are doing here is, spreading yourself too thin which is not good for long run. If you are very new to online marketing, stick to one project and work on it for, maybe, the rest of the year?

This is how I normally do my work, most time it works wonders. Stick to a project for maybe 4-5 months, once you start to see sales coming in, you already know that what you are doing is working. So what’s next? Rinse and Repeat, just keep doing more of these and you will see more sales coming in.

Now, you can actually consider outsourcing your work. There are lots of freelancers out there that you can leverage on to do the job for you.

Once the first project has been running good, you can now consider working on your next project. But that doesn’t mean you have to totally ignore your first. Every day you have to, at least, spend some time looking at how things are going.

5.Perseverance & Determination

If you really want to succeed in the online space, you need perseverance and determination. This two can be the difference between one’s success and failure. It is common not to see results in the very early stages even though you feel that you have put in lots of hard work.

This is where most people fail or quit. Once they see that there are no results for their actions, they assume Dont-Give-Up-Nowthat this is not working. Like I said, there is no typical result blueprint that proves everyone will see success at the same time.

Those who have strong a determination to succeed will go a long way. I’m not saying this for the sake of saying. You can take me as an example, I really wanted to succeed in this for myself and my family.

I didn’t see any other option for me. I actually had an opportunity to go to university but instead I brushed it off and work on my online marketing business.

There’s no other choice for me but to succeed. This is what keep me going every day and I believe that because of that very reason I see success faster than others. I didn’t see it overnight, every day I work hard, spend at least 5-6 hours working on my projects even on days where I feel lazy/de-motivated.

Perseverance and determination are really going to help you push through the tough times, so look for the source of it. It can be the hunger to succeed and prove people that you can be rich too, or it even can be just to give your family a better life. Please don’t overlook this, you will see it work wonders for you especially when things get tough.

6.Don’t Oversell

The more you try to sell, the more actually people try to get away from you. Not sure how it works in real life, but I’m sure that how it works online. If you try to go overboard and start trying to focus entirely on selling, you are going to have a hard time my friend.

People will always have the feeling of scepticism whenever they want to come across a new product online. Will this work?, will I get scammed? what if it didn’t work?

If you are going to keep spam your website with buy links all over, it’s just going to make things worst. Most likely, your visitors will leave your site instantly and never come back again. Every visitor that leaves your site is a potential customer so you don’t want that to happen.

7.Build Trust With Your Audience

Trust is not something that can be achieved overnight in the online space. It may take months or even years Build-Trust-With-Your-Audiencebefore your audience has really trusted you. Most successful online entrepreneurs have gotten the green light from their audience which is why they are really doing good.

Once you build a long lasting relationship with your audience, you can easily sell them something without much hassle because they trust you that the things you offer them are of high quality.

If your website has a few pages and posts, how do you expect people to trust you. You first have to become an authority on your site before you can start building trust.

Try to offer as much value as you can to you visitors, make them keep coming back for more. It can be literally anything, an eBook, informative and quality content, bonuses and etc. People often want value for their money, not many people will splash their cash blindly on things without knowing it inside/out.

8. Keep User Experience as one of your top priorities

Often times, user experience has been overlooked. Search engines are giving more weight to user experience as one of their ranking criteria.

So what is user experience?

Basically, the experience your visitor is going to get when coming to your website. It includes things like navigation, readability, site load speed and etc. There are lots more but these three are at the top of my chart.

Navigation – How easy is it to move around your site and find things. If people have trouble finding one thing after another, you, my friend are in deep trouble. Most of the times, this will lead to an unhappy visitor who will probably not come to your site anymore because he/she can’t access those easily

Readability – If you words are too small, people will have a hard time reading it. Also, try not to have long paragraphs of words because it’s going to bore people, most people won’t even bother reading it. Even myself, whenever I see big chunks of words I don’t even bother reading because it just seems uninteresting.

I believe you would have such experiences too. So for a start, if you have sentences that have more than 5 lines, times to break them up. It is going to take some time to do it, but it’s definitely worth it. Belief me…

What’s the point of having quality content when nobody wants to read. So make sure you make your content looks readable for all.

Site Load Speed – Basically it means how long does it take for your web page to load. Ideally, you want it to be less than 3 seconds. There are lots of free tools online that you can use to check your website load speed, one of my favourites is pingdom.

I just did a test, and here’re my results:


Alright back to the point, why would you need your website to load fast?

The answer is very simple, if your site is taking ages to load people will just leave your site. Like I always say, every visitor that leaves your website is a potential customer. You don’t want to be losing customer/money on small technical issues like this. Besides, Google gives a small weight of it rankings on page loading speed.

If your website is loading slow, there may be several reasons. One reason can be there are just too many plugins, you might want to delete some of the plugins that are not necessary. Another thing is your images might not be optimized, download a plugin that allows you to optimize your image and re-check your site loading speed.

9.Enrol yourself in a Training Community

Being new to online marketing it’s going to be very difficult to understand the process, terms and technical aspects of starting an online business. Some of these things can be learned off the internet for free, but most of the information are jumbled up and are just “touch and go”.

You are just going to increase the amount of time you are going to take to start making money and reduces the chances of becoming successful online if you decide to learn everything on your own.

I suggest you join an online training platform and learn how to start an online marketing business from scratch. This way you can be rest assured on not missing out any of them key details.

For those who you who wondered how I manage to learn and make consistent income online in a short space of time, it’s simply because I started learning from a website called Wealthy Affiliate University. Basically, they will teach you step-by-step from scratch to build your own website and how to set it up to get recognized and indexed by search and engines and lastly walk you through the process of making money.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson has over 26 years(combined) of experience under their belt of internet marketing. If you really want to start somewhere, I recommend you START here.

There are too many scam platforms and products around claiming to teach you how to start making money from online marketing. Most of these are either cut-throat prices or just teach you outdated things or worst still teaching you only how to promote their own products(not learning how to build your own business)

There are lots of successful online entrepreneur, most of them started with zero knowledge too. One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is the live chat and Private Messaging owners for help and weekly webinars to stay up-to-date with the latest internet updates and etc.

10.Outreach to People

Outreach basically means connecting with other bloggers within your niche.

The internet is built with connections, if you really bring yourself to a whole new level you can’t do it alone. If you can build a relationship with a famous blogger, you have called yourself lucky to have found one gold mine. Because it that person recommends you to his audience, you can expect to get lots of referral traffic coming to your site from his.Out-Reach-To-People

Often, the visitors who come from there have a high expectation and also and intention to spend some money. You can expect better conversion rates too.

I’m not saying that you need to do this in order to start making a good income online, but if you want to take your earnings to a higher level, this is the path to take.

This may take some time and not something that can be established overnight. You need to research for top bloggers in your niche first then maybe send them and email or two to introduce yourself and thank them for their content and such.

Slowly you can build a mutual relationship with them that can help you grow your income!

This is more for people who are in the intermediate or advanced stage of online marketing. But for those who are just starting out, I don’t think you need to focus too much on this now.

11. Engage In Social Media

Don’t be afraid of engaging in social media. I know lots of people are hesitant about creating social media Engage-In-Social-Mediaaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. I need not go too far because I, myself at one point of the times skipped all the training on social media and try to live without it.

But I soon realised that if I want to really succeed, targeting traffic from social media is a MUST.

Engaging in social media is actually another good way to build trust with your audience. Remember I mentioned that earlier as one of my tips. Most of the things in Online Marketing are actually interlinked, honestly, you can’t live without one another.

To become a master of whatever project you do, everything must be taken into consideration.

12.Leave a comment Section on your website

I don’t know why, but I have come across many websites that actually deliberately disable the comment section. Did you know that comments are also a form of content on your website + it also shows search engines that the website is active and constantly helping people? All of these eventually leads to better rankings.

Better rankings = More Traffic = More Sales

Besides better ranking, it also increases the trust on new visitors who come to their website. I’m not sure about you, but after reading a post I normally head down to the comment section to see what others area saying.

See what I mean? If people who scroll to the bottom and look at some of the positive comments your other visitors has made can actually increase the trust from new visitors which will, in turn, increases your sales and conversion rate too.

13. Take a Break

Well, I believe none of you expected this coming!Go-on-a-Vacation-With-Your-Family

That’s right, it is very important that you take a break from time to time so that you don’t wear out yourself. Taking a break can be anything, travelling to another country, a short gateway with your family or even catching up on some movies.

You should know that you are working for yourself, so you don’t really have to ask anyone but yourself for permission to take a break.

One of the best things about online marketing is you can still work on your business while on a long vacation and make money even while you are doing nothing – It’s called passive income!

I do take breaks every now and then. It just relaxes my mind and boost me to succeed more than before.



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