1k Commission System Review, Legit or just another Scam?

Is the 1k commission system really going to give you thousands of dollars everyday, week or month? According to Chris Cobb, the 1k commission system is his secret weapon to make money. This program claims that you only put in very little effort but you can make massive commissions.

Honestly, just by reading that sentence do you even feel its real? Don’t worry if you are in doubts whether or not this system will work, because today I will be doing a detailed review to give you an insight of the 1k commission system.1k commission System scam

Name: 1k Commission System

Website: www.1kcommissionsystem.com

Owner: Chris Cobb

Price: $57/month

Rating: 25/100


My first impression of 1k Commission System

I couldn’t ask for anything worst than immediately looking at the price of the product. Regular price is $1497, not $497 too but now only $57 per month.

This was honestly a total let off, seriously what the purpose of even putting this if one haven’t even really understand what is your system about. 1k commission system money

The only thing I can think off, is by purposely drawing potential customers to look the their so called offer for this product.

To make people think that, “wow, its a really great deal! I should get it before the price goes up”.

This is a very poor strategy to draw people’s attention, but the sad part is that it actually does work and people are falling for it too easily.

Sorry to say this, from my first look – briefly reading through from top to bottom I’m not satisfied with the total approach of this system.

How 1k Commission System works?

The 1k Commission system has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, any long-winded setup, outdated technique or latest technique.

Hmm.. Then I wonder what is it about…

According to the owner, this system does not require any form of experience and its suitable for those who are new to this or even already making money online.

Basically, the user of the 1k commission system act as the middle man – collecting commissions without actually doing much.

How does it actually work?

  1. A client will hire you for their project(e.g. to build a website)
  2. You will outsource that project to a third party(a team of professionals)
  3. So once the third party has completed the project they will pass it back to you
  4. And you will give it back to the client.
  5. This client will then pay u a sum of money for completing the project
  6. From the money you receive from the client, you will pay a small portion for outsourcing
  7. So the remaining of the money = YOURS = PROFITS

In layman terms, you find the client for a particular project, then you outsources them and finally you return the project to your client(and get paid)

So what are the potential projects can you do? Not only building websites but also graphic design, data entry, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), LOGO design, flash and many more.

You are not tied down to do only 1 or 2 projects per month, how many projects you want to do is up to you. You can do 20 or 30 projects also, the more you do the more profit you earn.

Unlike affiliate marketing, the 1k commission system claims,

  • You don’t need to build you own website
  • You don’t  need to wait months before starting the work
  • You don’t  need to spend money on driving traffic to your site
  • Also you are not required an email list

The 1k commission is like a turnkey system, everything has been done and pre-setup for you. It is a matter of you understanding and doing to final touches. – Includes websites, hosting, trainings and finding your clients

What I like about this product

#1: The idea for this product was good

Instead of doing affiliate marketing to make money, this was sort of a more “unique” approach. Being the middle man and making commission by outsourcing your projects.

#2: Almost everything is done for you

A turnkey system that provides you with almost everything including websites and hosting, what can you ask more?

#3: 60-Days money back guarantee

According to the owner, you are allowed full access to their system for 8 weeks. In other words, any time before 60 days you are not satisfied with the product you can ask for a refund.

What I didn’t like about this product

#1: Fake claims

fake claimsHonestly, there is a limit for everything. Overselling the product will make it look more worthless than it actually is. The more I look at this, the total value of the 1k commission is worth $12,079 wants to make me laugh more and more, it seems like a joke.!

Come on man, does it really cost you $579 to own you own website? You can buy your own domain for below $15 and you tell me I get a website worth $597?

All this numbers seems to be more “made up” to me. This is to attract more people, by looking at the so called worth of this product. Forget about me! Look for yourself, what do you think of all these numbers?

#2: Definitely lack of evidence to prove his system

I know that showing to much of your bank account can be sort of bragging. But to pay such a high amount an unable to see a clear evidence of whether this system does work or not looks ridiculous.

Just by looking at a snapshot of his PayPal account and reading his entire website will never give me enough confidence to bang my trust on this product.

Definitely if his system is proven, more proof should have been shown over a longer time period. Like one in January, the other in march or something like that.

#3: Work less and Earn more?

Are you really sure about this? come on! if you really want to earn lots of money whether online or offline you have to work very hard. There is no such thing in the world as easy money, the way I can think off is if you rob a bank. Some phrases like this, can really tell you whether the product is genuine or not.

Although affiliate marketing requires hard work, you can actually see money overtime. Unlike this product, that claims you can earn more money working less… I doubt you can even make a penny with this.

#4: This system has nothing to do with affiliate marketing… But guess what?

This system actually focus majority on affiliate marketing… What a joke? You claim something that isn’t even true. Look at what some of those who have tried this actually have got to say…


scam 6

#5: Hefty price tag

Whether it is $1000 or $57 the price is still to much for something that has no evidence of definite value added results. Also take note, if you do sign up its $57 per month and the money will continue to deduct every month unless you actually cancel it below.. so be careful of that.

#6: Kills the impression of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not very difficult as some claims, only it takes time before you see some results. But the way it was thought in the trainings caused a bad impression towards beginners who just step into online marketing.

My final thoughts…

Honestly, if you are looking to make money online never try this “quick get rich” schemes because instead of actually making money, you are going to lose your hard earn money. Something that claims, you can easily make $1000 per week or month will never be true.

There are many reviews here, that are actually promoting their product… so don’t get confused if you see some positive and negative feedbacks. Honestly, this system is never feasible… think twice before you actually purchase it, once you purchase it there’s no going back.

Personally, I’ve been in online marketing long enough that I can easily spot the difference between are genuine and money robbing program.

My Verdict:

thumbs down

My Recommendation

If you are keen to learn affiliate marketing or any other ways to make money online you can check my No.1 Recommendation. This will not make you rich overnight, but will help you build a foundation for a successful long term business online.


Those of you who have questions regarding the 1k commission system can leave your comments below and I will get back to you right away. Past user of the 1k commission system can also share with us your personal experience on the system and has it worked for you. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Yours Truly,

my name

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  1. Your website speaks it all.
    Anyone can make money online.Thank you for exposing this 1k commission scam. This will save us visitors from scams like this.

    You said it correctly, making online is possible. Systems like these are full of fake promises to reap people off and make them to purchase. WA does not have any fake promises, they show you the real way.

    • Hello Tony, its my pleasure to warn the newbies of online marketing. Many people blindly just find ways to make money online fast and they finally end to these scam sites. I encourage them to do a review of the specific product before they even think about purchasing it. As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is the most legit way where your learn to start your own online business.

  2. Hi Kumar I have never heard of 1K commission before but after reading your review I agree with you as to it value…”stay away” But it’s good to see that you are warning people about this ‘scam’ because losing money (monthly payments to) is what they are going to do with this one. I do like that you are pointing people in the right direction with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as this is an exceptional program for anyone wanting learn about how to make money online. Great review and enjoyed find out about the 1k commision system. Thanks 🙂

    • Hello peter, I think the only way to make people away of all these scams online is to educate them. That is what I am trying to achieve here, I try to help them steer into the right path. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the most legit place online to make money.

  3. As I can see from your review 1k commission system is just another waste of time and money. Whenever I come across a program that makes bold claims about making money on autopilot it makes me laugh. Their system looks very shady to me and anyone who at least has some experience in make money industry. I think there are much better programs out there with better trainings and better support. BTW, are you satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hello rufat, you are right! Many programs claims they are a turnkey system or autopilot always are meant to be a scam. Yes, people who have been in this online marketing industry for quite some time will be easily able to spot this scams. Of course, I am more than satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate, it is a wonderful place to learn and earn at the same time.

  4. Your absolutely right in that I did not have to look far on your post to know this product is not for me. These kind of get rich quick schemes give a bad name to the whole legitimate industry and it is important that they are exposed for what they really are. I don’t know why anybody would spend money before getting to try it out and get a look inside. I was scammed several times until I started reading reviews and finding the product I choose which is complete and fits my life style. It’s the same as yours. It is very robust and provides everything I need for LONG term financial stability.
    Thanks for the review. I will steer clear of this obvious scam.

    • Hi Kirk, you are absolutely right. Reading reviews before you purchase a product is a must because they are really too many scam products out there preying especially on newbie marketers.

  5. Terrific review. The 1k claim would put me off too. What you earn is directly related to how much effort you put in so how could anyone predict what we will earn. The falling price made me think it was going down the drain very fast and may not be around much longer so why waste my time and money. It is sad that there are so many people out there who lie and cheat and scam us into parting with out cash. Great review and I thank you .
    All the best

    • hi Margaret I have to agree with you on that, nobody is able to predict how much money you are going to earn. The amount of effort you put in will result in how much money you are going to make, having that said putting effort for 2-3 months its not a realistic period where you can make lots of money. At least give yourself one year, work of your website diligently and I can assure you that the rewards will be pleasantly surprising in time to come.
      The main reason why there are lots of scammers out there is because of people like us, they want to make easy money overnight. The sad truth is there is no such thing. It either you learn from your mistakes or learn from other people’s mistake. Thankfully I learnt from other and I am glad I am not a victim of one of these money making scams.

  6. Good article explaining how this system works and it really is another silly program meant to take money out from people. Too bad so many people won’t realize it and get scammed.

    Good article. I like how it was written and it informed me of a lot. Nice job!


    • Hi Mforgacs, you and I are able to see that it is a useless and worthless program. Sadly, people out there especially the newbies have really no idea of what they are getting their selves into which is kind of sad. My goal is to try and spread to everyone which are the legit and scam products. At the end of the day, the ball is in their court and the decision is theirs to make.
      There is no such thing as make money quickly, if there is such a system at the first place why must the owners even bother selling it. They can silently use themselves to generate millions of dollars. Of course they are a scam, they know it!

  7. What course could possibly cost you $1497? Seems like a pretty heavy marketing ploy right off the bat. I’m glad I found your review now – I thought about checking these guys out ( glad I didn’t! ).
    I’m currently looking for work online, what would you suggest on the legit side of things?

  8. Kumar,

    This is a really good review. I’m really glad I found your review before purchasing this product.

    You just saved me at least $57. The information you said is false had me believing that it was easy income, glad you set me straight.

    I do have a few questions though. The feedback I’ve been seeing on these “turn key” systems has been negative. Is that how you feel about the turn key systems?

    I’ve seen a few different sites that only have negative things to say and some say they’re making really good money with the system.

    If you could shed some light on me about the turn key systems I’d appreciate it!


  9. Kumar, no surprise that your review uncovered another scam with claims like that. I had not heard of 1K Commission System before. They do know how to make it sound attractive to some poor fool looking desperately to earn money working online.

    I so appreciate reviews like yours because I was once one of those fools and I’ve fallen for a few. That was before not now. I know what to look for and I also rely on these reviews to help me decide fs a program is legit or a scam.

    Thank you for all the work you do to uncover these scams!


  10. Another useless “magic system” to make money online effortlessly… I don’t understand how people can be this naive to buy such scam products… There is no easy way to make money online, just a lot of work and dedication… Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate is here to teach us the right way and connect with the right people!

    • The problem why most people fall for those scams are because they have the wrong mind set, “I want to get rich very fast”.. this is really a bad attitude, instead of making money you are only going to continue losing to these scams. There is no way you can become rich overnight unless you strike a lottery(but that’s out of this equation).
      Yes, I have to agree with you… if you want to make money online hard word and dedication is vital.
      And yes Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform to learn and earn at the same time.
      Cheers 🙂

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