3 Step Cash Creator Scam Review – Another Time Waster?

I will be doing a unbiased review on 3 Step Cash Creator to share with you whether this system is legit or just another scam. I noticed that there isn’t any genuine review about this system at all, most of them are just writing fake reviews to promote the product which kinda disappoints me.

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Name: 3 Step Cash Creator3-Step-Cash-Creator-Scam-Review

Website: https://3stepcashcreator.com

Owner: Rob Paul

Price: $9?, $19? “I don’t know”

Rating: 00/100


What is 3 Step Cash Creator about?

According to the owner Rob Paul, the 3 Step Cash Creator is a money making system that pulls in over $500 a day. And he even go on to claim that some of the users are earning over $100,000 a month.

Wow, sounds great right? Time to become rich!!

Nah, I don’t think so… on paper this system sounds like a sure HIT but in reality it is nothing but just another product full of hype. I was very disappointed because I was waiting to see how exactly will you make money and what are the 3 steps. Unfortunately, throughout their sales video nothing of it was mentioned – only full of bank account balance screenshots and extravagant money claims from the testimonials.

I have come across of hundreds of scams products, and almost all of them had a shady website with a sales video and a sign up button on it. So I don’t really see how different is the 3 Step Cash Creator from the rest…


Lies and More Lies

(1) Fake Testimonials

The testimonials you see who their sales video are all fake. Basically, these guys are just actors who are paid to do a short product review. In the past, testimonials may sound as a big deal but nowadays not really… You can get testimonials as cheap as $5 from Fiverr, in fact some of the testimonials from this sales video are actually from there!


From Fiverr.com


From Sales Video











From Fiverr.com


From Sales video













After seeing it for yourself you would have realised that these guys are just lying, the fact is they never tried the product at all nor they have made any money from it. I have reviewed other products as well, and these same guys were found there too!


(2) Fake Money Earned Screenshots


Website Registered Date


Snippet from Sales video










I did some further research and found out that 3 step Cash Creator website was registered only on the 13th of march 2015. However, you could see that some of the earning claims in their sales video were from year 2014. It’s it funny, how on earth will anyone be able to make money from it if it wasn’t even existing yet.

So obviously you could see this screenshot of earning is from some other source.


(3) Fake position remaining













When you first land on their website, you will notice people on queue “1,360” and positions left “19”. Every few seconds you will notice the numbers changing, lastly you will end up with positions remaining “2”. There is only one thing I can say these statistics you see are actually not true, basically its some template programmed to show this.

Just refresh the page and everything will go back to the same numbers. So don’t get fooled by this stats and quickly go and purchase their product.


(4) Price of the Product

To be honest I am not exactly how much does this product cost, but what I can assure you that there is definitely something fishy going on here. So once, you enter you name and email address you will be taken to the product sales page at Clickbetter.com

The claim that the product has an 80% offer thus you pay $19. Eventually, If you decide to cancel a pop-up will appear and say you will have a $10 discount hence you only have to pay $9. If you try to cancel again, the price will revert back to $19 again.

Be very careful to sign up because if believe this isn’t the actual price of the product, you may end up paying additional monthly fee without your knowledge. Because their affiliates who promote this product will get $30 commissions from each sale. Why will the owner be willing to pay $30 commission for a $9 product. So obviously something is definitely not right… hence I advice you to avoid this product at all cost.


My Final thoughts…

If you are trying to make money online, never seek products that claims to get you rich overnight because almost all the time these products are nothing but scams. These scams artists are not here to help you make money, their purpose is to use your money and fill their own pockets. So don’t waste time and money on these products…

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As an online Marketer:

  • Unlike a brick & Mortar business, you don’t not need to have lots of capital to start your online marketing business
  • Basically, you promote others people products and earn commissions from it
  • There is over millions of products you can promote, so you don’t have to worry about running of product ideas
  • Your target audience is usually worldwide, instead of just the country you are living in
  • Hence, you reach out to more people = more sales = more commissions = more revenue
  • You do not need any qualifications or have to be a computer expert to do online marketing

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I have come to the end of my review on 3 step cash creator. I believe you guys have benefited from it and will now be able to make a much wiser decision going forward. I would love to hear your opinions, just drop me a comment below! Thank You 🙂



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