30 Day Change Scam Review – A Change for the ‘Better’ ?

As the name suggest “30 Day Change”, does it really mean that you will become rich in 30 days? Within my review I will share with you all the truth behind the system and conclude whether it is a legit or just another scam opportunity.

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Name: 30 Day Change

Website: 30daychange.co

Owner: Simon Crain

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 10/100


What is 30 Day Change about?

The 30 Day Change is a “unique cutting-edge” software created by Simon Crain to help users make the right decision when trading online leading into generating over $8000 in profits everyday.

Wow, doesn’t it sound great? Time to get rich…

Hold on a minute! Before you start building sandcastles in the air, allow me to tell you something important. The truth is you will never make anywhere near $8000 profits in a day, in fact you wont even make a dime using this system. 30 day Change is just another “get rich quick” scheme that is overloaded with full of hypes.

Do you really think you can make over $8000 a day by literally doing nothing? If this system really does work, why would I even be against them in the first place. I would proudly say that I am one of their successful members that is making tons of money using their system.

Unfortunately… the 30 Day Change doesn’t work!


You become the loser!

Now, I am going to share with you how the system exactly works.

Firstly, you are told that this software is totally free and you are not required to pay a single cent for it. Yes that’s right…this software is free but not because Simon Crain is a generous guy. It’s because this software doesn’t work or even exist in the first place. Basically, this software just acts as a scapegoat for their MASTER PLAN.

Remember that you are told to deposit minimum funds of $250 into a brokerage account which they have selected for you.

Lets see the reason they gave:


Snip of 30 Day Change FAQ

The reason they gave was totally B.S., honestly it doesn’t even make sense at all…

The truth is, 30 Day Change is an affiliate of the particular brokers company. So whenever they refer someone from their website to the brokers, they will earn a commission from it. – Probably around 80%

So lets say you deposit the minimum funds of $250, $200 will go to the man behind 30 day change while the remaining $50 is taken by the brokers company. Then you may wonder where is your deposit, I only can say your deposit is gone forever and you will never be able to retrieve it back.

I know in the sales video they mentioned that you can withdraw your deposit at any time you want. Well, that’s not true either. Of course if they told you that you would not be able to withdraw you deposits, then you wouldn’t  even sign up in the first place.

So at the end of the day you become the loser, you used your hard earned money to help fill up Simon Crain’s and the broker’s pocket.


Full of lies & Fake testimonials…

The testimonials you see on their website and sales video are all fake and I have two different evidences to prove that.

(1) Website Registered Date


Snip from Whois lookup



Snip from their website







I did some research and found out that 30 Day Change was registered on the 18th of November 2014(look at the snip on the left). Quite strangely some of their testimonials joined the program even before the website was up and running. How was this possible? Magic?

Nah… simply because all these so called testimonials are scripted by themselves. LIERS!


(2) From Fiverr

Unlike in the past, nowadays testimonials are really not so much of a big deal. You can easily get a testimonial from Fiverr for as low as just $5.


From Fiverr


From the Sales video










So our dear friend here has made over $100,000 in profits from using the 30 Day Change program but still sells testimonials for a mere $5? Not only this particular testimonial but I also noticed that there are a handful of testimonials were actually taken from Fiverr itself.

I believe by now you would have realised that all these testimonials in the website are obviously Fake, apparently they never even tried the system before but confidently give out reviews that the system works. Never use this testimonials to base on the credibility of the system because these can easily be scripted.


Many more lies…

#1: Fake availability remaining


When you click the “Spots still available” thingy this image on the right will pop up in your screen. So it shows only 3 spots are remaining from the original 100. Basically, this template is fake. The numbers you see will continue to remain the same even if you cancel and open the page again or you come back 1 month later.

So don’t get fooled by this template and quickly sign up. The main reason why they put such template is to induce urgency to people coming to their website. They want to create a impression that there is only limited spots left so you should act fast if not you might lose this one-off opportunity to make big bucks online.

#2: No guarantee you will make money


Snip of 30 Day Change Earning Disclaimer

Take a minute or so to read the earning disclaimer from their website. As you can see for yourself, 30 Day Change does not guarantee that you will make any money using their system and also mentioned that all the sales materials are just there to express the opinions.

There is no such thing as “get rich quick” scheme and no one will ever be able to make money overnight easily. Even 30 Day Change actually agrees to that statement… “Success in Any money making opportunity is a result of hard work, time and variety of other factors”.

So by now you would already a realised that this system is nothing but a scam which gives empty promises in front of everyone and hides the real truth behind(in the disclaimer)  – where most people don’t even bother to read

An alternative money making method…

Instead of wasting money and time trying out “get rich quick” programs, why not use those to build a consistent income online.

Do you like what you are hearing? Now turn your head towards online marketing for a moment… Online marketing is not something new, it has been in the game ever since internet was found.

As an online marketer:

  • You promote products and earn commissions from it
  • There are over millions of products you can promote, you don’t have to physically own the products you want to promote
  • More and more people are buying things online – the future for online marketing is very bright
  • This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, don’t expect to make thousands of dollars overnight
  • Potential work from home fulltime
  • Commonly misunderstood – You don’t only promote in the country you stay in but worldwide
  • Hence, more opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue

Learning the traits of an online marketer is not difficult but it definitely requires proper education and training if you want to be successful. Well, don’t worry about that… because I’ve got that covered.

I know an online platform which teaches you from scratch, step-by-step training to eventually help you make money online. This is the only platform which actually allows you to earn while you learn.

Did I mention, you can actually try it for FREE? – No credit card details required…

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I have come to the end of my review on 30 Day Change. Hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. Previous users of the 30 day Change Program are welcomed to share with us your personal experience. Please share this post around if you found it interesting or useful. Thank You.



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