3×9 Millionaire Machine Review – Read Before Joining!

Recently, I have been noticing lots of people promoting the 3×9 Millionaire Machine in Facebook. At first glance, this entire website seems like a scam to me. But of course, I can’t be doing a review based on just a quick glance.

So I did some in-depth research on how this program works, and here I am, waiting to share with all of you.

I recommend that you spend a couple of minutes to read through the review thoroughly so you will have a better understanding of how it works.

Alright, without further ado, I will more on to the more important “stuff”.


Name: 3×9 Millionaire Machine3x9-Millionaire-Machine-Scam-Review

Website: 3x9millionairemachine.com

Owner: Sherm Mason

Price: Just $3 to Start

Rating: 1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended


3×9 Millionaire Machine Overview

Before I move on, I just want to make a small confession about this website. Frankly speaking, this is one of the shadiest websites that I have come across thus far. I’m not sure about you, but looking around at the site simply gives me lots of negative vibes.

Anyway, getting back to the point, 3×9 Millionaire Machine operates as a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) scheme. But this is slightly different than most others that we have come across, mainly because there is no selling of any retail products or services here.

All you(Affiliate) are doing here is marketing the 3×9 Millionaire Machine membership to others. So whenever someone joins through your Affiliate link and deposits the funds you get money.

If you have checked out their website, you would have notice them mentioning about making tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions over the next weeks or months.

Seriously, is it so simple to make that much money in such a short space of time?

I’m afraid not. On paper, this system looks like it may work out, but if you think carefully, you will notice that there are just too many flaws in the system.

I will explain to you in more details about this slightly later on…


How much does it cost?

To join 3×9 millionaire machine, it’s absolutely free. But if you want to take part in this income opportunity, you have to purchase a “matrix” position for $3.

Take note that $3 is just to get started. In subsequent levels, you will have to reinvest more money to encourage more profits.


How does the system work? – Compensation Plan


So looking at the above compensation plan you can now have a rough idea of how you will be able to make your $300 million.

I’ll do a brief walk-through of it is works with regards to the above image,

As you can see from the compensation plan, in order for you to qualify for any of the tiers, you have to pay the entry fee first. For every level after, you have to invest triple of what you did before. So the first level, you invested $3, in subsequent levels you are going to be investing $9, $27, $81, $243, $729, $2187, $6561 and lastly $19683.

So if everything works exactly as per plan, you should be making over $300 million after investing a total of $29,523. But don’t worry, you don’t have to fork out that amount of money by yourself. It is an accumulation of the money earned from your continuously growing downline.

BUT the question is does it work like what it promised?

Obviously not…


Why this model won’t work from the start

#1: Ridiculous earning claims in such a short period of time

If you look at their compensation plan, it may seem like a no-brainer. But seriously, to earn over $300 million in a couple of months is a big thing to ask for.

#2: How will it benefit the owner?

Before you go about doing anything, you should stop for a minute and ask this question. Why is the owner so generous to provide you the opportunity to earn over $300 million with such as small investment?

Of course, there is a hidden agenda, and behind the scenes, actions going on. The truth is, the whole model is set up in such a way that the person at the very top will make all the profits. And in this case, is no other than the owner of this business.

In the front end, he entices you with how the business model would work, but in the back, everything has been set up in his favour.

#3: What if your downline stops participating?

For this business model to work, you are going to need an active downline that is constantly growing. But because of how this entire model is structured, shady website, no products or services to promote, you can expect most people to just and go…no one will be in for the long haul.

In the end, it will only benefit the owner because he gets the money that members deposited.

Just think about this,

if 1 person deposited $3

For 10,000 people = $30,000 – all these goes to the owners pockets…


More about the Owner…

Their website didn’t state anything on who owns or runs the business. So I did a quick “Whois” lookup and found out that the owner of this domain is Sherm Mason.

Sherman Mason is not someone who is totally new in this industry, he has been around for quite some time already. Over the years, he has built himself a very bad reputation because of the way he does things.

He has owned several MLM type business schemes that all, in the end turn, out to be scams.

These are some of the previous sites ran by Sherm Mason

  • Magnetic Builder
  • Magnetic Gratitude
  • Summer Fun
  • Paradise Payments
  • thegoodlife4u2

There are lots of complaints regarding this guy, Sherm Mason. You can simply do a Google search on him and you will know his true colour within seconds.

Basically, what he does is, create similar MLM sites like the 3×9 Millionaire Machine and run if for a certain period of time. Then out of the blue, he just close down the whole website and re-create similar sites with the same idea in mind.


My Final thoughts

I hope the above information are enough for you to see that 3×9 Millionaire Machine is nothing but a scam. The only person who is really benefiting from this is the owner himself.

There is no guarantee that you will make millions in the first place. Forget about $300 million, I can strongly assure you that you won’t even pass the 5 figure mark because he will probably take in the money and never return. – That’s probably why he has a NO REFUND policy

Whether is 3×9 Millionaire Machine or any other MLM schemes, I don’t recommend them simply because they are not a sustainable business model that is going to pull in consistent income for you. Once your downline dies off, so does your income.

Do take note that recruiting people and making them work the way you like is not as simple as you might think it is. Most people will probably lose interest over this in time because they will notice that they haven’t see any success. MLM schemes are only favourable to those at the top of the chart. If you are in between or below, you are going to struggle to see any form of money trickling into your bank.

If you are looking for a LEGITIMATE and SUSTAINABLE business opportunity to make extra or even full-time income, I suggest that you take a look at this. Don’t worry, I’m not going to promise you hundreds of thousands or millions in the next weeks or months.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on 3×9 Millionaire Machine. I do hope that this post has given you a much better understanding of how this entire program works and thus will be now able to make a much wiser decision going forward.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this program, so please feel free to leave a comment or two if you have personally tried this or any other similar MLM programs.



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