5K Daily Profit Club Scam Review – Or Broke Club?

I will be doing a review on 5K Daily Profit Club to share with you the truth behind this system. Find out here whether you really can make 5K profits per day as promised or is just another scam. I will walk you through the entire process, so please bare with me till the end.

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Name: 5K Daily Profit ClubIs-5k-Daily-Profit-Club-A-Scam

Website: http://5kdailyprofitclub.co

Owner: James Samuels

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 05/100


What is 5K Daily Profit Club all about?

5K Daily Profit Club is a binary options trading software that claims to pull in at least $5,000 in profits every day and James Samuels even went on to say that members will be able hit the $1.2 million mark in a year as well.

Seriously, that’s some bold claim to make! $1.2 million? What’s funny was, James Samuels said in his sales video those people who claim you can make millions of dollars are considered “fake gurus” but his claim of $1.2 million dollar in a year is REAL. This guy has taken his B.S to a whole new level 😡

Anyway, back to the point… their system seems to work rather different than all the other trading software I have come across. Basically, 5K Daily Profit Club will link their masters account with your Free account and the profits they(team of professional traders) made from their masters account will immediately duplicate at your Free account as well.

Seems to me more like James Samuels is a movie fanatic. He probably got these kind of crazy ideas from watching too many Sci-Fi movies. Honestly, ask yourself… do you really think making money is that simple?


Can you make money with this software?

I’m not going to lie to you, because people are making money from this “software”. Unfortunately, only two people are making money not exactly by using the software but instead making use of the software. Are you feeling lost already? No worries, allow me to explain myself.

The truth is this software doesn’t work or exist in the first place. Basically, this software is part of the marketing plan to lure people and making them deposit funds. Do you remember from the sales video, that you are told to deposit minimum $250 into one of their 3 selected brokers.

Basically, the man behind 5k Daily Profit Club is an affiliate of the particular brokers company. So whenever he refers someone from his website to the broker, he will earn a hefty amount of commission if the referral made eventually deposited the funds.

So the two people who are earning money is the owner of 5k Daily profit club and the broker. Everything else about the members making over $5,000 a month a just a lie. Using this system you are not going to make a SINGLE penny, instead you are going to end up losing your deposited funds.


Tell-Tales signs of a Scam

(1) Website Registered Date


Domain Registered Date



















One of the clearest giveaway that this system is nothing but just a scam is because of their domain registered date. In the sales video, James Samuels keeps reminding the viewers that his website has been around for over 3 years and how much profits his members has made. The above is a snippet I took from their website of one of their testimonials, as you can see the join Date was August 2014.

I went to do some research on Whois lookup, and I found out that this website was only registered 14 September 2015. So how on earth was this so called testimonial able to join on year 2014 and made over a million if the website wasn’t even existing yet. Obviously, by now you would already have realised everything is just scripted and blatant scam.


(2) Membership position remaining


When you enter your name and email address, you will then be directed to the next page where you be asked to create your account. You would probably see this template showing the number of people watching and the amount of membership positions available. What I can say is don’t get fooled by this, because the stats are fake and inaccurate. Basically, they purposely put up this template to induce urgency into you and make you quickly want to sign up.

Just refresh the page, all the numbers will reset back again!


Trading – High Risks


Trading Disclaimer


This disclaimer was taken from their website itself, as you can see 5K Daily Profit club has already indicated that trading carries a high level of risk and there is possibility of losing some or your entire investment. Trading online is no different from gambling, even though the chances of you winning may seem high there is still no guaranteed sure win pick.

I would advice you to stay away from any form of online trading because the probability of you ending up losing money is much higher than making. But those of you with spare cash and don’t mind losing you can of course go against my words and try it out for yourself 🙂


My Final thoughts…

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As an Online Marketer:

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I have come to the end of my review on 5K Daily Profit Club, I hope you enjoyed and benefited at the same time. Past users are welcomed to share with us your opinions about this software, simply drop us a comment below. Thank You 🙂



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