7 Advantages of Working Online from Home

Are you someone who always had mixed impressions about making money online? In this post, I will be sharing some of the Work-Online-From-A-Cafeadvantages of working online from home that will definitely make you change the way you feel about making money online.

How many times have you wished that you could just walk away from your current job and do something that allows you to be your own boss. Well, its not wrong to think like that because deep down we have already created a strong impression of how our life should be like.

Of course nobody will say that I want to become a toilet cleaner or a road sweeper, everybody wants to be in a high post and lead a luxurious life.

BUT, the truth is… not everybody will…

What if I told you that there is an opportunity for you to change the way you live and do something you like, will you take it or just ignore it? – Think about this, I will come back to this later!

Now lets take a look at the advantages shall we…?


The 7 advantages are…

Be-Your-Own-Boss(1) Be your own boss – There’s nothing better than you having full control of what you do! The feeling of working under someone who always tells you what to do and what not to do kinda sucks. I believe most of you will definitely agree with me on this unless you really like your job.

A study was conducted to determine the ratio of Americans who really liked their jobs, and I have to say the results were quite shocking. Only 30% of the people surveyed admitted that they liked their jobs and bosses while the remaining 70% didn’t.

(2) Spend more time with family and friends – Working online from home automatically allows you to see your family members more frequently because you will be literally at home. One of the reasons why I hated my 9-5 job was on some days I had to stay back till late night to complete my tasks or even bring them home to finish it up.

I mean after 5pm I should be spending more time with my loved ones, instead I am working longer hours for the same wages. I am very sure there are plenty of people out there facing similar issues like me, most of the time we people don’t really have any other choice but to SUCK IT UP!

(3) Great earning potential – There is no limit to how much you can earn online, unlike your day job where the salary is capped at a certain number and only increases marginally every year. There are people earning 4 figures, 5 figures or even 6 figures online but that doesn’t mean you will replicate their success to. Ultimately it will depend on yourself, how much effort and time you are willing to contribute will play a very important role.

(4) Lesser expenses – You can save up from your daily transportation, business clothing, meals and etc. Just your transportation and food can already cost you up to $500 per month. Home cooked food are way much cheaper and not to forget, healthier too. Think about it, lesser expenses means you would be able to save more money. This money can be put to better use, like going for more vacations or buying some household products or even saving up for retirement.

(5) Set your own working hours – Forget about the 9-5 working time frame, because working online allows you to work whenever and how long you want. For e.g. you may work from 11am – 1pm, take a two hour break and start working again.

(6) Very low start-up cost – Unlike setting up a brick-and-mortar business which requires you to have a big capital, setting up an online business and working from home requires very little initial funds. You can get a domain for less than $10 and a hosting for less than $100 a year and start working.

(7) You can do something you really like – Working online gives you the opportunity to work on something that you are really passionate about. How long would you want to sacrifice your own dreams to make your bosses dreams come true. It’s time you step up your game if you are really interested in achieving financial freedom – It’s now or never!


Some disadvantages that are worth mentioning…

(1) Affect your social life – Working online restricts you from socialising with people because you will tend to spend most of your time at home. Whereas working at a traditional 9-5 job will allow you to mingle around with your colleagues and will have a opportunity to meet new people as you move around.

(2) You could easily get side tracked – Since there is no one else to control you, some people tend to relax too much and start neglecting their work which is not a good habit. This in turn will definitely affect your online business, but with some proper management this can easily overcome this. You may want to set yourself a timetable/working schedule to make sure you are moving on the right track.


That opportunity to change your life!

The-Choice-Is-YoursWe have looked at some of the advantages and disadvantages of working online from home. By simple comparison you would already be able to see that working online is definitely the most ideal choice.

This is the opportunity: You have all the trainings/tools/support available to build a successful online business based on your passion! So you are going to make use of this one-off opportunity and improve the quality of your life or choose to ignore it?

====> The Choice is YOURS…!!!

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Anyway, Happy New Year and my best wishes to all of you 🙂



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