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Hey everyone, My name is Kumar and I am the founder and owner of this website “Every One Can Make Money Online”.

My past experiences have never been favourable to me, working under bosses, who pays monthly salary that seems like pennies and bombards me with tons of work. Most of the time requiring me to stay back after my working time to complete my tasks and worst case come back on weekends(which is my off days) to finish it up.

I always think to myself, “Is this really what I deserve?, can I make my own business and be my own boss?”.

I have asked this questions countless of times to myself, also spending hours and hours on the internet finding “how to start my own business with low budget”

To be honest, I always wanted to have my very own business and be the boss of myself. But soon noticed that to have your own business is not as straight forward as it seems, as there are a lot of “behind the scene” things that has to be taken care off too and I think I wasn’t ready for that. Another reason was also, I didn’t have the capital needed to start my own business.

One of my favourite shows on Television was “Hotel Impossible”, whenever I watch this show, some part inside of me tells me how nice it would be to run a hotel business. Yes, to clear your doubt my ultimate dream goal was to run a hotel business.

However, as you all know to run a hotel business it will requires millions of dollars to be forked out and I don’t even have one-tenth of it.

So one day I came a crossed the internet, something called affiliate marketing. That was the very first time I felt some spark, “this is it, I finally can start my own business”.

And today, I’m honoured to be speaking in front of all you guys of how my life has changed after that one decision I made. Now I am more than half-way there of quitting my full-time job and making affiliate marketing my full time business.

Now the BIG Question… Why should you listen to me?

I am ONE of you guys before, I have been in the very same situation you guys are going through this very moment. And my goals is to help everyone start their own successful online business so you don’t have to be a “slave” to your boss.

I’m very happy at the moment, I am soon to quit my full time job and pursue my online business. And one day, you will never know start my own hotel business.

But it is my very duty to inform you that there are TONs of scamming going on online, this get rich quickly schemes are totally fake. Let me tell you, nothing in this world is easy to come.

So don’t expect to get rich within a day or month, if I told you that then I am lying. But my goal here is not to lie or cheat on your hard earned money but to show you the right path in building your own successful online business like what I am doing too.

To be honest, I am quite fortunate that I have never come across those scam websites. But majority of us will never be that fortunate.

In my site, I will also go in details of which of the websites can be trusted and which cannot be which will be deemed as SCAM sites.

Lastly, I hope that I have created even the tiniest of spark in every one of you. This spark will make you go a long way to build a successful online business.

Feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I assure you that I will get back to you as quick as possible.

You can also get through me from my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

I am looking forward to working with all of you guys.

Best of wishes to you,



  1. Dear. Mr Kumar,
    I have read your review about online wealth market.
    unfortunately i had register by paying 4.55 via my
    visa.Received a call from the broker and insist me to deposit 250 also asked for my card number.
    but i did not give any number. im very curious taht, first i had put my card number for registartion. Will there be any chances to track my card number by them.im really in worry Mr. Kumar…Please advise me.

    • Hi Jegan, I’m sorry to hear that. I assume that the $4.55 you paid is for the “trial” period. If there is an option for you to cancel somewhere, I think you should to that immediately. I’m not too sure about how it works because I personally never tried it myself. If there isn’t anything to cancel, you might want to either check with your credit card company to see whether anything is deducted or whether there is another payment going on. But likely, don’t think you have anything to worry because since they asked you to deposit $250 meaning they have no control over your deposit. They can’t just take out money from your card. But just to play things safe monitor for a month to see whether there is any deduction. Hope it helps.

      Next time, try not to get involved in programs that promises to get you rich quickly. There isn’t such thing as easy money in this world. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about anything. Have a nice day 🙂


  2. Hi Kumar,
    Thank you so much for your great advise n prompt reply.
    I will check with my bank and definitely will not trust those scam online companies.
    its really nice reading your tips about online money making tips and hope i can join you.

    Best regards,

    • Hello again Jegan. No problem at all. I am very happy to help people out, i have been involved with some scams in the past so i created this website to give insights to different scams and help them get involved in legit opportunities. If you ever need advice or help with anything, you can find me here. I will always be around 🙂

      And i look forward to working with you and helping you build an online business. Good luck and my best wishes for whatever you do.

  3. Hello Kumar, I like you post that invest $20.00 and see if you get a return, that is just what I am going to do so like you said if I loose my money it will only be the $20.00 that I started with. I am also looking into your side of the future, meaning that if it’s not to late I can still turn and laundry what I have into something spicy, my goal is not to get stepped on since I cannot foretell the future. imagine if we had an up and up on all the markets and we knew which way to toss our money around with rebounds everytime we do it. Have an amazing life a head of you, trust in Jesus and you the world will win over and be comfortable with every road we travel, as long as we give God the credit. Kumar have a blessed life a head my brother. Wayne

    • Hello Wayne. Thank you for your really heart-warming words. I am truly touched. I do wish you for a happy and blessed life too. Have a great one brother! 🙂

      Yes, I thought it would be appropriate to include this of trying to roll the profits because I feel that a lot people are trying to get sucked into this very deep. Because of the lucrative investment plans, some are investing a whole load of money into this. I feel that this isn’t the right way to do it especially since we are dealing with something in the internet. We can’t really track them down and ask for our money back if they go missing. So to play it safe, try small amounts.

      Like I said in my post. These guys aren’t really investment companies. These guys are basically, recycling the money invested to the next person. Once less and less people make a deposit, you will start to see problems such as not paying on time or not paying at all. So to avoid all these problems, just INVEST SMALL AMOUNTS. So even if you lost, you can just take it as a pinch of salt.

      Anyway, thank you once again for your comment. Have a great day 🙂


  4. Hi Kumar
    Do you have any suggested online rev sharing or other means of investing and get paid working from home.
    Can you also advise me on wealthy affiliate. I still coming to terms with Amazing5 $1000.00
    how stupid and greed I have been. I have learnt is the hard way. 26-04-2016

    • Hi yugesh, i know losing $1000 at a go is hard to swallow. But everything in life is a learning curve. So take thos as a learning point and dont get sucked into such opportunities in the future. Personally i am not a big fan online rev sharing or investing because the outcome is always the same. Sooner or later these guys will take your money and run. What i will do is, of i ever come across a good opportunity, i will drop you an email about it but at the time being i dont really have anything good to recommend besides wealthy affiliate. You already lost $1000, i dont want you to get yourself into further trouble. Basically, WA is for people who think long term and want to establish a business for themselves. If you dont have passion or not ready to commit yourself for atleast a couple of months, then i woudlnt recommend it to you either.

      Same like any other business, it takes time to establish and see returns. So you are going to have to be patient in this line. I was on the verge of quiting too, luckily i pull myself together and got up. Now, just over a year i am averaging about 10k per month although it fluctuates on a monthly basis.

      I hope it helps. Take it easy man! Good luck to you 🙂

  5. Hello Kumar,

    I really like your candid opinions. I am really interested in knowing how much do you actually make online and for what work. I am interested in making online income for myself , wife and daughter. We are three capable souls and am sure with some proper advice and help from people like you, we can make it. Pls share your experiences on this open platform for all of us to see and follow. Thank you

    • Hi Ramana,

      Currently, I making around five figure per month(around $10K). Basically what I do is something called Affiliate Marketing. Promoting someone else products/services and earning commissions. Ever heard of Amazon, an online market place to buy products? Majority of my affiliate commissions are coming from there.

      If you are interested to find out more and get started, the only place I will recommend you is Wealthy Affiliate.
      I suggest you to sign up and have a look for yourself. And you will understand what this is all about.

      Do get back to me if you still have any questions!

  6. Hi, I’ve learnt great lessons from your articles: being passionate about what one does, being committed to a good course, and being focused.

    I must particularly say your review on WA sounds great for those who are hardworking and ready to work on a long term.

    But it’s unfortunate that sincere young Nigerians can’t partake in it because of some bad eggs here.

    All the same, no regret stumbling upon your website, and I’m going to recommend it for those who are interested in sincere reviews.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry that you are not able to participate in this. Nevertheless keep your heads up and aim big in life.

      Good luck and all the best to you!

  7. Hi kumar, I’m trying to register on the WA website and still can’t figure why it keeps saying Letters only on the space for my last name , it’s all letters, I’m confused, any suggestions please?

  8. yea it’s still the same, I see why it’s so now, my country is not supported. if there’s another way to register via (payment) or other means please let me know or send a email . Thanks

  9. Hello! I see that you are very experienced in starting up your own business online with affiliate marketing. I’ve heard of this and know that it works…I’m just curious on how you started and what is the best and most inexpensive way to begin. I am 25 year old mother of 2 baby boys and just recently lots my “job” as a server. I am READY to begin making money at HOME and be a stay at home mom. If you can help me out I am willing to learn.

    • Hi Kristin!

      I recommend you to get started with Wealthy Affiliate immediately because that’s the only training platform that you will ever need to build your affiliate marketing business. If you haven’t created your account. You can create it herehere

      Feel free to ask me any more questions if you have!

  10. Hello Kumar,

    Is the free option here wont allow you earn anything ? i see the features differences shown in WA , Initially for 2-4 months i want to give it a try if it suits me or not and how much i make with those efforts .

    • Hi Anthriksh, You could earn money with the free option. However, you will be limited with a number of training and features. I encourage you to check out the free option to learn more about WA and what you are going to be doing to make money. But if you want to make money quickly, I will recommend that you sign up as a premium member and get advanced training, tools and webinars. If money is an issue for you, you should consider going yearly because it’s saves you over $200. Personally, first few months is the foundation phase, only after that you will slowly see your website ranking well and sales slowly trickling in. Once the first sale comes in, the rest is Rinse n repeat. Keep doing what you are doing to make more sales. Hope you get the idea!

  11. This is so true, Kumaran, there are more scams out there, than a person can shake a fist at!
    They always promise a fast solution, and every time we go a step foreward in their organizations, they are pulling at our money again!
    I was very lucky to find the one that does not operate this way, the one that you have also found!
    I’ve been there since February, and I have not been scammed once.
    Instead, I am being educated!
    And my questions are being answered, to the point to where I can now see that with the good use of my free time, I will be making my own money on the internet.
    Thank you, Kumaran, for showing people a REAL solution!


  12. Hey Kumar,
    are you really making money from this blog (online via WA) cause i googled about WA and found lot’s of result’s some says it is scam and some other says it’s legitimate so i m little bit confused ?

    • Hi Gautam Nagraj,

      Yes, I am making money from WA. Through this blog and also through other niche websites I have created around my passion/interest. Those who are telling you that WA is a scam are those who probably didn’t even sign up(Not available for free in some countries) or those who didn’t really put in much effort and expects quick results. It took me personally around a year to see “full time income”. For the first few months I was making nothing, just imagine if I quit back then I wouldn’t even have come to the point of making monthly income.

      My point is, don’t worry too much about what others are saying. I recommend that you sign up for the free membership and see whether this is something YOU want to do. You have to treat this as a business and not a “job”. You are not getting paid here daily for doing this or that. You are eventually building your own business to start earning passive income. You are your own boss.

      Hope I have enlightened you enough. Get back to me at any time if you still have any doubts.

  13. Kumar, you have done a nice job, but forgive Nigeria and consider some of us who are innocent trying to get opportunity to sustain ourselves and families online.

    • Hi Lambert, thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, nothing is in my hands. I am not the founder of WA. The decision is their. I’m just another member who joined them and become successful.

  14. Which are your other niche blogs? are you affiliating amazon, clickbank, eBay, personally or via WA.

    I am not Native English speaker and can’t write such a long impressive contents and reviews like you.
    So can I make money from WA?

    • Hi Gautam, I have several other niche sites. But for personal reasons I am not going to share it with anyone because they are making me quite a big amount of money and I don’t want people to copy it and give myself unnecessary competiton. I am mainly promoting products from Amazon.com. As I also have a website which promotes WA, which is this site.

      I’m not a Native English Speaker myself. Your english will naturally improve as you write more and read more. There are tools online that can help you with your grammar and spellings too. So you don’t have to worry at all. As long as you have a computer, internet connectition, passion and willpower to succeed online, you definitely can make money!

      Everything is a learn in process. Nobody learns to walk in the first day. That’s the same with learning new things. As you learn, you will improve and only get better day after day. Don’t let that stop you from progressing!

  15. Hi Kumar,
    I need my earnings of over $23,000.00 accumulated so far from “Reward Empire” and anytime I click the payment button, I was directed to another “FilesFetcher” Please advise
    Very truly yours,
    Cohen Tananbaum

  16. Hi,
    After joining WA, how much initial investment & monthly investment is required to start any business/niche sites?


    • Hi Aman,

      The only investment I made was $19 + $359(for one year). So basically, I only spent less than $400 and took back my initial investments + profits within the first 6 months. I takes times and dedication but it is definitely a proven method to make passive income. I suggest that you take the free membership first and see how things goes for you. Later then you decide whether you would like to commit to long term.

  17. hi . iam egyptian. and i want to know how to start ?
    because when i start to register i found that i must pay for it .
    at first i guess it will be for free online home work
    can u give me more details

  18. Hey kumar,
    I jus wanna ask few questions. I am from Lucknow UP working on snuckls. Working on this site from last 5-6 days . I want to reedom money with paypal to get my payment. Just tell me the exact amount to reedom paypal card. It shows $0.020 in paypal card and I’ve earn $42. Still it shows you have to earn more money to reedom this card. Please tell me the maximum amount to reedom this card else my work and time will go waste on it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Verma, there is no maximum amount to withdraw i guess. But personally, I wouldn’t keep my money too long inside the account. I recommend that you withdraw your $42 immediately!

  19. Mr Kumar,
    Thanks for your guidelines to join WA but unfortunately, there is no free membership available for Indian or internationals.
    Currently, I am not in a position for a premium account.
    Do you have any suggestion?
    John Cyrus

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