Scam Review – Is it Really that Easy to Earn?

Welcome to my review on I’m sure many of you are wondering whether AdFocus is a legit opportunity to earn money online or if it is a scam. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in this review I will share with you everything you need to know about this program and also conclude on whether you should join or not.

Name: AdFocus


Owner: ???

Price: Free to join

Rating: 2/5 Overview is a site that allows you to earn money simply by leveraging their URL shortener services. In other words, all you have to do is shorten a link and share around. When a person clicks on the link you shared, they will be redirected to an advertisement page where it lasts for six seconds before they can click away. Every time someone clicks on the link you will earn money.

I’m sure you are thinking in your mind, this is definitely a strange way to earn money. Their business model is pretty legit. Basically they are earning money through advertisements and they share with you a portion of their earning for referring people to “watch” their ads. In short, you are sort of doing all the work for them.

The amount of money one can earn slightly differs from country to country with the United States coming on top. However, rest assured there is a potential for everyone to make money.

I will now go into more details of how exactly can you go about doing so.


How does it Exactly Work?

Before you can start making any money, you will first have to sign up with The registration process is pretty fast. Once your accounted is created, you can immediately start to shorten links. If you have lots of links to shorten, it is recommended to use to multiple shrinker tool to shorten all the links at a go. Once you have shortened the links all you have to do is share them in places where you expect to get clicks, it could be your social media or if you own a domain you could use them there too.

You can earn up to $22.50 per 1000 visits. However, as mentioned earlier, the Current Payout Rates(CPR) for countries varies. If you want to check the payout rates for each country you can do so here.

The whole idea is to get as many people as possible to click your link. Getting traffic to your link will be the main challenge. This is where many people struggle. If you are thinking about simply spamming links on social media or forums, it probably not a great choice. Yes, you probably will get a few clicks here and there and that’s about it. It will definitely take you a long time to reach the minimum cash out limit of $10.

Those with online marketing knowledge has the potential to do well.

Besides, sharing the link they also have a referral program that pays 20% commissions of the person who signs up under you. The more referrals you can get, the higher the money you can make.


So is a Scam?

They are many complaints with regards to A large number of people are saying that they have trouble cashing out their money while a small number of people are saying they are getting paid on a regular basis.

It is a tough call to say whether it is a scam until you probably experience it yourself. But based on most reviews this site does seem a bit shady to me. As of writing this review, I am half way through my first ever cash out, fingers crossed that it pays.

From my experience and understanding with other programs, I would say these guys are likely selectively paying their members. In other words, they would diligently pay to those members whom are constantly bringing in traffic and referrals to their site. Think about it, if they don’t pay all their members then it is likely the owner of the sites isn’t going to make much profits either as lesser people will view the displayed ads.


My Final thoughts! seems to be a okay site if you don’t mind earn some extra bucks per month, also provided that you are from the top paying countries in the world. If you are somewhere in between or close to the bottom, it is probably not an ideal option for you as the amount of effort you are required to put in doesn’t exactly reflect on your earning potential.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend because there isn’t much money to be made here. If you are looking to make a decent earning online, or even full-time working from home, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on sites such as

There are much better opportunities online to explore such as Affiliate Marketing. If you are keen, I highly recommend you take sometime and read through this.

Thank you for reading:)

Those of you who have tried, please leave a comment on your experience below. I’m sure others reading this would find it helpful too.


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