Auto Affiliate Program Review, Is it Legit or just another Scam?

Over and over again, I’ve noticed more people are promoting turnkey automated products that promises you to make money without putting in any effort. However, most of them are all found to be nothing but scams. Today, I will be doing a review on Auto Affiliate Program to give you the insights of whether this particular product is any different from its other fraudulent counterparts.

Name: Auto Affiliate Programauto affiliate Program review


Owner: Steven Hall

Price: $47/ month

Rating: 30/100


How does Auto Affiliate Program Work?

Steven Hall’s Auto Affiliate Program is slightly different compared to other automated programs. I’ve seen many automated programs that are very complicated and difficult to set up. However, the Auto Affiliate Program is actually the total opposite meaning it is very easy to carry out.

Steven Hall claims you will be able to earn money by just giving out free E-books..


According to Steven Hall, getting people to buy something is hard but giving out something for free is easy.

In all of the free E-books there are affiliate links attached, most of the links are other ClickBank products being recommend by Steven Hall.

When someone reads through the E-book, and happens to click on any of the Affiliate links and buys that product the owner of that particular affiliate link will get credited(commission) for it.

In other words everything is almost done for you, from the creation of the book cover to adding of your affiliate links in the E-book. The only thing left for you to do is to promote your e-books by sharing it around.


Things included when you sign up for them($47/month)

  1. Four “Quality” e-books every month
  2. E-book covers designed by professionals
  3. Your affiliate link automatically added to the e-books
  4. Unlimited, free hosting
  5. Pre-build “Professional” website
  6. Affiliate links that has no expiry – If some of the old products are no more in the market, instead of becoming a dead link, a similar product is provided

Seems easy right? The system claims that it only takes 7 minutes to set up and it can continue to pump money to your pocket for the rest of your life!

Hmm… I don’t think so.. I will explain to you why soon!


What I liked

#1: A unique approach

Of course like I mentioned earlier this is quite different from the other so called traditional affiliate marketing methods.

Yes, giving out free e-books can help you drive traffic to your site and can also help you build an email list which can make you earn quite a sum of money.

However, on paper the Auto affiliate program may seem like a very good way to make money but practically it will not be feasible.


What I didn’t like

#1: No evidence to prove

Honestly, I don’t trust websites that keep showing snapshots of bank accounts. Most of the time spamming snapshots of bank accounts are done deliberately to brain wash people who came into their website to immediately buy their product by looking at the money making potential.

But in auto affiliate program, I didn’t even see a single evidence to support that this system is legit.

I also noticed that didn’t really have any proper testimonials on their site to prove their system. All I saw was a members review at the bottom of the page. This kind of reviews can be easily scripted, and one should never use these review to gauge whether this product is legit or not.

I went to the website of the member who gave that review, sadly I was redirected to some advertising site.. this just increases my suspicion even further.

#2: Way too pricey

If you ask me, their product and services they provide definitely does not require a monthly fee of $47. And what worst? I don’t even know I can make money with this system…

There are many other legit places where you can learn to make money online that offer much more in terms of value and credibility and charge about the same price.

Check out my No.1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training Centre here

#3: Pre-made Websites

One of the major factors that made me say that this method will never help you make money is because of the idea of AutoaffiliateprogramPre-made websites. Most of you will actually be like,”Wow! I got my own free website”, but sorry to disturb your happiness because these pre-made websites are actually one of the worst ideas.

I’ve got nothing against the layout of the website, it is professional designed and looks.

However, great website is not enough to make passive income online. Firstly, I want you to know that you are not the only one will be signing to their memberships. There may be hundreds or thousands of them who actually signed up for this and the strange part, every single one of you will be given the absolute same website.

Not only does the website look exactly the same, the e-books and the content will also be identical. Steven hall claimed that he will personally update for you the 1 e-book every week. Basically, every member will be updated the very same book. – You are no different from the rest

Same website layout, same content, same e-book = DUPLICATE CONTENT!

And google(or other search engines) doesn’t like Duplicate content.. which will result in you getting very poor ranked or not in worst case, the websites will never get indexed.

Think about it this way, if thousands of you have exactly the same websites who should search engine rank better.. You or the other fellow members? It would be fair to rank you and not rank the others because you all got the exact same website. To be equal? You all will never get ranked…

If your website is not ranked, you will never get traffic to your website(e.g. if people search free e-books on google) because your website will be listed in the last few pages of google, where almost nobody goes so deep to get results.

So if no traffic comes to your websites, nobody will download the e-book and purchase from the affiliate links.. Hence, you will never make a single penny.

Who earns? Obviously the owner himself!

#4: Spamming social Media?

I know Steve Hall said that he will help you promote your website on your favourite social media(twitter or Facebook). Ask yourself this question, how is he even going to promote your website? And if he has thousands of members in his program, he cant be promoting thousand links on Facebook or twitter(unless he is spamming). Honestly, it doesn’t seem feasible at all.

I know in his video, he showed that he posted his e-book in a group page with over 10,000 of members. Don’t tell me is going to spam all of it there.. besides his personal Facebook account only has about 100+ friends only. I’m not sure about you, but I can see that some is definitely not right.

Ok, let me give you another scenario. Lets say you decided to share your own e-books on social media. How many of them you think will actually bother to read or even purchase a product. If you keep sending links of your e-books on social media you are going to be deemed as a spammer, so be careful.

#5: Claiming you can make money easily

Auto affiliate program

Seriously? Is it really so easy to make money, and the best part you need few minutes to set up and start running. All this fake claims always shows their true identity of product itself.

As for this case I can obviously see, it’s a scam. There is no such thing that you can make passive income forever with just a few minutes of set up.

Want to earn money online, there is a lot of hard work and effort you need to sacrifice before you see results. This get rich quickly schemes, only make the owners get rich NOT YOU!

My final Thought…

Product that’s claims to be running in auto pilot are almost every time scams, and you can see the Automatic Affiliate Program is no different then the others.

As I mentioned earlier, duplicate content will never get you ranks which means you are not going to make any money because there is no traffic.

If you ask me, I would strongly suggest you to stay away from this program and any other quick get rich programs that claims to may your money overnight.



My No.1 Recommendation…

If you like the idea of promoting e-books, or writing your own e-books to earn a living online I will suggest you to take a look at my No.1 Recommended training centre, you will be taught how to start your own business, build websites(2 websites for free), writing content to be ranked on page 1/2 and etc.

Those of you who have any questions regarding Auto Affiliate Program can leave a comment below and I will be glad to help you out. Past users of the program are also welcomed to give your personal review.

Yours Truly,

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