Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course, My Personal Experience

Affiliate marketing is one of the most legit and easiest way of earning income online. Personally, I have been working from home for quite some time now and my main source of revenue is also through affiliate marketing.

So what I am trying to say is that, there is endless opportunities to make money through affiliate marketing because there are over millions of products you can promote.

However, if you start off with the wrong foot you may find yourself at the end of the tunnel very quickly.

What I mean by that? There are tons of false/outdated information and a large pool of scam products/programs out there claims to teach you about affiliate marketing. If you are unlucky, you can get yourself sucked into them and before you know it.. you’ve spend tens of thousands of dollars on something that little or no value at all.

My mission here? To steer you to the right path and ensure you don’t get your hard earned money wasted on useless products or programs.

So let me ask you now… Are you interested to find out which is the best affiliate training course? I will assume the answer is a YES, then continue to read on…


A bit about myself…

My journey towards affiliate marketing may be similar to some of you guys… It all started like this, I always wanted to start my own business because I didn’t like that fact of working under somebody and also the pay is not enough to lead a enjoyable lifestyle.

So I started searching online on what are the types of business a beginner should start and the capital needed. Of course there are those small businesses that you can start with below $1000 but I wasn’t too interested in that. Somehow during my search venture I came across other terms such as online business and affiliate marketing.

Doing days of research all over the internet, then I decided that I am going to give affiliate marketing a go. Of course, I needed a place to learn all about that and thankfully I came across many review sites promoting an affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

I kept reading and reading, all I found was positive reviews and then I made a decision.. though I was a bit sceptical at first, but I decided to go on with it because I knew that I needed to start somewhere.

What made me really try Wealthy Affiliate was mainly because they provided a free starter membership. Soon after I found out the quality they had to offer, I upgraded my free membership to premium on the last day of the “free bonuses”.

Ever since then I didn’t look back… now I have built two websites that are generating me income every month. I’m not trying to be biased here but I am really glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate in the first place and not fall into some scam programs.

Moral of the story? I started out as a beginner with zero knowledge about making money online or affiliate marketing but through their courses I have learnt so much which eventually provided me the financial freedom that I always wanted.

So, if I can do it… So can you, and I will help you on the way. But before that you will be wondering what does wealthy affiliate has to offer about affiliate marketing, so I will be now sharing with you some of the insights of Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate In-depth view

What I will be covering,

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate about
  • The different trainings offered
  • Community & support
  • Keyword research Tool
  • Membership


What is Wealthy Affiliate about

Wealthy Affiliate is a affiliate marketing training platform which teaches you how to start your own affiliate marketing business with any niche. It is suitable for anyone whether you are beginner who wants to make money online( just like me before) or an experienced business man or marketer that wants to scales his/her business to another level.

Wealthy Affiliate is not suitable for people who have the “get rich quick” mind set, if you are one of them I suggest you to look for them elsewhere.

Why? The truth is there is no such thing as you can make money overnight unless you strike a lottery or something. If you continue to seek programs or products that claims to make you rich quickly, one thing I can guarantee you is that you are eventually going to lose money.

In Wealthy Affiliate you will learn to build your own websites( don’t worry you do not need any experience) that will ultimately make you money every month. Not necessarily you can only use affiliate marketing to make money, you also will thought how to use Google AdSense and other methods you can monetize your website.


The different trainings offered

(1) Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Best affiliate marketing course

As you can see above, this certification course is actually split into 5 different levels. Level 1 is where you learn the basics of making money online, building your website, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for better rankings, creating content and so on…

Each individual level is specifically designed to target different aspects of building a successful online money making website.


The online certification course is focused on building a website based on your own interest or passion. For e.g. if you are keen about fitness or body building, you will be able to build a website around it and make money out of it such as recommending supplements, work out equipment and so on…

As a matter of fact, you are actually encouraged to complete the certification course first.

(2) WA Affiliate BootCamp Course

wa affiliate Bootcamp

The second course I was talking about is the affiliate BootCamp which comprises of 7 different phases. Basically in this entire course you will learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make money from it.

In other words, you will get paid for bringing other people to join Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate BootCampYou can earn commissions even if you are a starter member(free), but the commission you will get is half of the premium.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best exciting affiliate programs all over the internet because you will get recurring commissions. Lets say, a member joined from your recommendation for 5 months… so since the first month and for the next for months you will get commission from him.

This commission will just keep on snowballing as you recruit more people to Wealthy Affiliate.

In Wealthy Affiliate all of the trainings are constantly updated to meet the current situation. Many programs out there sells you information that used to work in the past. For e.g. PLR articles and backlinks are always focused to get better rankings in search engines.

Like I said, those are from the past… If you continue to buy backlinks on use duplicate content in your website, you will get blacklisted by google and other search engines. Wealthy Affiliate keeps everyone in the loop with all these new updates. Search engines likes to change their algorithm quite often so that they can reach out to their users more effectively, and the most important way is to write quality content and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how.


Community & Support

One of the most unique aspects that differentiate Wealthy Affiliate its other counterparts is the community and support you get..

Wealthy Affiliate is a community based learning which encourages everyone to seek help from others if you are stuck or facing any problems. There are lots of experienced marketers within the community making five figure incomes online and you have the opportunity to talk to them privately with no barrier.

(1) Live Chat

Wealthy affiliate livechat

I can guarantee that there is no other training platform online that has a real time live chat. This live chat serves two purposes, you can ask help here and you will get answers very quickly. You can also mingle around with the community, talk to real people all over the world and learn from them and so on.

I personally use this very often. Whenever I have a question and I will shoot in a question and other members will answer them.







(2) Ask questions in the classroom

Wealthy Affiliate QNA

Another way of finding out information is to ask questions in the classrooms. There are over 12 classrooms and each classroom is catered for a specific section. Basically, members who knows the answers will come and share with you within your page.

The classrooms are another way you can increase and widen your knowledge because there are tons of trainings and past questions asked by members. You can scroll through and learn from them too. Always remember, there are people who went through your stage before and have face similar problems like what you face.

(3) Support from the owners

The owners in Wealthy Affiliate are wonderful and not like many other owners where you cant even contact them or worst you don’t even know them. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate is Kyle and Carson and they are everyday inside the community.

You can say these guys live and breath WA, everyday striving to improve the community and training platform to cater to fellow members like us.

When in doubt, you can send private messages to them and they will reply you within 24 hours. They also hang out in the live chat from time to time. If you are lucky you will be able to chat with them live.

(4) 24/7/365 technical support

These support team has no off days for the technical support, they are on 24 hours a day. Just drop them a support ticket whether it is issue about WordPress, spams or anything thing and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

The best part is you wont be left hanging and feeling lost because the community and support is always here to help which I think is very important in moving forward and progressing quickly. Just imagine being stuck, and no one to help.. the feeling really sucks!


Keyword research tool

I couldn’t stress how important is keyword research in affiliate marketing. You could say keyword research is like the backbone of building a successful money making website.

Basically, keyword research indicates the competition and traffic that comes from the specific keyword every month. There are keywords which has ZERO monthly searches, and you don’t want to be targeting those. So in order to target high traffic and low competition keywords so you can rank on Page 1 of search engines keyword research is the KEY.

I can strongly assure to you that there is no other affiliate marketing course that offers keyword research as part of their membership. You can search for as many keyword as you want with no restriction. Just for your information separately purchasing keyword research tool can range from over $20~$100 every month and the fact that you get it within the membership is a very great news.

Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool

For e.g. I types this keyword “affiliate marketing training course” in Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and this are some of the keywords that appeared. I hope you get an rough idea of what I am trying to say.



There are two types of memberships here in Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Starter Membership – Click Here to Join for Free
  2. Premium Membership

The starter membership is free forever and for the first 7 days you will get a trial where you will get a glimpse of some of the premium features. There is no obligation for you to upgrade you membership, you can remain free as long as you like. But if you feel that you have completed the beginner course and want to go to more advance trainings you are required to upgrade your membership. As a free member, you will also get to build 2 free WordPress websites for free with no added hosting costs.

As a premium member you are required to pay $47 per month or if you want to cut cost you can choose to upgrade to yearly which is $359, after calculating it you would notice you are paying only $29 per month and you save almost $20. If you decided to upgrade within the first 7 days, you will get a BONUS and a 59% discount for your first month of membership which is only $19.


The decision is yours to make

I have shared with you what I think is the best affiliate marketing training course online. Now the ultimate decision is yours to make. If you are still sceptical of whether you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, I have only one thing for you. Don’t worry about anything, since the starter membership is free and doesn’t require any credit card details you can be rest assured that there are no hidden upsells too, so feel free to give it a try.

I can tell everything and you can read everything too.. but it definitely won’t be the same as you trying out for yourself. You will understand how I feel after you join Wealthy Affiliate yourself.

As I mentioned earlier you have no obligations to become a premium member but if you want to step up your game and money making process I definitely recommend you to upgrade your membership to premium.

That’s, all for me.. and I hope to be working with all of you. Oh ya, I also wanted to mention you will be able to contact me within Wealthy affiliate. Once you joined Wealthy Affiliate I will drop by your profile and welcome you. You can feel free to ask me questions anytime too.

Yours Truly,

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