Binary Boxer Scam Review – Box Yourself & Become Broke?

In this Binary Boxer Review I am going to expose to you the real truth behind this software. In my research I have found out that there are lots of mix reviews going around regarding this software. Some websites say this is nothing but a scam while some other websites say that this is a good opportunity to earn income from home.

After spending hours, I have finally come to the conclusion that Binary Boxer is scam and definitely one you should avoid. I have gathered a couple of evidences to support this statement and I will go into details about those below. Please take a couple of minutes to read the review thoroughly because it could actually save you a couple of hundreds if you have already planned on getting it.


Name: Binary BoxerIs-Binary-Boxer-A-Scam


Owner: Sherman

Price: $1999 Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 1/5


What is Binary Boxer about?

Binary Boxer is a trading software that is used by “Sherman” and some other team members to pull them thousands of dollars of profits every single day. The name “binary boxer” was derived from our dear friend Sherman(I punch people in the face for a living :lol:) who failed to reach great heights as a amateur boxer but made a fortune from trading online.

The story goes something like this…

Sherman decided to quit boxing for good after he was defeated by a teenager. Some how, he managed to meet his friend “Travis” who has supposedly bought a new BMW. Travis told about his involvement in binary options trading and mentioned about the upcoming seminar in Singapore that would teach “secret trading strategies”. Sherman got excited and told his friend to sign him up for the seminar which cost $2000.

Over the last couple of years Sherman and Co. have seen great success with this software, raking in millions of dollars. Now with full confidence, they decided that it would be great to help a limited number of people achieve their financial goals, thus opening it to the public.

The story is nice, but is it real?

Well, probably not… To be honest, I have seen hundreds of different binary options trading software and all have a unique story to tell. One of the stories that caught my attention was an army man going to Vietnam and getting a software from a random stranger. It’s called Military Millionaire, you can read it here if you want.

Although they have different stories, their end-product is always(99.9999%) the same where you are told to create a trading account and deposit minimum funds of $250.


How much does it Cost?


If you landed on their website, you will notice this image right below their sales video. Seems like the original price for this software is $1999(probably the admission fee for the seminar in Singapore).

However, they are giving you this software for absolutely free BUT take away the “Today Only” because that’s B.S. Don’t get fooled by this term because it does not tell you the truth, in reality there is no expiry for this “Free” software. Come back tomorrow, a week, a month or even a year later I can assure you that you will see this exact same thing. Basically its part of their marketing tactics, to induce urgency into their visitors to make them register quickly.

Hey Kumar, what’s the catch? Why would anyone want to give their million dollar money making software for Free?

I’m glad you ask…

First of all, you should understand that this software is “Free” but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to fork out any money. In other words, you are still required to key in your credit card details and deposit a minimum amount of $250 to their recommended broker account.

So technically speaking, you are paying $250 for this software.

But wait, we are told that we can withdraw this money anytime we want?

Let me clarify with you something, this software doesn’t work nor exist in the first place. So depositing the funds is not going to do you any good, the only persons who are benefiting from these are the affiliates, owner and broker. In simple terms, its a SCAM…

If I tell you that this software is worth $250 will you pay? I can guarantee most of you will hesitate.

But, if I tell you that this software is Free but you deposit $250 to start trading… most of you will willingly deposit..

See? It’s all part of the marketing plan. So… once you money is deposited, there is no way you can withdraw it back because these are all being paid out as commissions to the associated people(as mentioned above)



(1) Same Voice, Different Product

The guy who named to be Sherman in both videos are definitely not true. I have heard this exact voice multiple times while reviewing other products. The person reading of the script is probably someone who was hired from Fiverr.


(2) Live Binary Boxer Member Updates


Once you entered you name and email address you will be taken to the next page where you will notice this “Live Binary Boxer Member Updates”.

Just to let you know, these are not updated in Real Time. It’s just some sort of programming that makes it look “live”. Take a look at it carefully and you will see the same names and earning will repeat over and over again. This is already a big hint that these guys are liars.


(3) $25,000 Bonus?!


These guys will go to any extent to make sure you sign up(and of course deposit the funds) and its proven here. I literally jumped out of my seat(not from shock, but frustration) when I saw them mentioned about giving up $25,000 additional bonus if you sign up.

Don’t make this bonus let you “pull the trigger” because this is obviously a lie, you wont even get a penny for signing up… in fact you will probably lose your initial deposit and that’s all!

These just acts as a “bait” to lure more people into signing up.


(4) Full of Misleading information(and bullsh!t)

In one part of their video, you will hear this sentence…

“Our team uses years of trading experience and “gut feeling” to pick the best… making this the highest probability of you profiting”

Honestly, I am irritated by all these misleading statements. I had enough of al these nonsenses… feel like just giving him a punch on his face!

Who is this guy, God, Fortune Teller? He can predict the trade(over 98% win ratio) by just trusting his gut feelings? Even traders with years of experience also will not be able to achieve such a high win ratio. And here is this guy who reached “God-Mode” by going to a seminar in Singapore?


(5) Fake Testimonials


Testimonials you see on their website is no different from any other things you find. All of these are scripted and absolutely fake. Their profile images are just stock photos and the write up is probably written by the owner himself. I advice you not to base the credibility of the software by solely looking at the testimonials.


(6) No guaranteed Success?

If you look at their disclaimer’s page, they have already clearly indicated that they will not guarantee you success or income level and will not be responsible for any your actions.

Now wait a minute, earlier in the video we heard statements like making thousands of dollars per day but now they say they cant guarantee?

Now you can see for yourself, everything in their website is only for marketing purposes… in reality none of this will work out.


My Final thoughts…

I’m not going to deny the fact that trading binary options is a legit way to make money online. But I am definitely against software or systems that claims to have found a winning formula to make millions of dollars. If the person is really making millions, why in the first place will he share it to the public. If I were him, just like anyone else will keep the secret to myself and close family members only. So obviously you can see that he is not genuine, he is just trying to make use of this software as the “scapegoat” to squeeze money from you.

There are lots of factors involved in having monetary success online, for instances, putting in lots of effort, being patient and etc. If you have the mind set of becoming rich overnight, all I can tell you is you are going to lose more and more money.

Stop wasting time on “get rich quick” schemes and get REAL. There are lots of legit opportunities to make money online, provided you are a hard worker(at least 50%). If you are looking for a way to make a decent income online, I highly encourage that you take a look at my #1 Recommended program that I use to make me over $4,000 a month.

A bit more about myself, I work fulltime from home and spend only about 4-5 hours a day on the computer. The rest of the time, I either will be spending time with my family or doing things I like. If you are committed to school or work that’s fine, even spending 30 minutes or 1 hour a day is a good progress.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Binary Boxer. Don’t follow these “Ex-boxer’s” footstep if you don’t want to become broke 😆 That was meant to be a joke, anyways… I hope this review was very beneficial for you. If you have any questions or opinions to share, please feel free to leave a comment in the box right below. I look forward to reading them 🙂



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