Binary Freedom Formula Scam Review – Avoid at All Costs!

I will be doing a review on Binary Freedom Formula to share the REAL truth behind this system. Don’t worry, you can expect a 100% unbiased review from me because I am not their sales person so I wont be promoting their product.

So the question is, is Binary Freedom Formula a scam or legit opportunity to make money online?

I’m not going to be beating around the bush, I will go direct to the point. This so called money making system is a total scam. Why am I so adamant about this? As you read along you will find out for yourself. Alright, without further ado I will move on… So please bare with me as I will walk you through the entire process.


Name: Binary Freedom FormulaBinary-Freedom-Formula-Review


Owner: Glenn Hascall

Price: Free, but minimum $250 deposit

Rating: 10/100


Binary Freedom Formula Overview

Binary Freedom Formula is binary options trading software that said to have a winning rate of over 90%. They also went on to make a very bold claim that their users will earn around $1,300 every single day which will eventually add to half a million dollars in a year.

The owner, Glenn Hascall  went on to share with us a story of how he first got introduced to the algorithm and how he built the software and etc.

All I can tell you is, everything you heard in the sales video or see in the website is absolutely B.S. Think about it, if the software really works why would anyone still need to continue working day in day out. Everyone can Quit their jobs and make a lavish living from using this software. Or why is there still poverty in the world?

Before we really dive into anything, I highly encourage that all of us take a minute or two to think deep and ask yourself questions like this. After than would we realise that,

“Oh…No! This is definitely too good to be true, probably a scam”

If you are still not convinced by your common sense, doing some research and finding reviews is a good way to determine the legitimacy of the product. – Hey, that’s what you are doing now… Good Job!

Even when you are checking for reviews, it is good to know the “proper” way to check.

When I was doing this review, I went to Google and search for this software. I was stunned to see so many fake reviews out there waiting for you to fall into their trap.

There are two things to look out for when checking a review:

  1. Comment Section – Most of the fake review sites always disable their comment section. So you would not be able to comment or see other users trashing their review.
  2. Pop-up box – When you try to leave a site, and suddenly a pop-box appear right in front of your screen and telling you “WAIT”, you have a discount/bonus is very likely a scam. For instance,


Is it really Free?

Lots of people get sucked into this because of the term called “FREE”. Well technically speaking it’s not really free because you are supposed to deposit a minimum of $250 to activate your brokers account, remember?

All I can tell you is don’t fall for this scam, I have seen over hundreds of binary options trading software myself and all of them turned out to be scams. They all of different identities, websites, testimonials and etc. BUT all of them actually serve the same purpose… that is to rob your hard earned money. Every few days there are not binary options software being released in the market.

I think even one whole lifetime will not be sufficient enough for me to review all of the scams.


Affiliates = Owner = Broker = Rich / You = Broke


Affiliates Earning

Are you wondering what’s the link between these 3 groups of people? No worries, I will explain to you very soon. Like I said this system doesn’t work like what it promised, forget about making $1,300 per day because you probably wont be even making a penny.

The only three people are earning from this software(not using) are the affiliates, owner, and broker.

Affiliates are the people who promote this product. Whenever, someone clicks on their link and deposit the funds they will get a commission. They can get up to $250 per sale. That’s high isn’t it?

Once the affiliates brings in the person who eventually deposits the fund, the owner and broker will automatically benefit(monetary) from this, I’m not exactly sure how much.

So you can see that these three groups of people are making use of your money and filling their own pockets.


What I didn’t like

I had to literally skip the “like” part because there is nothing I liked about them.

(1) Misleading InformationBinary-Freedom-Formula-Fake-Live-Trades

You will notice this “live” trading table on their website. The truth is this trading are not in real time, they are just some form of programming done by professionals to make it look like its trading live. If you notice carefully, the same names/ profits will be recirculating over an over again… the only difference will be the dates/time.


(2) Fake Testimonials

This is definitely my most favourite part of this review, revealing the truth of their testimonials. Yes, all the testimonials you see on the sales video and website is totally fake. These guys are nothing but just actors who are paid to say a few good words about the product which they never tried. Almost all of these testimonials are plucked from Fiverr, a global marketplace for tasks and services for as low as just $5.

Now lets take a look at one of our Dear friends, shall we?










As you can see for yourself, “Daniel Cruz a proud trader” is not really a trader but a professional video spokesperson who is selling his services on Fiverr 😆

He said he makes over $1,250 everyday…WHAT A GREAT LIAR!


(3) Unreadable Terms and Conditions Page

This is the first time I am seeing a terms and conditions page as bad as this. All I see is one big chunk of words… If you ask me, I think the whole purpose of making it unreadable is because they don’t want anyone to read. Most of the truths are found in this page, for instance “trading is high risk, and there is chances of you losing all your investments”.


My Final thoughts…

Binary freedom formula is not a “life changing” opportunity, or maybe it is… it makes you from Broker to poor, that’s all. You are definitely not going to make a dime with this software as you can see for yourself that some of these evidences are already against them.

In life, there is no such thing as easy money… you get what you work for. Don’t expect to make half a million within a year without even having to life your pinky finger, its not going to happen in a hundred years. I strongly advice you to refrain from having this “get rich quick” mind set because its going to get you into more trouble than good.

If you are looking for a legit opportunity to make some decent income online, I highly encourage you to take a look at my #1 Recommended program that makes me over $4,000 a month in passive income. This is the REAL DEAL, not like some overly hyped software that gives you empty promises of making you $1,300 everyday.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Binary Freedom Formula. I hope this review here saved you a couple of hundreds of dollars. If you have any questions or you want to share your opinion, please feel free to drop me a comment in the box below. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂



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