Cash Capital System Review – Scam Or Legit?

This review is going to be on a program called Cash Capital System. What is Cash Capital System? Is it a scam? Or legitimate opportunity for you to invest your money in? These are some of the questions that will be focused on in this review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Cash Capital SystemCash-Capital-System-Review


Owner: John Falcoa

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 1/5


What is Cash Capital System all about?

So recently I was doing some random things online, then this website Cash Capital System just popped out of nowhere. If you know me, I do reviews for different make money online products/programs. So this program here captured my attention because it made some bold claims like make $10,000 within the first week and such.

So I spent about an hour on watching the videos and doing some research on this program. Unfortunately, there is nothing good for me to say here because a lot of the information given are either misleading or lies.

So what is Cash Capital?

Basically, it’s a binary options trading software that claims to have an averaging winning rate of 81%. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes per day and you can start pulling in thousands of dollars of profits in just a day.

Seems interesting right?

Yes, it does. When I first got introduced to this, I too was very interested but trying a system like this. Seriously who doesn’t like free money? I do… and I believe you do too. That is probably why you are here, thinking about giving cash capital a GO. But wait, before you eventually decide to try it, I recommend you read this review all the way till the end. Only then you will know the real truth behind this program or any other similar program.


Can You Really Make Money With This Software?

I don’t really like to beat around the bush, so let me tell you straight. You are not going to make a DIME with this program simply because everything about it is FAKE.


I understand that most of you would have one foot into joining Cash Capital after looking at this walkthrough video where the money increased from $175,000 to $176,000 overnight. Well, before you come to conclusions that this is legit I would like you to hear something.

This software is designed by some professional programmer. The truth is, the money inside the account and the change can easily be manipulated through programming. I know it looks real and legit but unfortunately, it isn’t. I want you to understand all of these are done to make you believe that you too will be able to see similar or even better success.

But in reality, it isn’t. You can be rest assured that you would end up being disappointed if you deposit money into the system. The story is always the same. “Free software” but you have to deposit a minimum of $250 to open a broker’s account a start trading. I have seen these hundreds and hundreds of times.

Almost every other day, you can see similar programs like this being launched. Not because they have built a money making system but instead to buy you into this system with false hopes. I think one lifetime would even not be enough for me to write reviews for all these programs.

In the video presentation, the narrator went on to say that $250 is the minimum and if you want to make more money, you are advised to deposit more. This is a classic scam. The more you invest, the more you make. Yes, more money will be made with a slight correction, not you, but the owner & co.

Once you deposited the funds you will never be able to withdraw it out because the money will be automatically distributed t0 three groups of people.

  1. Owner (Not John Falcoa)
  2. Broker Company (In this case, Opteck)
  3. Affiliates (Those promoting this program)


Some Red Flags Worth Mentioning

Like every scam, there will always be bound to be some clue left around and Cash Capital System is no exception to that.

(1) “As seen on”


So on their website, you will notice this below their video. “As seen on, New Corporation, MarketWatch, InvestmentNews, and CNN.” So does it mean they really came out in the news?

Nope, it’s not. Basically, it’s just a way of trying to gain credibility among visitors. For instance, you come into this website then you see some famous sites like this, you might think that this MUST be legit because it came out in news. Yes, that’s the whole purpose of it. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out in news.


So you can see from the above image, I went to do some search on news sites like CNN. When I typed Cash Capital System the most relevant news I got was about football. If they came out on CNN, that should be the case. The first article I should be seeing must be related to Cash Capital System.

So there you go… this is one proof that Cash Capital is a FRAUD.

(2) Unrealistic Claims


Look at these claims. Does it even seem like something that is believing? Nope, it isn’t, if everybody can make $2000 – $5000 just by spending 10 minutes a day, nobody in this world ever needs to work again. Because most people average about $3000 a month after hard work, but here you can make even more than that without doing anything.


Let me give you a scenario now… If some random stranger comes face to face with you and asks you for $250 cash and says he can help you get $5000 by next week, will you believe him? Obviously not… I’d bet you brush him away or some might go to the extent of even trying to give him to the police. Then now think about this, isn’t it what is exactly happening here. Just because it’s online and have a website doesn’t mean it is true.

So Yes… please try to understand this. There is no such thing as easy money in this world. You get what you work for.

(3) Available Spots


On the right-hand corner of the website, you will see this small column where the positions availability keeps dropping and stops at 5. Basically, this is also another website programming to make it look like it’s happening in real time. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Just refresh the page and you will see the numbers reset back to 20.

The whole reason for doing this is to try to induce urgency into every of the visitors. To make you think that, this is a one-off opportunity, if I never register now I might lose the chance to become rich.

(4) No Guarantee


This is strange. In their disclaimer section, they mentioned that there is no guarantee you will make any money with Cash Capital System. This is the total opposite of what I saw on their video presentation where the narrator mentioned the worth guaranteed to make money a couple of times.

So now you know the truth right…

The only time I am going to agree with Cash Capital is for this statement. “Success in any money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time, and variety of other factors.”. Yes, that is absolutely true. These are some essentials you need to take into consideration if you want to make money online.

The only thing that confuses me right now is why on earth did they include this on THIS website. Their website isn’t about working hard or giving time. It’s more like making money overnight…


My Final Thoughts.

So is Cash Capital System a Scam?

Yes, it definitely is…

I strongly encourage that all of you stay away from this site and any other similar binary options trading website that ask you to deposit $250 or more upfront. Instead of making money you are only going to end up losing your hard earned money. I rather you spend that money by having some nice family Dinner which is definitely more meaningful and also gives you the money well-spent satisfaction.

If you are still keeping your options open for different money making opportunities, allow me to introduce to you Affiliate Marketing. This is a business opportunity that allows you to make a good amount passive income if you did it properly. This is just like any other business, you need to commit yourself and spend enough time on it to see success.

Let’s say you start a hotel business. If you don’t put in the effort the create a website for your hotel, have staffs and good service, nobody is going to come to your hotel. Every business lives on the same core values. Work Hard diligently and give yourself enough time.

The good thing about Affiliate Marketing is you don’t need a big capital to start with. And most importantly this can be done in the comfort of your own home. You also don’t have to worry about product storage, customer support and etc. All you have to do is promote someone else’s products/services and you earn commissions for it.

If you are interested to find out how, check the following:


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Cash Capital System. I hope you find this review to be helpful and now you have a better understanding on what is it all about. If you have tried it yourself or have any experience with it, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section. Also, any questions are welcomed to. I will be more than happy to help you out.

I wish you success

And thanks for reading… 🙂



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    i received multiple calls for opening the Account with optec and i was assured that i will be provided software guidance and help and safety from your side initially when i will started and i will be guided because i told them i am new i don t know about these things.

    so on the basis of these safeties i invest at optec. but after investment i feel the behaviour and guidance to be very changed and got very disappointed from optec because when i open my account i had given 7 days for my account to deal with that and after that i will start real trading.

    today was my third guidance day (1st was just to open the website and was quitted) and suudenly my Manager Mr. Liam said that you do not have potential because you are not investing 5000 dollar more so he close my Demo account.

    Dear sir potential is not the money . i had the potential that s why i invested 250 dollar. once my seven days of demo account completes and then i come to real market then i will invest more. but now in the begining when i know nothing it is impossible.

    and one more thing people invest with the one who are trustworthy , today on my third day mr Liam is playing games with me and hurts my trust then how does someone will thing of doing business with such.

    even i was thinking to bring my friends to this business but today mr liam prove me wrong because i think if this is the condition then i would never ever invite someone .

    i have the potential. my demo account was open for 7 days then let it be completed. once i complete it and i came to ral trading then will definitely invest more and more.

    • Hi Shahid, I’m sorry to say this.. This is nothing but a SCAM… Your $250 has just gone down the drain. There is no such thing as free money in this world. Optec is one big FAT SCAM BROKER… There have been tons of complaints about them, so your situation here is not new. I hope you don’t go to the extent and deposit $5000 because it’s only going to cause your more regret. Once the money goes in, you will not be able to take it out forever… it’s as good as gone.

      About the potential and such is all fake and made up. There is no such potential here. They only want your money. Don’t be disappointed if you lost $250, be happy that you learnt something new today and will never get scammed again. Couple of months back I got sucked into a similar get rich program too.

      Making money online requires effort and time. Those who promise you instant results are obviously lying… Anyway, Good luck to you 🙂

        • It is very difficult to track down somebody on the internet. You can live at one side and the person can live at the other extreme corner. Most people who get scammed don’t take this extra step of trying to track them down and lodge a complaint. Also, if you read carefully these crooks will include in their disclaimer section that “they don’t guarantee you that you will make any money and etc.”… You can’t sue them because they have covered their @ss… People who want to get involved in any program must take the responsibility and initiative to read through and double confirm before landing themselves into any program.

          • Actually it’s not entirely true. I have a degree in law and it is indeed possible to sue them based on the fact that a fraud (because it is clearly a fraud, since they try to abuse third parties) cannot be protected by any GTC. The problem is that people will often need to assign a specialist to this case and it might cost them more money than they hope to recover.
            But in the end, it is sad to see that these kind of people can get away with this because we think that they are protected, when actually they are not.

  2. i would like to be a part of it but when i get that we have to invest 250 dollars i get doubt on it what if i lost that money ?? who will be responsible and 250 dollar is not a joke for us

  3. wow!! i actually learn something, i just got d site nd i have register but i have not start yet,they said more in their terms nd condition that the money u cannot afford to loose should not be invest,that really want shock me to continue, so is more like a scram,but i really think it more like a betting set.

    • Yes, binary options trading is actually very similar to gambling. However this specific program is a scam because it promises you quick money, on reality, trading doesnt do that much wonders!

  4. My name is mubashir Malik from Pakistan
    Thank you so much for these information
    Sir! Great job for help the people.

  5. Hi I’m Hazel I have been doing due diligence on Orion Code, Fintech, Qbits, etc but still a bit sceptic about these I wanted to invest ……..

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