CB Passive Income license Program 3.0 Review

So what’s all the hype about the CB Passive Income, Patric Chan claims that his automated program can generate income without actually putting in much effort. From time and time, I been seeing many of these turnkey system claiming they do all the work for you and you just nothing but collect your pay checks. I was very curious whether the CB Passive Income license Program 3.0 is any different from the others in the market, thus I am doing a review.

CB Passive Income License Program has been in the market for quite sometime, it was first launched in August 2013. Since first launch, they have upgraded it twice with the most recent one name CB Passive Income License Program 3.0.

The only two recent additions were adding multiple “secret pages” to promote and the AI Optin Detector.

Name: CB Passive Income License Program 3.0cbpatricnewspaper

Website: www.cbpassiveincome30.com

Owner: Patric Chan

Price: $37/month or $97(one time fee)

Rating: 20/100


How CB Passive Income Works?

Cb passive income

So what happens is that when you sign up to his program, the software will generate for you a unique link. This link will refer the potential buyers to a website that Patric Chan calls “secret webpage” where he will give out free reports. But in order for them to get that free report, they need to subscribe by giving out their email address.

Once they have subscribed, the CB passive income system will send out emails(promoting certain products). These products will have your specific affiliate link, so if your subscribers purchase any of the products you will get commission from it.

In other words according to what Patric Chan says you only got two simple jobs,  first to get traffic to click system generated unique link and secondly to collect your pay checks.

For those of you still don’t understand what going on…

You guys are actually are doing affiliate marketing for Patric Chan…he claims that he is doing all the work for you. Don’t be too happy about that, because you are doing for him the hardest work, driving traffic.

His bank account will be the one pilling up with money, not yours!


Who is this product for?

CB passive income is designed for those who want to make money fast online without doing anything. If you are a normal affiliate marketers most of the things he mentioned( in the right) you have to do.Cbpassiveincome

Patric Chan claims his system is suitable for beginners with no experience or also for those who are already making money online but want to earn more.

Of course it looks appealing,

Its sounds simple but in actual fact is not that straight forward at all.

You are going to face a difficult time when you actually know nothing about internet marketing.

To build a successful online business, foundation is very important. In this system, almost all the fundamentals for internet marketing has been skipped and I bet less than half way through the program you will start to have lots of questions running through your mind…

why this or why that, especially for beginners with no experience online.


What I Liked

#1:The idea of using email marketing

Sending products to your email list is a great way to make money online, do it the right way and you can generate consistent monthly income. List building is a very long process that requires lots of patience and also trust in between you and your customers.

However the approach CB Passive Income took is unacceptable, spamming others mailbox with all the promotion products.

What I didn’t Like

#1: Fake Claims..

Cb passive income fake

Chan is claiming that his CB passive income system is actually worth about $25,000. Honestly, this is really going overboard. If your system is worth that amount of money why on earth will you sell it for $37 per month(or $97 one time fee)

So what does it show? This system is definitely not worth that much but he just comes up with such a big number to make it look very cheap to you.

#2: Unknown Traffic?

Like I said earlier Chan has give you the one and only hardest task, that is to get traffic to your “secret webpage”. Getting traffic is not that simple as you think. What are you going to do with that unique link? Spam on social media, Facebook or Twitter? Honestly, its not going to work… if you are lucky you may get a few clicks but I doubt you any sales.

With no content in your website, you are never going to get ranked in any of the search engines.

Even if you decided to do PPC(Pay-per-click) campaign you should know that you have to fork out you own money and there is no guarantee that your subscribers will even buy any product from the emails that Chan will send out.

This is definitely not cost effective, instead of earning money you are actually going to be losing and losing money.

#3: Too many misleading information

Almost all the owners claims their system can help you make money easily but at actual fact, they are the ones making the money easily.

There is no such thing as easy money, if you want to make lots of money online you need to work hard with the proper trainings and tools.


Tell Tale signs of a Potential Scam!!!!

#1: How reliable are his testimonials?

I did some extra research to look in more details about the persons who gave the testimonials. Since they have listen their websites, I went to check them out. I was quite shocked, half of the domains are not there anymore. This just makes me wonder, are all of his testimonials actually legit? It seems all his testimonials are Fake! Very well scripted!

#2: Turnkey system? Hmm…

So Chan keeps claiming that he does all the work for you.. Then comes to my next question, if he decided that he doesn’t want to do any more work for you what is going to happen? Of course, the whole system will just collapse(if it even help you make money in the first place but I doubt so).

What can you do if the support team never answer your questions? The only thing you can do is, NOTHING.. but move on.

The problem with a turnkey system is almost everything is automated so in actual fact you did not really learn anything because everything is done for you.

Lets say you have found out it is a scam, but you still interested in making money through affiliate marketing. By, then actually is quite late.. you have to start from scratch again, back to basics.

Why bank you trust on an unreliable turnkey system, when you can learn the hard way and make money the legit way online. When you physically learn all the trades of online marketing its with you forever, you can apply anytime you want.

Like there is a saying, knowledge is the only thing that lasts with you forever.

#3: Patric Chan claims “ClickBank” only approves legit products

Sorry, but I took a second or two to actually laugh! Is Chan telling us a joke or something?

I have done many review on total pure scam sites where they are only for your money and guess where most of the products are found? ClickBank, yes you heard it! And he self proclaims that because ClickBank only approves legit products therefore he knows he is promoting GOOD products with added value.

Honestly, majority of the products found in ClickBank, especially for making money online are unreliable.

#4: Huh? Is it free?

Cb passive income scam





This are some of the sentences I quoted from his website itself. I really found this weird.. because you are suppose to pay for this product but from top to bottom he keeps saying free. What does this really mean? Come on man, make up your mind… is it free or what?

It just seems to me like, he is trying to “mind wash” you by keep saying free! But the actual fact is you’ve got top pay for it. If I were you, I’ll be extra careful when I come across something this weird!

#5. Only $1 for full access? Maybe not!


Just because it indicates only $1 dollars don’t get fooled by it. This $1 is for trial for the first 14 days and you are supposed to pay another $37 for the remaining 14 days.

Many people always fall for this, I suggest you really take your time to read through everything. Don’t just blindly agree to everything it says.


My Final thoughts… 

The CB Passive Income License program 3.0 by Patric Chan is not a good option if you are looking to make money online.

There are many ways that you can be better off.. please make some wise and careful decisions. This can really tarnish the image of earning money online especially if you new to online marketing.


thumbs down

 My Recommendation…

There are many ways to make money online, if you are lucky your online journey will be a smooth ride but sadly most of them go through a bumpy ride before they realise that something is wrong. If you are interested in how I make money online check my No.1 Recommendation.


Those of you who have any questions regarding the CB Passive Income 3.0 can leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

Also, past user of CB Passive Income can share your personal experience and whether have you made any money with it.

Yours Truly,

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