Champcash Review – Can This Android App Make You Rich?

For those of you who are wondering whether is Champcash a scam or legit opportunity to generate income, fret not! I will be doing a review on it to share with you the real truth behind the money making opportunity.

I first came to know about Champcash on Facebook. I saw a handful of people actually promoting this app, saying “it’s the best program to get rich quickly”. Just like everyone else I was curious to find out whether I can really make money with this app so I download and tried for myself.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I will NOT RECOMMEND this app to anyone because there are just too many flaws in this system. I will go into further details later on in my review.

I suggest you spend a couple of minutes and read through the review thoroughly to understand how this actually works, so it could save you lots of time later on.

Without further ado, I will move on to the more important “stuff”… So please bare with me as I will now walk you through the entire process.


Name: ChampcashHow-Much-Money-Can-You-Make-With-Champ-Cash


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free to Join

Available on: Android only

Rating: 1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended

What is Champcash all about?

Champcash is a mobile application that enables its users to earn income by completing similar tasks and through it’s referral program.

Currently, Champcash is only available on Android phones, I’m not too sure whether it will be released in other brands as well. But let’s not worry about that now, because I believe after reading this review you will not even want to download and use this app at all.

Champcash is owned by a company called Champion Network Private Limited that is situated in India. What really bothered me was they made a very bold claim about the potential amount of money one can earn.

According to their website,

“Champcash is an Android Application through which anyone can be a millionaire by just installing some apps in mobile. Just refer Champcash to your friends and ask them to complete the challenge…”

Is it really true that you can earn millions by using this app?

I’m afraid not… there is just too much hype about it, in reality, it doesn’t really offer like what it promises.


How does it works? – In Layman terms

Champcash is some sort of an advertising company that helps other mobile app developers get exposure to their apps.

For any app to generate lots of revenue, they need to get downloaded often. However, most apps that are commonly downloaded are within the top 100 range. So the idea of Champcash is to get those newly created apps to the top rankings of search so it will be easily visible to users.

These mobile developers will pay Champcash to get traffic to their apps. That is why you are expected to download the app and try it before you get paid.

So if you look at it carefully, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Champcash makes revenue from advertising, you make some money from trying the app and referring friends and mobile app developers benefit from the exposure to their apps.


What is the issue with Network Marketing/MLM


Champcash revolves around a business model called MLM(network marketing). Basically, you earn commissions from your referrals on up to 7 levels.

One of the biggest issues with this model is you constantly need to look for new referrals. Since this business model relies greatly on your downline, you have to work your butt off to get referrals. Getting referrals is not easy as you might think it is, it requires you to promote your Affiliate link at different mediums such as forums, Facebook, blogs and etc. You can’t solely rely on just your friends list…

You also need to understand that once your downline dies off, your income from them also dies together. Most people will probably try this for awhile but sooner or later they will just get sick of it once they find out the truth about this program.

So if you ask me, this is not a recommended business opportunity to generate income online.


Other Cons about this App

(1) Unrealistic Earning Claims

You have to get this straight, you can never become a millionaire or even “rich” by simply using this application. What you see in their official website is merely just for promotional purposes. In reality you are far from it, so keep your expectations low if you are going to try this program.

I believe you would have come across other reviews online where they continue to exaggerate them earning claims. All these people are simply lying to you, in reality, none of this people are making that much money.

They are just enticing you with some fake earning claims so that you will join them through their affiliate link.

The most you can earn from each app is pennies(few cents), don’t expect to earn a couple of dollars for every download and referral you get.

If you work on this diligently and get lots of referrals, you can probably expect to make around $500-$800 per month.

(2) No Proper Training Provided

There is no proper training given to you to start raking up referrals. Like I mentioned earlier, referrals are the core of this business. If you aren’t going to get sufficient referrals forget about making any money.

If you have zero or very little knowledge about getting referrals and promoting your affiliate link, you are going to face an uphill task.

Getting referrals is one thing, and to encourage your referrals to constantly work on their part by downloading apps and getting referrals too is another thing.

With the lack of training and experience, I can say that you are destined to fail from the start.

(3) Only Can Use while at home

As we all know, downloading any application on your phone takes up some data from your service provider. So the only way to download for FREE is through your WIFI from home.

Don’t tell me that you would rather spend your time downloading apps than doing something more interesting/constructive while at home?


My Final thoughts…

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Champcash to anyone because there are not even honest from the start. Lying to users just to attract more attention is an unethical way to market your product.

Downloading Apps and referring friends is definitely not a good opportunity to generate high income, and not sustainable too.

Anyway, if you are looking for a legitimate business opportunity to start making money online, I suggest you read my #1 Recommend Program. Here you will learn how to build a work-from-home business based on your very own passion itself.

Only a handful of people in this world is having their dream jobs. Most of them are dragging their feet off to work every morning. I was once doing exactly the same, forcing myself to go to work every day. But thankfully, I came across this program that taught me how to build an online business.

Now, I have quit my 9-5 job and working full-time from home, doing something I like and most importantly earning me more income than what I got from my previous jobs.

“It’s not too late for you to start your very own online business too…”



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Champcash. I hope you have a better understanding of how this program works and thus, will be able to make a much better decision going forward. Current users or even previous users of Champcash are welcomed to share with us your personal experience.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. 🙂



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  1. download champcash from plystore and install it signup with email account and other details then press proceeds and download load apps 1by1 upto 8 apps or 9 apps u will get 1$ mean 63 rs as signing bonus by reffer note: if u will not enter refer id then u will not get 1$(63₹)

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