ClickBank Pirate Review, Is it really worth the money?

The question is, can you really make money using ClickBank Pirate or is it just another “money sucking” system that has no real value in it. Today I will be doing a review on ClickBank Pirate to give you an insight of how it works and conclude whether this system is really worth the hype.

clickbank pirate

Name: ClickBank Pirate


Owner: David Blaze

Price: First month $67, following months $37

Rating: 18/100


My first impression of ClickBank Pirate

To be honest, I was very disappointed with how ClickBank pirate approached their product.

From the very start to the very end, it was all about just selling their product with no real intention to help fellow people to make money.

From snapshots of the bank accounts to saying that they are providing bonuses( that actually cost money) for free if you sign up today. Looking at all of this,  just seems like they want you to quickly buy their product from just looking at the attractive end of it.

It’s human nature, when we see something that is so attractive as that(making $1,000 monthly without doing anything), we quickly buy them without actually thinking twice. Then after we buy the product, we start to notice that it doesn’t work as it promised to, by then its actually too late.


How ClickBank Pirate works?

Basically, ClickBank pirate is using the concept of affiliate marketing to help their users earn revenue through commissions. In other words, they provide you with the necessary tools and trainings to promote their own product(ClickBank Pirate) using your affiliate links.

So if someone clicks the link through your website, it will immediately bring them to their main website where they can buy the product.

The signing up for the newsletter is a “back-up” plan for those who did not want to buy the ClickBank pirate product initially. So those who signed up for it will receive newsletter which will try to convince them to buy their product, eventually some of them will buy it.

Users will also be credited if the buyer signs up to the newsletters through your affiliate link and make a purchase.

Actually the entire process of affiliate marketing is very simple..

  1. You set a website
  2. write content
  3. promote a product
  4. Earn revenue

These turnkey systems with most of the trainings are there to make the product ClickBank pirate look more sophisticated that makes it look more “worth” for the money but actually they are more redundant then beneficial.


Pricing for the ClickBank Pirate


As I mentioned earlier the price for ClickBank Pirate is $67 for the first month.

But I want to highlight to you their upsells, though their main webpage says it $67 only, but when you come to the sign up page they have another option instead of the 5 Turnkey, they add another 5 more with some “additional benefits” and give you a price of $197(1x fee) which is definitely way to pricey for something that we don’t even know if it will work for us.



The other thing that I want to highlight to use is future monthly payments at the bottom(they keep it low for a hidden motive).

If you didn’t check carefully, they may be just deducting your money for every month. Remember, it said you will get a turnkey every month- this is where you are paying the additional monthly fee goes.

In other words, it actually not free.. you are actually paying for every single thing. Be careful!

So if you do not want to continue, you can always cancel it. But don’t worry because you will still be able to access the membership website and keep what you already have.


What is Good about this product

#1: The idea of this product was good

To tackle the problem, of spending so much time getting your own domain to building your website before promoting a product which is a very long process. But the idea, where almost everything is pre-built and done for you make your job more simpler – Just drive traffic to the website

#2: 60-Days money back guarantee

According to their website, if you are not satisfied with the product anytime before 60 days they will fully refund you.

#3: Somewhat Honest…

At least you were honest in saying that this is not an over-night get rich scheme

Other than these three, there are nothing else that really captured my attention for this product.


What is Bad about this product

#1: The snapshots of the ClickBank account is outdated.

outdated snapshotsnap shot 2

Come on man! Here we are in year 2015, and you are showing snapshots of your bank account that is from 2011 and 2012? This is a clear sign that shows the program has been outdated.

3 years

What it claims in their website is that it can give them continuous income for years and years. How can I trust that phrase if you are showing me outdated results? It the snapshots have been more recent like 2015 or even 2014 it may seem more convincing. And “hey!, the program is still working” But to my dismay its totally false.

#2: Mystery identity of bank accounts

Just because you claim that they are your bank accounts or your member’s ClickBank account, I cant totally agree to those statements and snapshots. There is no indication that those are your bank accounts and those money are actually made from using the ClickBank Pirate system as well. Nowadays with Photoshop or other editing tools you can easily fake a photo.

#3: The tone and appearance throughout the website

Firstly the appearance, the whole website and information just seems to be missed up. Everything is everywhere, nothing is clear – when I read their website, I got really confused of what is happening at time because it is not organised well and everything is just thrown into one single page. The vibe I get from the website is – THIS IS A SCAM SITE (Honestly)


Secondly, they are really trying very hard to sell more than provide service that benefits their users. The harder they try, the more it makes me think this is totally scam. For e.g. take a look at their bonuses, they provide a price for each of their bonus and claims that you get this “worth” of bonus for free if you sign up today. How is this bonuses even quantified? and by who?

#4: Poor customer support

fakeThere are many things that they claim in their website but in reality most of it is not true. One of it is their support team… “Our professional team stand ready to answer your questions” .. I don’t think so…




The above are some of the feedback provided the real users who bought the product, as you can see most of them are not satisfied with the support system.


#5: Basic Contents & Some outdated trainings

The good thing is they have trainings but if the trainings have no value in it then its just seems redundant. The trainings that are very limited and most of them are found to be basics. What’s the point of paying for something that can actually be already found on the net?

Some of the trainings are outdated. In other words, some of the things that worked in the past will not work today.

1. Article Marketing – Before the major google updates, article marketing has been a hit but now its not as effective to drive traffic

2. PLR(Private label rights) articles – In the past you can just purchase a license and allow to edit and publish the article under your own name. In layman terms, these are copy and paste articles that one should never do. Duplicate content will do more harm than good to you… affecting your rankings which will in turn affect your traffic(eventually revenue)

#6: Traffic

The ClickBank pirate may come with free website, hosting, turnkey system and many other trainings and tools but the very one important factor to generating revenue is to first have traffic. And in that aspect, ClickBank pirate doesn’t provide you with. You have to generate your own traffic through some of the trainings. But since their trainings are either  too brief or outdated, of course you wont be able to generate traffic using them.


My Final Opinion…

Honestly, I didn’t like almost everything I see in this website. Though it claims you can easily make thousands of dollars every month by just running their system, in actual fact is too good to be true. This program is not suitable especially for those who just started out in internet marketing because its very sophisticated making a simple process more confusing.

Actual fact affiliate marketing as very simple, and you need not require to pay so much money for learning this. Obviously, you will be better off learning on your own. Don’t be tied down to only ClickBank  because this is not the only affiliate marketing program out there. There are tons of affiliate marketing programs and the more common ones are like Amazon and EBay.

If you are looking to build a long and successful online business then ClickBank pirate is the last place you one to go to. There is no guarantee that you can make a steady income with them. Some may have benefited from ClickBank pirate in the past, but there is clearly no evidence in the current year 2015, that product is still working.



My Recommendation

If you want to make money online, the best way is to start your own business. I would strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it has everything you need to start your online business. You don’t have to be an expert, I started out as a beginner with ZERO knowledge about internet marketing and websites creation but through Wealthy Affiliate I have progressed quickly.

There you will also learn the different ways to make money, don’t tie yourself down to affiliate marketing cause there are much better ways you can make a decent income online. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

If any of you have any question regarding the ClickBank pirate, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Those of you who have tried ClickBank pirate can also share your personal experience with all of us.

Yours Truly,

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  1. hi Kumar
    very thorough review of Clickbank Pirate. I had heard of Clickbank but not of Clickbank Pirate. After reading your review, I have to agree that it does seem like a scam. I mean 197$ with the upsells? That is so expensive! It seems like you have to spend quite a bit of money in order to actually get something. And it should not be that way. Having a website should not cost 200$ a month…And customer service and help is so important. Without such services, then one is pretty much left to their own device. Having support through a community is a must

  2. Kumar, who should really want to be in something that claims to be pirate.

    Thanks for the information. I will stay clear of this. You have spoken clearly to me. I will be visiting again for more info.


  3. Wow! I nearly got suckered into trying this out! so insanely glad that I came across your review. Close call! Thanks so much for this really detailed review. Very impressed.

  4. Dear Kumar,

    Thanks for your informative review on Clickbank Pirate. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

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