ClixLife Review – Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

This review is going to be about a website called ClixLife. What is ClixLife? Is it a scam or a legitimate opportunity for you to invest your time in? Or who is this really for? These are some of the questions that I will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: ClixLifeClixLife-Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free to join

Rating: 3/5


What is ClixLife all about?

ClixLife is a Paid-To-Click website where members can make some money doing simple tasks like viewing advertisers ads, completing  small offers, and referring people to their website.

ClixLife is a fairly new site that was only registered on the 9th of march 2016. Currently, it has just over 4000 members. But this figures will definitely rise in the coming months as more people get exposed to this website. One thing I didn’t really like is, I couldn’t find any information about who own or runs the website. I tend to look at these before joining a program but nevertheless, since it’s free to join, I decided to give it a try.

Anyway, did you notice that I used the word “some money” in my earlier sentences? The reason is simply because there isn’t much money to be made here. If you really put in a decent amount of effort, you would probably be able to pull in an extra $200-$300 every month, which isn’t too bad.

Why would anyone want to leave money on the table right? If you got extra time to spare, like an hour a day, and wouldn’t mind having some extra cash on your hands… I think this would be a good fit for you.


Who Can Join ClixLife and Is it Something For You?

ClixLife is for anyone who wants to make money online. As far as I know, there isn’t any country restriction… so anyone from all over the world would be able to take part in this opportunity, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t make tons of money with ClixLife because they are paying out only pennies for completing simple tasks.

If you ask me, I would say that the money is in the referrals. Meaning, solely clicking on Ads and completing simple offers will not make you that much money. You will need to bring in a consistent amount of referrals every month and hope that they upgrade and continue to complete tasks.

I have to say, getting referrals is going to be the biggest problem. You can’t just expect to post your referral link on Facebook Groups, blogs or forums and expect to see good amount of referrals. The ideal option for you is to create a blog and drive free traffic to your Affiliate link. Doing YouTube videos are another great option.

Those of you who don’t have knowledge or experience on blogging or creating websites, this might be an uphill task for you.


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons


  • Definitely there is potential for everyone to make money
  • Free to join and get started
  • They have good support
  • Have a forum to communicate with other members
  • Minimum withdrawal limit is low. Capped at $2 only, which seems reasonable
  • Accepts Paypal



  • Domain only registered for a year.
  • Lack of important information of the website and owner
  • Though there is potential, this opportunity is not suitable for all. You need to be willing to find referrals and stay committed to spending a couple minutes at least per day in order to earn from your referrals clicks too.
  • Indirectly encouraged to upgrade or buy referrals to increase your earning potential
  • Only pays pennies – $0.001 to $0.02 cent per click and view of advertisement
  • Not proper training on how to bring in direct referrals – CORE of this opportunity


Final Thoughts!

I went to their forum and read some of their success stories from a few members. It seems that they are happy because they are getting paid, which is a good sign that the website is legit. But wait, that doesn’t mean that weeks or months down the road the situation will be the same.

I have personally experienced similar type of scenarios in the past. Some websites paid without fail in the early stages and went on to stop paying members on time or in worst cases not paying them at all. So anything can happen in the online space, you can’t let yourself off guard.

Anyway, if you ask me whether this opportunity is something that I will recommend to anyone, I would say no. That’s right, I am not really a big fan of Paid-To-Click sites simply because of the past experiences I had with similar sites and ultimately the earning potential.

You are literally paid pennies. I think you would be better off doing something more worthwhile than spending your clicking Ads.

Final Verdict: Legit, But Not Recommended


Safe & Solid Way To Make Money Online?

Those of you who are really keen in generating good income online, I highly recommend that you start your own online business. This is a really safe and solid opportunity because you don’t depend on anybody but yourself. You don’t have to worry about websites not paying you.

So… what do I mean by online business?

There are many ways of running your own online business. Selling your own products or running an e-commerce store are a few I can list from the top of my head. But the one that I am particularly talking about is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else’s products/services and earn commissions from it. There are countless of benefits for this approach.

Some are…

  • You don’t need a huge capital to start
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • No need to physically get in contact with anyone. Everything is done through the internet.
  • You don’t have to worry about what products to sell or storage space to put your products

It’s really no difficult to get started. All you need is an interest or passion. If you have one, you can build a business around it. I have been doing this for just over a year and have seen more than just great success with it. This opportunity have let me to quit my day job and run this entirely from home and the best part? My income is almost 3 times of what I earned in the corporate world.

Though it is nice to hear… I have to tell you that this didn’t happen overnight. I have put in a lot of effort to make this work. If you are expecting to make loads of money within a week or month, sorry, this isn’t something for you. You have to put in the effort and give yourself enough time to see success in this.

I know some of you might be thinking right now, how do I get started without any proper understanding or knowledge about Affiliate Marketing & starting an online business. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I have been using this program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to building an affiliate marketing business.

If you are interested to find out more, you can check my review on it…

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on ClixLife. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is all about and whether is something for you or not. Those who have personally tried this program are welcomed to share with us your personal experience in the discussion section below. Also, feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Thanks for reading ?

And I wish you success!



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  1. This program appears to be a scam. I joined about two months back and managed to make the minimum payout of $2 pretty quick as their guaranteed ads add up to $0.10 a day.

    When I requested a payout, I got an error message saying that the minimum payout is $4. I checked the main page of the site and, sure enough, the minimum is $2 instead of $4.

    Anyway, I decided to continue with a program for a little while more and when I reached a balance of $4, I requested a payout. The payout request was accepted.

    The next day, I tried to log in to my account. I got an error message saying that there was no such user!

    For $4, I’m not going to pursue the matter but for those who are thinking of joining, I would suggest caution.

    • Thanks for sharing this David. These guys are really unethical and big time scammers. For all the time spent, you don’t get a dime out of it. How disappointing is that. This the the exact reason why I have personally stop get involved in pay to click sites.

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