Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?

This review is going to be about a website called What is Club Trader? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to invest your money in and make money online? Can you really be successful with such programs? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Club Trader LimitedClub-Trader-Biz-Review


Owner: ???

Price: Free to join, minimum deposit $10

Rating: 2/5


What is Club Trader Limited all about?

According to their website, this is what they had to say about themselves.

“Our company has developed and is offering to anyone interested in making money, a tool that can generate high returns with online investments easily and safely. Every customer of our company can use almost any amount to receive passive income regularly and this is very easy to do!.

It just goes through a brief registration procedure, performs a transfer of money, and your money will begin immediately to work. In any case, the Club Trader Limited staff is always available for everything you might need, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The very next day, or just a few days after the creation of a deposit, you will start receiving the profits according to the chosen plan, of course, the greater the amount paid more money you will earn.

Our strategy allows us to work with both small and large amounts of private investors, and effectively strengthen the funds under the management of our expert analysts. Club Trader Limited, today, gives the key to financial independence to many people, simply register, make a deposit and wait for the expiration of the plan to start earning your money.”

I believe after reading the company introduction, most of you would have the impression that Club Trader Limited must be a legitimate company. Well, don’t come to any conclusions just yet. From my personal experience with several other investment companies, all I can tell you is… this is another scam, or maybe a soon-to-be scam.


Issues With Club Trader Limited/HYIPs

(1) Not in for the long haul

For those of you who didn’t know,  Club Trader Limited is actually known as a High Yield Investment Program(HYIP). The one and only problem with these companies are that they are never in for the long haul. Most of them will only be around for a couple of months before they shut the doors while they are a few who stay longer than a year.

But how do you determine how long these guys will be around?

That’s the exact problem.

You can’t…

You can’t predict when will their website be up to, which is why HYIPs are a very risky option. You can deposit today, and they go missing tomorrow. That’s how unpredictable things are. I actually experienced something very similar myself along with hundreds of thousands of people.

A few months back, I invested in a company called Amazing 5. I definitely made some profits and wanted to cash them out. I requested for cash out, but the next day, the company went missing without a single notice.

There were rumors the website was hacked by someone in China. If you ask me that’s a big lie. The admin probably made up some story to make it look as if nothing is wrong on his side. But the truth is, he made over millions of profits. If you are interested about Amazing 5, you can read more on it here.


(2) They are not legitimate companies

HYIP companies aren’t actually real investment companies. They don’t exist in a particular place physically. I know some of you might be saying, but they have a certificate on their website. Well, those certificates can be easily bought online so it’s not really a big deal.

Almost all High Yield Investment Programs are actually Ponzi schemes. In other words, they when the first person invests his money, he will get profits from the second person investments and so on… This is like a cycle. When lesser and lesser people join, you will start to see payment issues coming up because they don’t have funds to pay.

These guys are not traders. Just scammers if you ask me…


Too good to be true Investment Plans

Honestly, you don’t look too deep to determine whether this company is legit or not.

Their investment plans, says it all.


As you can see from the image, they have 6 different investment plans. Almost all their plans seem to have a high-profit rate. 180% after 3 days? 740% after 16 days? 1300% after 34 days?

Seriously?? do you think any legitimate company will give out that amount of profits in such a short period of time?


If they did so, the company will go bankrupt within days or weeks… unless they are printing money.

The truth is, these lucrative investments plans are around to lure private investors like you and me. Everyone wants to make extra money or get rich quickly, so such easy opportunities will catch most people’s attention. Just deposit money, and wait for money to grow. Seems easy… but you need to understand that nothing in this world is free or easy. You have to work for it.

Those who promise big money in a short period of time are obviously up to something no good. Do think twice before jumping into such because often then not, you will not be able to get back your money.


Is Club Trader Limited a scam?

Club trader limited is always going to be a scam along with other high yield investment programs too. The chances of you losing money are much higher than you making money in the long run. It’s better to avoid such sites at all cost.

However, if you are really keen on trying I am not going to stop you. Just invest small amounts maybe $10, $20 or something that you can afford to lose. If you managed to make some profits, try to roll your profits in the next investment.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended


Safe & Solid Way To Make Money Online?

For those of you who are still keen in generating good income online, I highly recommend that you start your own online business. This is a really safe and solid opportunity because you don’t depend on anybody but yourself. You don’t have to worry about investing money and not getting paid.

So… what do I mean by online business?

There are many ways of running your very own online business. Selling your own products or running an e-commerce store are a few I can list from the top of my head. But the one that I have personally tried and am talking about is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else’s products/services and earn commissions from it. There are countless of benefits for this approach which is the reason why I really love it.

Some of them include…

  • You don’t need a huge capital to start
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • No need to physically get in contact with anyone. Everything is done through the internet.
  • You don’t have to worry about what products to sell or storage space to put your products
  • Definitely has more potential to make money compared to revenue sharing sites

It’s really not difficult to get started. All you need is an interest or passion. If you have one, you can build a business around it. I have been doing this for just over a year and have seen more than just great success with it. This opportunity has allowed me to quit my day job and run this entirely from home and the best part…? My income is almost 3 times of what I earned in the corporate world.

Though it is nice to hear… I have to tell you that this didn’t happen overnight. I have put in a great amount of effort to make this work. If you are expecting to make tons of money within a week or month, sorry, this isn’t something for you. You have to put in the effort and give yourself enough time to see success in this.

I know some of you might be thinking right now, how do I get started without any proper understanding or knowledge about Affiliate Marketing & starting an online business. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I have been using this program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to building an affiliate marketing business.

If you are interested to find out more, you can check my review on it…

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Club Trader Limited. I hope by now you have a much better understanding of what these kind of programs are really all about and whether it is something for you or not. Do join in the discussion section below and share your personal experience with regards to this program, if you have tried before. Questions are always welcomed too.

Thanks for reading…

And I wish you success 🙂



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