Copy Paste Income Scam Review – I’m Gonna Pass This!

If you are looking for a honest review on Copy Paste Income, you have definitely come to the right place. Below I will be sharing with you in-depth details of what you can expect after you purchase the product. I highly encourage all of you to take a couple of minutes to read this review before you decide to purchase the product.

Alright, without further ado I will move on to the review itself so please bare with me as I will walk you through the entire process.


Name: Copy Paste Income


Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 1/5


What is Copy Paste Income all about?

Copy Paste Income is a product created by a well-known “guru” called Ewen Chia. He claims that his “cut, copy and paste” secret formula can make anyone over thousands of dollars everyday.

Wow! Really, Is it so easy to make money?

If you have such thoughts running through your mind, I cant entirely blame you for that because it’s Ewen Chia who makes it sound easy. I will answer this question slightly later but now I mention something about our “guru” first!

Ewen Chia has been in this online industry for over a decade. Within this period of time he had launched over 30 products and earned himself a net income of $15.8 million. That’s impressive, people like us can only dream about those…

Anyway, let’s play a small guessing game. How do you think Ewen Chia earned that amount of money? Well, if you cant figure out…let me tell you! He probably made all these fortunes by selling everyone overly hyped products with little or zero value and NOT by using this “copy, paste” formula.

Think about this for a minute, why on earth will someone want to share with you his real money making strategy. Sharing with thousands of people will only hurt him from making more money. All Ewen Chia is doing is telling you strategies that almost everyone in the internet marketing world knows. It’s seriously nothing new or special if you ask me.

Sorry, I had to vent a bit of my anger because most of Ewen Chia’s products doesn’t make you or me rich but himself ONLY… which is what disappoints me(and most others who purchased his products).


How much does it Cost?

If you read the sales page, you would have noticed Ewen Chia saying that it would be fair to charge you $6,000(a weeks income. With his kind heart and thought for everyone he decided to reduce his price all the way from $6,000 to $37.

Wow, $37 sounds like a good bargain right?

Isn’t it strange? Why would anyone want to sell a secret formula that can make everyone week in week out $6,000 profits for only $37?

There are only TWO reasons why…

  1. Ewen Chia is really a kind hearted guy who cares about everyone’s financial situation and want to help them
  2. This product is not going to make you money like what it promised

If I compare both this, Reason 2 sounds more logical to me. Obviously I don’t think Ewen Chia is really that kind, If he really is… he probably should sell his products at a much cheaper price or even give it for FREE so everyone else can benefit.

Yes, that’s right! If you ask me, I will say that you are probably not going to make much(or even any) money. – Bear in mind I am saying this only because I have already seen what are the trainings/tools offered in his product, which I will go into further details slightly later.

Coming back to the point, if you thought that $37 is all you pay for to get full access to everything within the members area(product), YOU ARE WRONG!

There are tons of upsells waiting for you within the members area. Basically you are not forced to buy these additional products but in order to fully maximise your earning potential you are encouraged to buy. These upsells & One-Time-Offers(OTO) are not really cheap, it ranges from $20 – $297. what’s worst is the “1K a Day Biz” link on the members area will take you to a product called MOBE(My Online Business Education).

MOBE is by far one of the worst and most expensive money making opportunity. If you are not careful, you could be sucked into spending over $20,000 and not making any profits out of it.

Basically the only person who really  benefits from you purchasing the Copy Paste Income is Ewen Chia. He is probably an affiliate of some of the program he offers within his members area. If you decided to join those, he will earn commissions from them as well.


What to expect inside the member’s area

“E-Book Galore”

Yes, Copy Paste Income mainly leverages on E-book as a money making opportunity. E-books is a good opportunity to make money BUT you definitely are not going to make $6,000 every week by solely relying on these. Besides, if you don’t have any basic idea of internet marketing(even though the have videos) you are going to face lots of difficulty along the way.

Actually I wouldn’t be surprise if you throw this product aside just after using a couple of days.

Alright, lets not look at some of the things you will see within the members area.

(1) Copy Paste EBooks

Basically in this section, you will be “copying and pasting” your ClickBank affiliate ID to some of the eBooks originally owned by Ewen Chia. After you have embedded your Affiliate links, you can now give out your eBooks to everyone. This is how the idea works, whenever someone read the eBook, clicks the affiliate link and purchases any product… you will get commission from it.

This method has been around for so many years and I have seen some other products that are already selling you this exact strategy. So I don’t see why is Ewen Chia “secret formula” any different from them. This method is mainly adopted by Affiliate Marketers to promote their product. So in other words, you are actually doing some sort of Affiliate marketing too.

Ewen Chia encourages you to promote these eBooks via social media(Facebook, SlideShare, Twitter, Scribd, docstoc). If you ask me, these methods are not effective because spamming eBooks on your social media accounts and expecting it to go viral is only going to frustrate your friend and family members. – Plain Stupidity!

Like I mentioned earlier our so called guru here will not give out his real secrets to succeeding online. The truth is, his only secret is to create B.S. products and sell to people like you and me and make big bucks. All his ideas or strategies can actually be found for free on the internet.

* Another thing I didn’t like about this strategy is that everyone who purchases this product will get the same eBooks. So you are no different from the rest because you are competing against them, one way or another. If you contents is not unique or capturing, NOBODY wants to read it. Besides, how many people really purchase products from following links on EBooks. I know I am definitely not one of them…


(2) 3 hours step-by-step coaching videos
There will be a total of 6 videos…
Step#1 – Profitable Niche
Step#2 – Affiliate Products
Step#3 – Relevant Keywords
Step#4 – Create mini eBooks
Step#5 – Promote mini eBooks
Step#6 – Summary, Advanced Strategy  – Expects you to purchase another of his “useless” products

So basically, his step-by-step coaching videos are going to walk you through the process of Affiliate Marketing. Yes there are handful of useful information in here, but these are not going to be enough to make you $6,000 every week. If you are new to this, you are definitely going to be left hanging…thinking how and what to do next.

The backbone of a strong Affiliate Marketing business is having your own website(domain). Its same like building a house with the foundation.

Ewen Chia totally ignores the website part and focuses mainly on social media to get traffic. NO way you are going to succeed and I am very sure about that. People do use social media, mostly for past time and making new friends.

Nobody really uses social media to research anything. 99.99% of the people will head back to search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing) to do more research. So the likelihood of making sales through websites are much higher than social media.

If you want to start a REAL Affiliate Marketing Business, check out this program!(Free to join, and build two WordPress built websites for absolutely FREE)

What I didn’t like

#1: Very secretive about his product

If you read his sales page, you would have noticed almost no information about what exactly you will go about doing. All he said is “Copy & Paste”. Keep this in mind, it maybe very useful for you in the future. When a product doesn’t really explain or tell you anything about it, it is most probably a very low quality product.

Of course if he told you what you can expect before hand, I believe you wouldn’t even bother buying it in the first place.


#2: Way too many upsells


Click To enlarge

Like I mentioned earlier, there are just too many upsells in his program. At times it feel like you are purchasing the product that only makes the owner richer and NOT you.

If you look at the image on the top, you will notice that only three links are related to the actual product itself. The rest are just upsells/OTO to make your spend more money.


(3) Everyone can access this product for free

That’s right. You don’t have to pay a dime to get access to the members area of this product.

Don’t believe me? Click this link here:

Than you may wonder, did Ewen Chia knowingly or unknowingly did this… To be honest, I got this strong hunch that he deliberately left it out this way so he can earn commissions from people who access his site from search engines.


(4) Trying to buy you into his product with images

Instead of actually offering proper information about the product, Ewen Chia tries to use typical sales tactics to try and lure you into his “trap”. Right from the start of the sales page, he slapped you with a screenshot of a ClickBank account with money. How could anyone just judge that credibility of the product by just looking at screenshot?

That screenshot looks more like the money he made from the sales of Copy Paste Income…

It didn’t end there, he showed an image of a check with his name on it. Also images of watches, electronic gadgets that he claimed to have gotten as a gift from people. Those images are not even taken from his camera or phone.. so obvious he just randomly handpicked some images from the internet and claim as his – What a liar!


My Final thoughts…

Honestly, I can keep going on and on about this product because there are just way too many RED FLAGS. But I don’t think there is a purpose for me to do that, because I believe the information above are more than enough the deem that this product is nothing but a SCAM.

This product is not going to lead you to the right path to make consistent income online. Yes, I agree that there are some decent information here BUT it is not good enough to make you $6,000 a week. Simple as that, Case closed!

I’m an Affiliate Marketer myself, and I have been doing this for the past 9 months so I got great amount of knowledge of how things work. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business models to make a luxurious leaving online, PROVIDED you do it right(the proper way).

If you are interested to learn and start your own affiliate marketing business from scratch, I highly encourage you to take a look at #1 Recommended Program. You can try this program for absolutely free and all the tools, trainings and resources required to build a successful online business from scratch are available within clicks.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Copy Paste Income. I do hope you found it beneficial for you and thus have a much clearer vision move forward. If you have any questions or opinions to share regarding this product, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below. I really look forward to reading that! 🙂



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