Creating Income System Review, A Big Time Scam

Creating Income System will never earn you a single penny because it’s an ultimate scam. You will understand why I say this as you read my review. For those of you who are considering to try out creating income system I’ve only got two things for you, don’t waste your time and hard earned money.

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Name: Creating Income SystemIs-Creating-Income-System-A-Scam


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free Website, $182 & above for domain name & web hosting

Rating: 6/100


What is Creating Income System about?

Creating income system is a program that builds money making website for its users. They mentioned that they will be giving out these websites(worth $1,895) for free.

Seems like a Win – Win situation right? Everything is done for you, and its also given to you for free…

But WAIT! There’s a catch…

In order to be eligible for the free money making website, you are required to sign up for a domain name and web hosting that they recommend. Unfortunately, these two are not free… you are required to pay a sum of $182( 1 year) or $197(2 years).

It may still seem legit to you and you wouldn’t mind paying that amount of money in-exchange for becoming rich.

But Wait! Don’t come to conclusions just yet…

~~~~~READ BELOW~~~~~


The Ugly Truth

For those of you who have no idea what is going on, let me explain…

Creating Income System is nothing but a hosting scam. The truth is there is no real system, everything is just a made-up story to trick you. The idea is that you get a website for free in-exchange you pay a hefty amount of money for the domain name and hosting.

Some of the information mentioned in their sales video is somewhat true, in order to own a website and display it on the internet you are required to purchase a domain name and get your website hosted. However, in actual fact it doesn’t cost that much at all. You can easily get a domain name and hosting for below $10.00 per year respectively.

Can you see how much difference is it?

Lets, say you decided to take up the 1 year domain registration with Creating income system which is $182. By some simple math you would have realized that you are paying an extra amount of $162. Wow, that’s really some money you are paying for literally nothing.

In-fact this money you are paying will only benefit the owner and the hosting company, not YOU.

Just to clarify something… since their entire system is FAKE, you will never get a money making website even if you decided to pay for the high domain and hosting price.

Almost all domain & hosting companies has a non-refund policy, so by the time you realised that you have been scammed and want a refund… it’s already too late. The chances of you getting your money back is very very slim.


Site hosting

To be honest with you, being in this online industry for such a long time never even once have I never heard of this hosting company called Site Hosting Source before and I wasn’t able to find any genuine reviews online.

Those that gave positive reviews are very likely to be an affiliate, promoting them to earn commission for every person they refer. The fact that there are limited positive reviews about this company would have already given you a hint that there’s something not right about them.



The above image is a snip I took from below their website. As you can see, these logos are meant to provide more credibility to the company’s reputation. Unfortunately, these logos seems to be fake and are just placed there for showcase. When I click on those logos they are supposed to bring to a new page proving that they are registered, instead it just opens the same page in a new tab.

Just to confirm my doubt that these logos are fake, I decided to check with the Better Business Bureau(BBB) since Site hosting source claims they are a member of them. I wasn’t able to find anything related to Site hosting source which clearly indicates they have not been registered thus they are not reliable.


Tell-tale signs of Scam

#1: Fake Availability


When you are in their main page, you will see this iPhone where you are required to fill up your name and email address to determine whether there is a spot left available.

Well… that’s definitely not true. There is no such thing as limited number of spots, they just put this up to trick people into act fast and sign up. I have seen this template being used time and time again in other product websites – What a coincidence? They all turn out to be scam sites too..

If you don’t believe me you can come back 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year later and you will still be granted access.

When you click on the availability it doesn’t show you any fact or figures, instead it just redirects you to their next page where they start promoting their system.







#2: Unrealistic Claims







Don’t get fooled by those words that claims you will make money within the next few minutes, this is a total let off. Who said making money online is easy? Definitely you can earn a living from online but that doesn’t happen in minutes, overnight or the next few days…

It requires a lot of effort, dedication and certainly way much more time before you start seeing a decent amount income coming in every month.


#3: Fake testimonials

Do you really think that the testimonials you see on their front page and in the video is real? Those really sounds too good to be true, “within the first three months I was making $70,000″, ” I was almost bankrupt, now I averaging about $700 per day”

There are people making thousands and even millions online but I can rest assure you that these guys are definitely not making that amount of money using this fake system.

Take a minute and scroll down to the bottom of the page and take some time to read, you will notice a sentence saying “ uses names and photo-avatars to protect the privacy of persons providing the testimonials”. So now you know that these names and photos of the so called testimonials are not even real.

Well, then how sure can it be that their money earnings are even genuine in the first place… there is no real evidence to support their testimonials, everything you see are just words!


#4: Misleading information

A lot of things they mentioned in their video are very misleading. They claim that they provide a turnkey website for you the following day, after you register for their hosting company.

They also mentioned they will add in the content for the website so you literally don’t have to do anything but just wait for money to go into your bank account?

That’s not true… firstly, they don’t even know what kind of topic you have in mind. So how will they automatically create for you content based on your preference?

Secondly, creating content is not as simple as you might think it is… It’s not something that can happen overnight. It requires lots of research, time and effort.

Another thing they said is that in order to get better rankings in search engines(google, yahoo, Bing)  you have to sign up for a longer hosting period. The longer your website is up the better you get ranked, this is not entirely true. The only reason they want you to sign up for longer period is so that they can squeeze out more money from you.

The age of your website is only a very small aspect of getting better rankings, there are far more important things to be done. For instance, you content must be unique, minimum 500 words per post/page(preferably more), regularly publishing post/page, target specific keywords, regularly communicating with your audience and so on…

Don’t expect your website to be ranked on page one of search engines with just consideration of its age because it will never happen.


#5: Typical down-selling tactics

Another common indication of a scam website is the down-selling tactics. Basically, when you try to leave this page a POP-UP will appear saying that you will be given a discount and so on..


Similarly, this down-sell came up when I was about to close the site hosting source website. As you can see, now instead of the original price of $182, they are now willing to give me a discount price of only $139.

When I tried to close the page again, they give me another offer claiming its the final offer of $124.

The main reason for this discount is not because they pity you and want to give you this special discount, but to make sure that you sign up for them and pay them the money.

They know that the chances of you leaving this site and coming back here again will be very slim. So they try to trick people into saying they are giving you a discount and try to squeeze at least a smaller amount of money.



My Final Thoughts…

Building Websites and monetizing them is a legit way of making money online. In-fact that’s exactly what I am doing for a living – affiliate marketing.

The process of making money with websites is very simple,

  1. Choose your interest – It can be literally anything, pets, dogs, bodybuilding, cooking and etc.
  2. Create a Website – With today’s technology, creating a website can be done within 30 seconds in automation and it doesn’t require any programming or coding. So I don’t really see the hype with Creating income system gives you a free website
  3. Attract Visitors – In order to bring in visitors to your website, you are required to add contents related to your interest.
  4. Earn revenue – There are many ways to earn revenue using a website. Most common way is affiliate marketing, where you promote people’s products and you earn commission from it and Google AdSense (when people click on the Ads and you get paid).

The process of making money with websites is quite straight forward, but Creating Income System just complicate the entire process and create a bad impression on the legitimacy of this business model.



My Advice to YOU

If you want to make real money online, I suggest you to start doing Affiliate marketing. The best part of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to physically own the product you want to promote. There is over millions of products you can promote and there is no limit to how many you should promote. Ideally, you want to promote as many products as possible, so you can reach out to a wider group of people… Hence, you will be able to earn more commissions.

Just to share with you some statistics, there are over 3 billions internet users and more people are getting access to it everyday. You just need to target a small fraction of these people and you could be easily making more than what your current job pays you. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, so don’t expect to make fulltime income within days or weeks. It requires some personal attributes from your side, MOST importantly… Patience..

Although I mentioned earlier that Affiliate marketing is simple, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to learn the trade by reading library books or through search engines.

It definitely requires proper education, and you can get that through my No.1 Recommendation program. This is the only platform that allows you to earn while you learn… the choice is yours!


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That’s all for my review on Creating Income System. Hope you guys enjoyed and learnt lots of useful information. Those of you who would like to share your personal experience with us feel free to drop a comment below.


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