Digicam Cash Scam Review – Not as Easy as 1,2 or 3

I will be doing a review on Digicam Cash to share with you the real truth behind this money making opportunity. During my research online, I found out that there are lots of mixed reviews about this product. Some say it’s a great opportunity to earn part time or even full time income online while some others say it’s a scam.

So what’s my personal take on this? Digicam may not necessarily be a scam because they do offer “somewhat” value for the product. However, some of the things they mentioned are too good to be true. I will go into details about them below, so do keep a look out for him.

Alright, without wasting any more time, I will go on to the review itself.


Name: Digicam CashDigicam_Cash_Scam_Review

Website: http://digicamcash.com/

Owner: Jarrod Hardcastle

Price: $197, $47

Rating: 2/5 (Not Recommended)


What is Digicam Cash all about?

Digicam cash is a ClickBank product created by Jarrod Hardcastle. Basically, this product will teach people how to make money by simply taking photos with your digital camera or even a mobile phone.

According to their website, this is what you will learn from Digicam Cash,

  • How to earn income from all your photos for months or even years on autopilot
  • “Secret” places to submit your photos to earn more money
  • How to take professional photos
  • How to make to most(more money) out of each photo
  • How to link with buyers that want your photos

In the perspective of someone who is totally new to this, these seem like a great product, because the content that is going to be covered in the members area looks solid. However, as a person who has lots of experience(like myself)in the online money making industry will easily be able to spot that this product is not worth buying.

First of all, the story that Jarrod Hardcastle shared with us at the start of the video presentation already seems so suspicious. He said that a puppy helped him tap into this 5 billion dollar market which eventually made him lots of money that allowed him to travel very frequently.

I was like, “What, how can a puppy help him?”

Honestly, I was very curious to know more about his story. But the more he said, the less curious I became, simply because his story seems to be just another one of those B.S. I’ve heard a lot.

Why did I say that?

He mentioned that all of the puppy images that he come across are not royalty-free so he can’t use them. So out of a bloom he had an idea that, if I need photos, there will be tons of people out there who needs photos too. – This is how he came out with the product Digicam Cash

But the biggest question here is, there are already stock photo companies available all over the internet where you pay a small fee to gain the photo’s license. So how can he blatantly lie that there wasn’t any puppy photo that he can use.


How much does it Cost?

In the sales video, Jarrod Hardcastle mentioned that the original price of the Digicam cash is $197, but he is having an offer for “Today” hence, you pay only $47. What I want you to know here is this offer is not only for today, you can come back tomorrow, a week or even months later and the price will remain the same. Basically, this is part of his marketing tactics to make people buy immediately.

Next, when you decided to exit the page a pop-up will appear on your screen telling that he has something very special for you. If you click on “stay”, you will be directed to an opt-in page where you will be required to enter your name and email address. The purpose of that is not to send your private email to get access, it’s to spam your email with lots of junk offers.

Here comes the Downsell! Upon entering those details you will be given a further discount of $10. Hence, you will only have to pay $37.

$37 seems like a very reasonable price, especially if you are going to learn secrets of making money from the $5 billion market. BUT the problem here now is, there is no SECRET for you to learn. Digicam Cash is just a PDF file with information that you can actually find yourself for free on the internet.

That’s right, why would you even want to pay for something that is already available for Free.

Forget about the bonuses, because there are worth nothing too. He just came up with a price tag to make his product look more worth it. In reality, this product is only going to benefit the owner himself for making all the sales. Think about it, if one hundred people bought this product, he already earned a whopping $4,700.

I believe you will be better off spending that money by having a nice dinner with your family.


How does it work?

According to Digicam Cash, there are only 4 steps in making money through selling photography online,


Step #1: Take photo

Step #2: Submit Online

Step #3: Photo Gets Downloaded

Step #4: Earn Money

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Honestly, in only sounds easy because Digicam Cash makes it looks easy. But in reality, it is more complicated than you think it is. Jarrod Hardcastle said that you can make money within minutes or hours after uploading your photos. That’s definitely not true. I have heard people who have been involved in selling stock photos a couple of years back and till today didn’t even manage to make one sale.

What’s the reason? I will explain to you right now…


First of all, the market for selling stock photos is very saturated. Every day hundreds of thousands of photos are being uploaded. Take a look at the snippet above from shutterstock, one of the biggest stock photo companies. “883,744 new stock images added this week”

It’s going to be difficult for you to compete against some of the “big guns” and sell your photos if you are just starting out.

Your images have to be of high quality and unique if you want it to stand out from the rest. Taking photos from mobile phones or cheap camera(like what Digicam suggested) is only going to do you harm than any good.

And this is definitely not something that can be achieved overnight. If you want clients to come to you for photos, you have to be well recognized first. To do that, you need to build a strong portfolio and reputation.

Personally, I didn’t like that way how Digicam cash calculated the amount of money you can earn. Just because you upload photos every day doesn’t mean you will make any money from them. And putting a price-tag of $2 for each licensing fee isn’t nice. There are lots of images that are only worth a few cents.


A red-flag worth mentioning


The testimonials you see here are totally fake. These are not real Facebook comments and likes. I tried to find their Facebook page but they seem to not have one. This section you see here is a programmed by some professional to make it look that these comments are recent “Feb. 27,28,29”. Basically, it captures the date you visit the page and changes accordingly.

If you don’t believe me, come one month later, you will see dates with a march. The funny thing is all the images will remain the same.


My Final thoughts…

Personally, I’m not a great fan of this selling stock photography opportunity. In the past, I would say that you can make a good living by relying on stock photos because the competition back then wasn’t too much. But now, more and more people are involved in such opportunities making the market too saturated.

You can consider this as a source of secondary or extra income but not a full time income. The term full time income means, you must be getting a specific amount of salary consistently over a period but with selling stock photos you will never know when someone is going to buy your photos.

If you are really keen on photography, I would recommend that you start a photography blog. The chances of you reaching out to more people and making more income are higher. This way you can actually build a brand and reputation for yourself, do this only if you are very passionate. To learn how to start a blog and monetize it, I highly recommend that you read this review.

For those of you who stills want to make money online but don’t know how I would suggest that you start your own online business. Starting an online business required little or zero capital, so anyone can really start. I am concurrently running several businesses myself – Want to know how I did it? Check my #1 Recommended Program below.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Digicam Cash. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from it greatly. Please feel free to leave a comment or two in the box below to share with us your personal thoughts about this opportunity. I look forward to reading those 🙂



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