Dumb Little System Review – Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

This review is going to be on a program called Dumb Little System. What is Dumb Little System? Is it a scam? Or a legit opportunity? Is it really free like what it claimed to be? Who is this system really for? These are some of the questions that I will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Dumb Little SystemDumb-Little-System-Review

Website: http://www.dumblittlesystem.com

Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: “Free”

Rating: 2/5


Dumb Little System Overview

Dumb Little System is a program created by Bryan Winters to help everyone make money online, regardless of whether you are a newbie or experienced marketer.

This isn’t the first time I have come across Bryan’s products. He has been in this industry for quite some time already. Over this period he has created a couple of different programs to help people start earning revenue online. Some of his recent products include 5 Figure Day Unleashed and Commission Miner.

Am I a big fan of his products?

Well, not really…

Almost all his products look similar in one way or another and worst of all, they are always under-delivered. In his initial sales videos it looks promising, but after you get your hands on it, you will soon realize that this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

How is his latest product Dumb Little System going to fair?

We shall find out in this review…


What is Dumb Little System all about?

The Dumb Little System also know as the DLS, isn’t too far off all his other products. As mentioned earlier, he uses the exact concept in all his products with a slight twist here and there.

So what is Dumb Little system?

DLS is a sales funnel system that is used to promote ClickBank products to others. Whenever you referral purchases something through your website, you will get a commission for it. Basically, it’s a replica of what his website looks right now. But the difference now would be, it will be embedded with your affiliate links, thus you will get credited for.

According to his sales page, Bryan claims that this system can pull in anywhere between $10 to $90 commissions on complete autopilot.


How does it Work?

I believe most of you are drawn into this program because of the phrase “… it’s 100% free, with 5 minutes set up”

Well, to bad… because first of all, it’s not FREE and secondly, it takes more than 5 minutes to set up. It’s kinda disappointing that Bryan Winter’s has the guts to make such a bold claim that it is free but actually it isn’t. In between the setup process, you will be required to take out your credit card and spend money.

I will quickly walk you through that process…

Step #1: Activate Your DLS Website

The very first step for you to do is activate your very own DLS website. As mentioned earlier, this entire system revolves around promoting ClickBank products, thus you will be required to create a ClickBank account if you don’t have one.

Upon creating, you will put your ClickBank ID and your best email address to complete the first step.

Step #2: Monetize Your New DLS Website Direct Commissions 


In order to activate your DLS monetization and earn unlimited commissions, you will be required to purchase one of the three offers first. According to Bryan Winters, you can purchase any of this three and still be able to activate all three instantly. In other words, purchasing the cheapest offer, which is the 25K Firesale for $10 will allow you to earn commissions from all of these three products when your referral makes a purchase.

You will not be able to go to step 3 until you make the purchase and paste the invoice ID or order number that you will receive in your Paypal receipt. I don’t quite understand where does the word free come into this? This isn’t all, in the next steps, you will be required to spend more money too.

Step #3: Monetize DLS Website for Autopilot commissions

In this step, you will be required to purchase another of Bryan’s products in order to earn autopilot commissions from your referrals. This product we are talking about is called Cashblurbs.com, which is another ClickBank product. This product is going to cost you $20 every month.

Step X: Monetize DLS Website to Earn High Ticket Commissions($90)

If you thought that you won’t be required to spend any more money on the next steps, you are wrong again. Although this isn’t a compulsory it is still recommended by Bryan Winter’s which is obviously why he included this in one of his steps.

In order to earn commissions of $90 from your referrals, you will first have to purchase the Directory Of Ezines(www.doemembers.com) for $197. Again, this is another ClickBank product. At this point of time, some of you might be wondering what’s with all these ClickBank products.

There is a reason behind it. whenever you purchase any of Bryan’s products or products he is promoting, he is making money on you, either through direct sales or commissions from promoting someone else’s products. You should understand that regardless of what happens after the step up, whether you want to stick with it or discontinue, Bryan Winters has already made a good amount of money through you.

This is the reason why he is a millionaire. He has carved out a very nice plan to make money for himself first before you could even start to make money. He doesn’t just earn money from you, but when you refer someone, he also earns money from them when they make a purchase.

Just take Directory Of Ezines for instance. The product costs $197. But you will be making only $90 profit out of it. So where does the other $107 go? I bet most of it will go to Bryan Winter’s pocket again…

Step #4: Schedule Your Traffic

This is the last step. In order to make money, you will have to bring traffic to your DLS funnel. Bryan Winters recommend you to join Udimi and buy email solo ads. Again, this isn’t FREE!

You will have to spend money again and it can cost you over $20 to $30 minimum and worst, it doesn’t guarantee you any sales. The other thing I don’t like about this method is because just like you, hundreds or thousands of people probably would have already come to this step and might have purchased some of the solo ads.

So ask yourself, what different are you doing from them? How do you know that the person before you didn’t patronize solo ads from that particular person? You might end up sending the same thing to the list of subscribers who has already viewed the product before you. This is only going to waste you clicks and not make you any sales.

I understand Bryan Winter’s says this is one of the fastest ways to get traffic. But personally, I feel this is one of the worst ways. The best ways to get traffic is through blogging, creating YouTube videos, Facebook Ads and building your own email list.


Why I won’t Recommend DLS To You!

#1: Bryan Winters is a LIAR!

Say whatever you want but I still feel Bryan Winters is a liar. How did he have the courage to say it’s free when you will eventually spend over $200 going through the setup process. Spending that amount of money doesn’t guarantee you any sales because you will have to work for it and find referrals to join under you.

If you can’t find people to join and purchase the products recommended, you aren’t going to make any money. This seems more like a pyramid scheme than anything else. You are recruiting members through asking them to purchase products and that members under you will repeat the entire process again.

This business model is a BIG NO for me. Although it looks feasible, the only person who is really benefiting is the person on the high end of the chart. In this case is Bryan Winters.

#2: This Entire System is a JOKE!

As an Affiliate Marketer, you don’t spend money to purchase a product. Whichever website or program that does such is probably a scam or doing something up to no good.

Let’s not go too far. If you want to promote almost all ClickBank products, all you have to do is sign up with them and promote it through your affiliate link. But Bryan Winter’s product here is  exceptional… he is asking you to sign up and buy his product in order to earn commissions. Funny isn’t it?

#3: This System isn’t Newbie Friendly

I have been an Affiliate Market for over a year and I can tell you from experience, Affiliate Marketing isn’t something you can learn overnight or within a day or two. With proper training and education, you can get a good grasp of it very fast. Unfortunately, DLS doesn’t provide you with any proper training or support.

Things like Solo Ads, building an email list, email marketing are more advanced traffic sourcing techniques that will take quite awhile to understand. Dumb Little System makes it all look so easy. What they are doing is barely scratching the surface and jumping here and there.

This will only lead to more confusion along the way and make you end up spending a great amount of money with poor conversion rate. If you make less money then you spend on advertising, it means poor conversion. To aim for better conversion, you will need to understand your audience and target market. Nothing about this is being taught here.


My Final Thoughts!

Dumb Little System can’t be categorized as an outright scam because it is definitely possible to make money with this system. But like I mentioned in my review, it’s an unethical approach to making money online and all in all it is not as easy as you might have thought by going through the sales video.

There are more into it than just setting up and account and buying solo ads. If you are not careful with buying traffic you could end up spending a great amount of money and not making a dime. It’s common. This is how inexperienced marketers lose money very quickly.

Although you think advertising is easy as ABC, in reality, it’s far from that especially if you have zero prior knowledge or experience.

Final Verdict: Legit, But Not Recommended


My #1 Recommendation?

Instead of spending over $200 on a program like this I would rather you learn how to build an online business through Affiliate Marketing the proper way!

Remember I told you I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for over a year? Yes, this is my full-time job and am making a good amount of money from it. Way more than what I got from my day job. But all these didn’t happen instantly. It happened over a period of one full year.

It took me about 2 months to make my first money online. From then onwards it’s a matter of rinse, repeat, and scaling.

All thanks to a program called Wealthy Affiliate!

WA is an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to build an online business by setting up your very own websites. Instead of focusing on paid traffic, WA encourages you to tap into “free” traffic, which is more cost efficient and more targeted.

If you want to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, I highly encourage to read my review on it below…


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Dumb Little System. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what it is all about and whether it is something you want to take part in. Those of you who have personally tried DLS are welcomed to share your experiences with us in the discussion section below. Questions are welcomed too.

Thanks for reading…

And I wish you success ?

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  1. Kumar,

    Many thanks for taking your time to put this review together.

    I found it very unbiased, truthful, factual and coming straight from your heart.

    I am sure that your review will help many other people to get a real understanding of what the DLS is all about.

    In gratitude,
    JasonJF (WA Member) 🙂

  2. Kumar,

    Thank you for this review. I wished I read it before joining DLS. I have been marketing for years and never really been successful. I will continue to try and learn and look into your suggestions.

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