EMoney Global Review – Duplicate of Amazing 5 Scam

Today’s review is going to be on a website called EMoney Global. What is EMoney Global? A scam or legit opportunity to make money? Is it worth investing in this site? These are some of the questions that this review will be focused on.

Alright, without further ado let’s get things rolling…


Name: EMoney GlobalEMoney-Global-Review

Website: http://emoneyglobal.org/

Owner: ” Noah Tucker”

Price: Minimum $50

Rating: 1/5


What is EMoney Global is all about?

Honestly, I didn’t want to write a review on this now but I feel that I have to let people know about this opportunity as soon as possible because of the fraudulent activity going on with this site. I know it’s kinda strange that instead of starting my review on a positive note, I am trashing their reputation.

Well, these guys don’t deserve a positive review for what they have done to others and what they are continuing to do with others. EMoney Global claims to be a wealth management company that offers various investments plans for people to invest in.

What people fail to realise is that EMoney Global is known as a High Yield Investment Company(HYIP). HYIP’s has been the latest trend in trying to make money online. The problem with HYIPs is that they are not in for the long haul. They come and go very quickly. The worst thing is they don’t tell you when they are leaving and they often disappear while you having your money inside.

How HYIP works is very simple. The truth is these guys don’t own or run any investment company. They just claim to be one. The money that you invest will be cycled with other investors. Meaning, once you invest, your money will go as profits to someone who has invested earlier than you. So the money you will be receiving as profits will be from someone who just invested recently.


The Problem with EMoney Global

This is not a small problem. Reading this can actually save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. EMoney Global is actually a duplicate site of Amazing 5. I’m not sure whether you have heard of Amazing 5, but for the past 6 months, there was lots of hype and commotion around it.

So what really happened is on 26 April 2016, Amazing 5 stopped paying its members. There were lots of complaints about members not getting paid. And on the 27th April, their website had gone missing. Nobody was able to access the site, even me. I had invested some money inside too. I just requested for withdrawal about 12 hours ago, just to realise that these SCAMMERS have closed the site and took all the money with them.

How I came to know about this site called EMoney Global is through one of my website visitors. I believe the person might have invested some money into the site too which is probably why he/she is very concerned. So yea… the person shared me the link and ask me to look at the site. I was speechless because almost everything between Amazing 5 and this new site called EMoney Global is similar.


Yes, there is some slight difference between both. I do agree with that. Obviously, if the person chose to copy and paste exactly, people will know that it’s the same site. So this person here tried to “act smart” and made a few changes. Unfortunately, everyone with eyes will easily be able to compare both and tell that they look very similar and are probably from the same owner.

So I think you know what to do next. Avoid this site at all cost.

The real owner of Amazing 5, probably pocketed himself at least a few million dollars if I am not wrong. Just think about it, if one person invests $1000, it will only take 1000 people to do the same to reach a million. Lot’s of people have emailed me for help claiming they have invested over $1000 into the site and are not sure what to do. Though I would love to help these people but I can’t because I have no power or authority over anything. I am a simple man making full-time income online. That’s it!

This trend is going to continue for a very long time if you ask me, creating a new site every 6 months. The only person who is making money is the man behind all these. Instead of trying to handpick which investment site is legit, it’s best to just stay away from any HYIP sites.

Frankly speaking, I am never a BIG fan of HYIP or other quick money making opportunities. When they are too good to be true, they probably are. So it’s better to be cautious around them. If you want to give it a try, go ahead, by all means. But don’t go over your limit and try to invest amounts that you are not ready to lose.


My Final Thoughts.

There is nothing much to talk about this site because IT IS A SCAM. Not only this site, but any other website that claims to be an investment company is a scam. Even though they might still be paying, you still will never know when they will stop paying. If you are not ready to take the gamble, then stay away.

Honestly, every single day there is a new investment site being launched. Not because they are an investment company or they want to help you make money. It’s simply because this opportunity is an easy way for them to pocket huge income for themselves. I did notice on Facebook that a couple of people are promoting a website that creates HYIP sites. They have packages worth $250, $500 and etc.

If I am not wrong, most of these scammers are probably purchasing template HYIP sites through that website. This might be the whole reason why most of this investment sites look very similar in terms or overall appearance, content, and theme.

Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended


Start an Online Business Instead?

If you are looking for an opportunity to achieve financial freedom, I don’t think HYIP is going to be the best option going forward. All these are short term success and you can’t make much money with them unless you invest huge amount. Are you willing to invest thousands of dollars? If no, then there is really no point in getting your feet into an investment opportunity.

Let’s say the investment plan is 10% daily. So you invested $20 into it. Every day you will only make $2 profits and end of 30 days you will profit $60 only. Are you really going to take so much risk just to make that $60? How many years are you going to invest till it makes you rich?

The best option to make a good living online is through starting an online business. Online business can mean anything from selling your own products online to doing retail shopping. But the business model that I prefer is Affiliate Marketing. Basically, you promote someone else’s products/services and you earn commission for it.

There are many advantages of doing Affiliate Marketing compared to selling your own products online.

  • You don’t have to worry about customer support
  • You don’t need to own any products
  • You don’t have to worry about product storage
  • You don’t have to worry about delivery
  • You can target audience from all over the world through the comfort of your own home

Honestly, there is way too many advantages. The best part is it is very cheap to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Unlike other opportunities, you might need to spend some money upfront to get your inventory and such.

If you are looking for a program that helps you get started with starting an online business, particularly Affiliate Marketing, you should check this out.



I have come to the end of my review on EMoney Global. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what’s EMoney Global all about and thus able to make a much better decision going forward. If you have any experience with this site or Amazing 5, please share with us your experience in the comment section below. Any questions are welcomed too.

Thank you for reading…

And I wish you success 🙂



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