Enclix Review – Legit Way To Earn Cash or Scam?

This review is going to be on a website called Enclix. What is Enclix? Is it a scam? Or a legit opportunity for you to earn money online? Is it really worth spending time on a site like this? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.


Name: Enclix Enclix-Reviews

Website: https://www.enclix.com

Owner: Paul Cesar

Price: Free to join

Rating: 2/5


What is Enclix all about?

Enclix is a new paid-to-click site that has only been officially launched about 3 weeks ago(as of writing this review).

Almost all of the PTC sites operate in the same way. Your main task as a member is to click and view ads. Some of the other things you could do to earn are to complete offers, take part in the Clixgrid and refer others to this site. There is really not much to explain how it works.


Should you try Enclix?

Most people dive in PTC sites looking to make some extra income, but is it really worth it?

No, it’s definitely not worth the time and money. First of all, there are only a limited number of ads you can view per day and nothing is worst that making pennies for each ad. On average I have 16 ads displayed on my dashboard and out of it only 4 are pink ads meaning valued at $0.01.

The minimum cashout for free members is $5. After doing some maths, I calculated that it will take you $96 days to cash out your first $5 that is about 3 months. Whole 3 months just to make $5? Don’t seem appetizing to me at all.

Complete coin offers?

I know some of you would be thinking, there are still many ways to earn more money by doing other tasks so my calculation earlier is not really justified. Yes, you are right.

As for the offers, you will be paid on coins. These coins can be converted to real money. 1000 coins = $1.

If you scroll through the offers page you can see that there are quite a lot of offers willing to pay you over 500 coins. Looks like an easy way to make money right? Just complete an offer or two and you earn over a dollar.

Trust me, you don’t want to get involved with some of these offers.


For instance, there is this offer where you stand a chance to win an apple product. You will be required to fill in all your personal information including house address and etc. The problem here is that you not only have a very slim chance of winning anything but your information that you put will actually be sold to other companies.

And guess what? Coins are only credited to your account 30 days after it is validated.

These are actually known as CPA offers. When you will in these forms, the person who introduced this offer to you will earn a commission which in this case is Paul Cesar. There are no guarantees that you will get coins credited to your account after 30 days but Paul itself has already got cash from you completing this.

At the end of the day, the owner is always in the driving seat because he has gotten money from you and he can make it seem like your offer didn’t go through and you won’t get any credits for it.

What about ClixGrid?

Basically, you click on a picture(view an advertisement) and stand a chance to win up to $5. This is another big time waster. The chances of you winning anything close to even a dollar from this is very slim.


As you can see from the above image, in the last 9 hours, only 6 people have made some money from this. And most of them are just $0.10. I’m sure there are tens of thousands of members doing this throughout the day. To see very little people winning anything from it already shows how difficult it to win and also keeping in mind that the prize money is so low.

Bring in referrals?

If you want to make some decent money from this site, your only hope is to bring in referrals and I mean, lots of them. When your referrals complete tasks and offers, you will be able to earn a small percentage of it. Think about it, you are already making pennies for your clicks and to get a small percentage of pennies of your referrals is even much less.

But it does add up if you can bring in hundreds and thousands of active referrals week in week out.

Rental referrals is a big No!


Many of you lack experience and will struggle to bring in referrals on a constant basis. To cater to those, Enclix has introduced something called rent referrals. Basically, you have to spend money to rent these referrals. 100 referrals will cost you $20. The problem here is that even though you spent money on them, you have no control over them. These are simply people who join without sponsors.

They can choose to join today and don’t do anything at all. The only person losing out is you and the person who gains everything is Paul because he already got money from you regardless of whether the rented referrals earns you any.

As I already said, even with referrals, your income isn’t going to drastically shoot up. You will probably be earning slightly more than what you already have. So don’t even bother getting rented refs.


History Doesn’t Favour Paul

While doing some research I found out that CEO Paul doesn’t have a good history. It seems this isn’t the first PTC site that he owns. He has over the years started sites called probux, zapbux, upbux, onbux, adfiver and a couple more. All of these sites turned out to be scams.

His latest site that he started is this EpicClix. And honestly, I don’t think he has changed. Once a scammer, always a scammer. Even if the site is now paying, eventually it will stop paying and run away with most people’s money.

So… It’s really not worth taking the risk just to make pennies.


Final thoughts!

I have actually tried PTC sites many times before. Most of them behave in a very similar manner. When they first start out, i.e the first few months there will be no issues and members will be getting paid without fail.

Of course, the owners are smart enough not to do anything in the early stages because they want more people to join so they can pocket themselves more money. Doing something bad can only hurt their own profits.

But as time goes, lesser and lesser people joins… these is where you will start to face issues of not getting paid. I have seen this happening over and over again. Have happened to me a few times before I realized that PTC sites are a time waster and big scam.

As for Enclix, it’s still fresh like just from the over… less than a month since its official launch so all will get paid without fail. As for myself, I have completely avoided all PTC sites so I won’t be taking part. But for those of you who want to still give a try, that’s up to you. But keep in mind that this is the time to join and try to quit within the 3rd or 4th month because you will never know when they will change into a scam.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended!


A Better Alternative?

Whenever easy money is promised, there’s always going to be people who jump on the opportunity. Unfortunately most of the time these things will turn out to either be scams or not even close to what they promised they would be.

So what then is the answer?

Well, there are a number of opportunities you can check out on this website as I’ve bought, tested and reviewed dozens and dozens of programs.

But if you want to save time and know what the best program is for making a real supplementary income, there is my #1 recommendation. It is not a freelancing opportunity but it’s kinda similar because you can dictate how much money you are going to make eventually. But what exactly is it?

I hope you’ll check it out because it’s amazing, but either way, for future reference, be very cautious of any PTC sites because they will most likely become a scam!

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below ?



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  1. People dont make money by clicking on ads. Thats not worth your time. People make money from those sites through referrals. I saw poeple cash out more than 300 dollars on enclix. You can make nice money with it. But you have to invest in an account in order to paid a lot.

  2. Thank you very much.
    As you point out one by one, it’s all true. And now it has been proven. Enclix has a scam.

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