EZ Cash World Review – A Business Model That Doesn’t Work!

If you are looking for a honest review on EZ Cash World, you have definitely come to the right place. Don’t worry, I am not their sales people so I wont be promoting to you their product nor giving you a biased review. I not going to beat around the bush, I will tell you right away that EZ Cash World is an absolute sham product that offers ZERO value.

I have several evidences to support my statement, thus I encourage you to read the review till the end to understand the real truth.


Name: EZ Cash World

Website: http://ezcashworld.com

Owner: Julia Williams

Price: $34, with Downsells & Upsells

Rating: 15/100



What is EZ Cash World all about?

EZ Cash World is a ClickBank product owned by Julia Williams. This products offers the opportunity for everyone to set up their very own online business. To be more specific, you will be provided with pre-built websites + 1000’s of different products to choose from to sell. Becoming a member of EZ Cash World gives you the rights to label these products as your own and sell them, and the commissions you get from the sales are all yours to keep.

On paper this idea seems workable, but in reality it is not going to work and I will share with you why as I go on.


How much does it cost?

Initially they claimed that for the earning potential that these product provides, it should be actually sold for thousands of dollars. However, EZ Cash World wanted everyday people to make use of this opportunity thus giving it at a more affordable price of $34.

But hold on, that’s not the final price…There are plenty of Downsells & Upsells in store for you.

Lets take a look at them now:


As you can see for yourself, spending $34 or $19 will not entitle you with all the trainings/tools to start your business. You are still required to spend more money within the members area in order to get full access, which I think is very disappointing. In their sales page, nothing of this was mentioned… all they said was $34 but seems its a lie.

If you decided to actually purchase all of their product within the members area, you could end up spending over hundreds of dollars.

To be honest, if this product really works like what it claims… I don’t mind paying that amount of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t/won’t work… so you are on the losing end if you purchased all their upsells.


Why I say this business model wont work?

First and foremost let me clear the air, creating website and selling products online is one of the simplest and legit way to make money online.

BUT, that’s not going to happen with EZ Cash World…

“Because… it’s DUPLICATE CONTENTS!!!”

Duplicate content means contents that have been re-used multiple times, and Google and some other search engines doesn’t like this at all.

Firstly, lets understand the process of getting traffic and sales,

When you create a website, write a blog post and “hit” the publish button, that particular blog will be ranked on search engines. Statistics shows that over 92% of the search traffic goes to page 1 and only the remaining 8% goes beyond that. So you could see how important it is to get on to the first page of SERPs(Search Engine Results Page). To put it in simple terms, only those on the first few pages are likely to make sales. So that’s every online business owner’s PRIMARY target.

Quality Content is the one of the most important factor in getting ranked on the top pages of search engines.

Alright, lets go back to EZ Cash World now…

You are told that you would be getting pre-made websites to promote your products. All I can tell you is this pre-made websites are as good as nothing. Think about this, everybody that purchases the EZ Cash World will have access to these pre-made websites. If everybody start using the same websites over and over again, its already considered duplicate content.

Search Engines are very strict against duplicate content, especially Google. Google gets almost 66% of the entire search traffic, so if you get black-listed by them you could totally forget about building a successful business using that particular website.

So lets say, you added the product onto your pre-made website and now you are waiting for your sales. All I can tell you is, even if you wait forever you wont make a single sales.

Why? Because you website is either not indexed by search engines or it’s on the last few pages where no one goes at all. I hope now you get a clearer picture of why I said that this business model will never work out, even though you have thousands of products and hundreds of websites.

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Tell-Tale signs of Scam

(1) Fake Earning claims


What really pissed me off is the owner really had the guts to lie about the earning claims. Yes the screenshot is real, but this payment are screenshots from her the sales she made for selling everyone this useless product called EZ Cash World. Look at the prices, $34/$19… you will either pay $34 or $19 for this product itself. Obviously these money wasn’t made from those pre-made websites and products.

Now, you know who is really making all the money. The owner makes use of our hard earned money to make herself rich. I can strongly assure you that you will never make a DIME with this product!


(2) Fake Testimonials

The testimonials you see on their website are all fake too. These guys are just actors who are paid to say a few nice words about a product they never tried at all. Almost all of their testimonials are from Fiverr, a place where you can get testimonials for as cheap as just $5.

Lets, take a look at one of their testimonials,










Take a look for yourself, these guy here is selling “high quality video testimonials in HD” on Fiverr. He probably never made a penny from the product because he never used it at all. Lier!!! In fact this guy here is quite famous, I have seen this guy in other products I have reviewed – The Millionaire Maker

That product turned out to be a scam as well…


My Final thoughts…

EZ Cash World is a product that you should avoid at all cost, because the probability of you losing money is much higher than you making a penny. This product revolves around duplicate content which is never recommended. I believe some of the above evidences would be sufficient enough to prove that this product is nothing but a scam.

Starting an Online Business is definitely a good way to make income online, in fact I have my own online business too. If you are interested to start your own online business I highly encourage that you take a look at my #1 Recommended program that teaches you everything from scratch.

You will learn how to build you very own website and make money off selling either your products or even other people’s products. Don’t worry, unlike EZ Cash World you don’t have a to pay anything to get access to the program.

You can try it for absolutely free – No Credit Card Details required at all!




Alright, I have come to the end of my review on EZ Cash World. I hope all of you benefits from this and will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward. Your opinions are welcomed, so please feel free to share with us what are your thoughts in the comment box below. I am looking forward to reading your comments 🙂



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