Fast Cash Biz Review: Can it Really Make You Millions?

Is Fast Cash Biz really a shortcut to unlimited wealth? Well… if you haven’t notice that, it is actually their company’s tagline. The word “unlimited wealth” is definitely soothing to anyone’s ears. Who doesn’t want to be filthy rich and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle? I am definitely not going to disagree to that because I want to be living that life too.. and I bet that so do you. But the question we should be asking ourselves is… Is it really possible(in this case, Fast Cash Biz)?

Ok, I’m not going to waste anyone’s time anymore, let’s get down to business shall we? Today, I will be doing a review on Fast Cash Biz to share with you the insights that most people overlook and  I will also conclude whether it is a scam or legit platform for you to make money.

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Name: Fast Cash BizFast-Cash-Biz-Review


Owner: Madison Clark

Price: Free(limited time), Minimum $250(activate software)

Rating: 12/100


What is Fast Cash Biz about?

I have to say that when watching half of their video in the sales page, I actually thought they have some new and unique method to make millions of dollars. However, I was greatly disappointed when I came to know that there were actually talking about Binary options trading all that while.

Well… Binary options is nothing new or special. It has been in the market for many years and I have come across many websites claiming that their binary options software will make you rich. To tell you the truth, none of them were legit… even my ten fingers are not enough to count how many binary options scams are the floating all over the internet.

So is Fast Cash Biz any different from its other counterparts? You will know soon…

For the benefit of those who are new to binary options trading, I will do a brief explanation. Basically, binary options trading has something to do with stocks and commodities but the best part is you do not need to own any of them to the this trading. Your only task is to predict whether the prices of them will increase or decrease. Let’s say for instance, you predict Trade X to drop and if it drops you win money and vice versa.

Binary options trading is a legit way to make money. However, there is no guarantee that you will keep winning money because they are quite unpredictable. Similar to gambling… sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and if luck not in your side, you can end up losing everything.

Don’t get confused, binary options trading and binary option software. There are not exactly the same.

So what is a binary options software? Ok, this is where Fast Cash Biz comes in… if you watched their video you would have heard them mentioning that Danny Graham(the guy with Madison Clark) was the one who built this software. The sole purpose of this software is to pull out winning trades for you in automation.

According to them, their software has an average winning rate of 99%. I have to say this, among most of the binary options software I have come across I have never seen such a high success rate. They is really a very bold claim… 99% success rate.

Everything you see and hear so far seems good right? Well wait… it’s time for a reality check!!

Sorry to cut short your daydream because everything you understood about the software is totally false which you will know more as we proceed.


The Ugly Truth

The truth is going to hurt, but it is my duty to let everyone here know about it.

Let me tell you straight to your face… you are not going to make any money from this system(software). These guys are using the exact same technique any other binary option software creators are claiming. Actually I’m not surprised if the main man behind this is using the binary software idea(very similar in every aspects) to create multiple identities to fill his own pocket.

Why do I say this?

I have seen many binary options trading software that requires a minimum deposit of $250 to activate account. Sounds familiar right? That’s right Fast Cash Biz have the same concept with some unique touches of its own. They also mentioned that if you don’t deposit the money within a certain period of time, you will actually lose you spot to someone else… that’s totally B.S. They are just trying to trick you into quickly depositing the funds. If you don’t believe me, you can cancel and try after one day or one week and you will still be able to get access.. because there is no such thing as limited spots.

Also, don’t be fooled by the matching deposit bonus of up to $10,000… it’s just to lure you to invest more money at once. According to their video, they claimed that you will get a bonus for the amount of money you deposit. Let’s say you decide to deposit $1000, therefore through the scheme you will get another $1000(for free).

This is what likely to happen if you do sign up,

  1. There is no such thing as a 99% winning rate… it’s probably just a made up number to attract more people
  2. The software is already scripted that by a certain period of time you will lose all your money.
  3. The lose rate is higher than the win rate, therefore you will eventually lose all your money

Their support is also very poor. There have been many complaints that emails are not being answered and so on… If you do not want to land yourself in such tight situations I suggest you to not even bother trying.


Tell-tale signs of a scam

#1: Fake video(Narrator and testimonials)

Fast Cash Biz does definitely stands out from other binary options trading programs because of the way they decided to approach their audiences. I’ve come across most binary options system that only have a short(& simple) video with a long Microsoft Word presentation but Fast Cash Biz is the total opposite. It seems that they have invested greatly on the video(about 30 minutes) which is their main focus to attract people.

The two main people in this video who call themselves as Madison Clark and David Graham claims to be the co-founders of Fast Cash Biz.

The questions is are they the real owners? The answer is very straight forward… NO!

Everything you see in this video is unreal and its all scripted. These video is just full of actors who have been paid a small sum of money to just act. From the so called owners to the people giving the testimonials are all fake. Some of the props which includes the private jets, the cars and the house are all probably rented too.

The sole purpose of this video is to emphasize only on the luxurious lifestyle and nothing else.

At one point of the video, where Madison Clark & David Graham rewards their beta testers for their success(making over 55 millions in 3 years) was the most epic moment… I literally laughed. Come on! Giving million dollar cheques and a free car to all their beta testers… really seems to good to be true. Were showing this in this video necessary? Obviously not, but they just made that to fool people like you and me.This is the part where most people will fall for it. I know everyone dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle, honestly who doesn’t want?


The other thing that really pissed me off was that Madison Clark mentioned in the plane that she wanted to show it live so it cannot be faked. The above image is a screen shot of the money she claims to have made so far $9,379,823.49. This is not live, I repeat this is not live. You can fool someone else but certainly not me.

Does she even know the meaning of live? It must in captured in real time. If the cameraman actually recorded her using the IPad doing everything in real time where she logins to the account and show the money made I definitely would have been far more convinced, unfortunately it wasn’t the case. Putting edited screenshots in between the video doesn’t make it live nor legit.


#2: Unrealistic Money claims


The above image is a screenshot from their FAQ. So it mentions on average Fast Cash Biz users make $10,000 per day and all you need to do is push a few buttons. Really? Is it that simple? To be frank with you, I’m  kind of tired of all the systems that claims that they can get you rich overnight…These are utterly B.S.

If really everyone can make $10,000 a day… I bet you nobody in this world will bother going to work anymore. There are people putting their life at risk to earn money but here it just seems too easy. Well, if this system really works I definitely will be the first one to join because I also want to live a luxurious lifestyle…just wake up every morning and relax, don’t need to work or get scolded by your bosses but money keep flowing into your bank account.

I guess by now you are smart enough to realise that all these are just a gimmick.


#3: No guarantee you will make money


The above is a snip taken from their website itself. As you can see that the Fast Cash Biz has already mentioned that there is no guarantee that you will earn money using these techniques. Let me ask you now, doesn’t it seems totally contradicting to what you see in their sales video.

On one side they say you can make thousands of dollars easily and on the other side they say there is no guarantee.. then which is the truth?? Well… this is the truth, you cant make money with Fast Cash Biz. For those of you who have money to spare that you can go against my words and try at your own discretion but if you are not ready to lose any money than  I suggest don’t even bother.


#4: Limited time offer & positions


Another thing that is worth mentioning is don’t get fooled by their offer expiry. This timing is totally fake and not reliable. This doesn’t mean anything or has anything to do with the offer. Basically the purpose of this is to pressure you and make you rush and deposit money. Don’t believe me, you can close the page and reopen again and the timing will reset back to 5 minutes.



In the video you would have heard the so called owners mentioning that the success to Fast Cash Biz is only because they open it to limited number of people. They also mentioned that there are opening only to 10 new people to try this program. Again, don’t get fooled by those words because its not true. In their website, the above image(licenses left,2) will also appear and same reason is to make you join immediately.

The truth is there is actually no limited positions, they try to make you think in such a way so that you will join.

These are clear signs that these system is up to no good, why must they provide fake statistics in the first place? If you already can trust them even before you sign up, what make you so sure that you can trust them with your $250 minimum deposit.


My Final thoughts & Advice…

One thing that really disappointed me about Fast Cash Biz is that they didn’t focus on how the system exactly works and how you will make money, instead they tried to sell you a luxurious lifestyle. I would suggest you to stay far away from Fast Cash Biz because the likelihood of you making any money is close to none and you losing your money is high.

There is no such thing as easy money, things that are too good to be true are probably aren’t. The only person who is going to make millions of dollars is the man behind Fast Cash Biz, you guys will be filling his empty pockets with your minimum deposits of $250…

If you are still looking for a legit way to make money than I suggest you to do online marketing. Online marketing is one of the most legit ways of making fulltime income or passive income from home(the amount of effort and commitment results in your income potential). I am happy to be any internet marketer, it gives me the freedom to work from home at the same time I can enjoy life more with no pressure from working under bosses. If you want to know more about how I make a legit living from home, you can check out my #1 Recommendation.

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I hope you guys found this review useful and beneficial. Those of you who have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Yours Truly,

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  1. It’s so sad to even think that people buy into this kind of thing. I’m glad that you highlighted this type of scam.
    Nothing that is worthwhile will ever be so easy, you need a system that can teach you how to do the things you need to do to achieve financial success.
    Great review – Thank you

  2. All it took was viewing your first picture before my BS detector sounded. It’s obvious that this is not the first and last time they’re going to reveal their product. They’re just doing this to pressure you into buying without thinking.

    Sounds to me like the easiest way to make money online is by promising easy money with a scam, ironically.

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