Get Paid To Review Amazon Products? How Does it Actually Work?

If you are wondering whether you can really get paid to review Amazon products, you have definitely come to the right place. By the end of this article, I’m sure you will have a much better understanding of this opportunity. And who know, maybe even have an interest grown in you to start your very own.

Most of us are familiar with as a place to buy or sell things. But how many of you here know that you can actually generate income through Amazon? There are two ways to go by. One is to sell your own products on Amazon and earn money when customers purchase your products. The other way is to promote products that are already existing in Amazon and earn commissions.

Today, we are going to be focusing on the latter, that is to earn money from promoting Amazon products. I know some of you might be wondering what has reviewing Amazon products has to do with promoting them. Basically, you will be promoting them through writing reviews.

I will go into more details below.


How Do You Get Paid To Review Amazon Products?

Amazon has something known as the Amazon Associates program which also stands for Amazon Affiliates program. You will have to sign up(registration is free) with the Amazon Associates program first before you can get paid.

Not sure how many of you have heard of the word Affiliates or Affiliate Marketing before. Basically, what Affiliate Marketing means is promoting someone else’s products and earning commissions for it. So in this case, we will be promoting products listed on Amazon and whenever you make a sale, you receive a commission.

So how exactly do you promote these products?


By writing reviews of course!

People are constantly looking for products to purchase and almost all of the time they will want to learn more about the product before eventually making a purchase. So what your job here as a product reviewer is to understand the product and write in a review form or if you could recommend them a much better alternative they will be happy to look at.

Either way, you are in a win-win situation because the visitor can purchase the product he or she is already having in mind and just need a second opinion on it or purchase the product you recommend.


Affiliate Marketing is BIG! But Why Amazon?

There are literally billions of products online that you can promote. Whatever product you are interested in, you definitely can find an affiliate program on it.

My personal favorite is always Amazon. There are several reasons why I love to promote products, particularly from Amazon.

  1. Amazon has over 180 million visitors every month, the highest among all the e-commerce stores online. Means you can never be afraid of not having people to buy things.
  2. Billions of products to promote which means you can write a review for every product. Every review you write is a potential income stream for you.
  3. The most trusted site. I have been with these guys for as long as I can remember. Till date, I never had an issue with my payments. Always delivered in time without fail.
  4. Their commission structure is unique. You have the possibility to earn commissions from every product found on Amazon. For instance, your review is on a Nike shoe but when someone surfs Amazon and chose to buy a Television, you will earn commission for that too.


Step by Step Breakdown of Earning Money Promoting Products

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

The very first step for you to do is select your niche. So what is a niche? Basically, a group of people you would like to target. Anything and everything around you can be a niche.

For instance, Bodybuilding, Make-up, Dogs/Cats, Scuba-diving and Fishing are a niche. The key here is to go with something that you are really interested in or passionate about because this will help you to create content and write reviews with ease. The more you understand of your niche the better for you going forward.

For this example, I am going to choose dogs as my niche. I personally love dogs and have a Japanese Spitz with me.

Step 2: Buy a Domain

A website is going to be the core of your online business. Without a website, you are not going to be able to reach people. So it’s important that you get one.

Step 3: Choosing Products to Review & writing

Now, once we have a website in place. The next step for us is to start writing reviews. In order to write reviews, we need products ideas. There is no other place than Amazon itself to look for product ideas.

So now you go to and type in the niche you are in.


As you can see, there are close to 1.9 million products on Amazon just for dogs. Dog training and behaviour aids, dog sweaters, dog grooming supplies, books on how to care for dogs and etc.

Now, you can start writing reviews for all the products. So where to start? That’s up to you… you can start anywhere. For this example, I decided to select dog training and behaviour aids. If you own a dog, you will know how important it is to train your dog.


Amazon has further broken down dog training and behaviour aids. Now you have dog whistles, training collars, dog treadmills and much more.

For this training, I don’t really want to confuse you with too many information so instead, we will just go for the first product with see on the list which is Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration, and Shock Electronic Collar.


 Now, once you click on the product it will take you to the product page. In the description section, the seller has already given you a summary of all the product details and features. You will be using most of this in your review later on. You can also add videos from YouTube to explain in further details about the product.

As mentioned earlier, this is only for one of the many products. You can build a passive stream of income simply by writing more reviews. The more you write, the higher the chances of your review getting viewed by visitors and thus making a sale.

Some of you might be wondering, how does Amazon know who or where the sales are coming from? Each product will be embedded with your affiliate link. This link will be the one that determines who referred the person to Amazon. If the visitor comes to your site, reads your review and clicks through your link and makes a purchase from Amazon, you will get credited for it.


There are links for every single product. Once you go to the product page, on the top you will be able to see text, Image, and Image+Text. Simply click on Text, and then copy the link and paste it on the product image or in one of the keywords in your review.




Step 4: Wait For Traffic & Sales

There are two mains ways to drive traffic to your reviews/website. One is organic and the other is paid traffic. The one that we want to be focusing on is organic traffic simply because it is free.

So what exactly is organic traffic?

When you write reviews, your post will automatically be indexed in search engines. Your goal is to get these reviews in top two or three pages in the search engine because this is where the majority of the traffic goes. Think about it, how many times while surfing Google do you go beyond page 3 or 4. Most of the time, you would get the answers you are looking for in the first few pages.

Through proper SEO(search engine optimization), you can get top rankings for your published reviews.

Once people are reaching your reviews the next step is for them to read and if they are convinced with what you said, the chances of them purchasing through your link is very high. When this happens, you earn a commission. As I have already said earlier, there is no limit to how much you can earn with Affiliate Marketing because the more reviews you write the more money you can potentially make.


How Do I Get Started on this?

So now you have an understanding of how to write Amazon products reviews to make money. But then the question is how to put all the pieces together. If you are new to Affiliate marketing, promoting Amazon products or building websites, it can be quite confusing.

However, you don’t have to worry because I have got that covered for you. I have been promoting hundreds of Amazon products over the last two years and this is what makes up a majority of my online income. It’s all thanks to this training program I come across a two years back.

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  1. Really cool stuff Kumar. I like your step by step.

    I was wondering though, is it possible to promote Amazon products on a Facebook page for those who don’t really wish to build a website?

    Because I have seen others doing it and I was wondering how they were doing it and if it was effective.

    • Hey thanks man!

      Yes, it is possible to promote Amazon through a Facebook Page. Facebook don’t really have issues with you creating ads to promote your amazon links. However, Amazon is a bit more fussy in this and they might cut you off their associates program. What you can do is have your own website and including affiliate links in some of those posts. You can then promote those posts on Facebook. Whenever someone reaches out to your posts, read it, find something interesting and decides to buy, you will make a commission for it.

      What I’ve seen others usually do is send advertising traffic to a landing page on where people can click to buy the product on Amazon, and that second click uses an affiliate link. That’s the safest way to go about this.

  2. Hi, i really like your review it has more detail. am an affiliate marketer but i have not try amazon before.

    i know they have good stuff and the way you explain the process i can if i add i little effort i can make it.

    please i want to know if they verify Africa countries like Ghana?

    • Thank you Collins.

      You should definitely give Amazon Associates a try. I am a big fan of their unique system that allows you to earn commissions from all products even though you are not actually promoting them. Awhile back I was promoting a product worth $30 on one of my sites and the person who clicked my link actualy went on to buy a juicer that costs over $500. Awesome isn’t it?

      Yes, Amazon Associates program is available in Ghana. Basically, one you have set up your website you can then go on to register to with.

  3. Hello, amazon has the biggest affiliate program in the world and many persons are a part of this program and making a good living. I have read and article on a man that made a million dollars from amazon and I have also heard from others who are a part of amazon and making some crazy money if I can use this word. Amazon is a great program where you can start to make some cool cash or a great living.

  4. Hello and thanks for sharing, amazon is really unique with all of its product online at your fingertip. I have read and article where this guy made a million dollars i believe it was in a years time from amazon. Amazon has a great program that can help anyone get to the place where the want to be. Your post is well detailed and filled with great information, very informative. Keep up the good work.

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