GPT Planet Review – Scam or Legit?

I will be doing a review on GPT Planet to share with you in-depth details about this website. I have personally tried it myself and I have to say, they are definitely not a scam because I always get paid promptly.

GPT Planet was launched in 2010 and over these 5/6 years they have definitely built a reputation for themselves in this industry. Yes they are not yet in the level of Clixsense or Neobux, but they are right behind their shoulders.


Name: GPT PlanetGPTPlanet-Review


Owner: Dimitrios Kornelatos

Price: Free to Join

Rating: 4/5


What Is GPT Planet all about?

GPT Planet is a Pay-To-Click site that welcomes both advertisers and members to try out their services.

Advertiser – As an advertiser you can use their platform to drive traffic to your website at much lower costs. Basically, the advertisers are the backbone of any PTC site. Without them, there will be no tasks for members to do and get paid.

Members – As a member, you job is very simple. Basically, you have to complete no brainer tasks like clicking and viewing Ads, completing surveys, getting referrals and a bunch more.

I will be going into further details of what you can expect as a member of GPT Planet right below, so keep reading!


Who is it for?

GPT Planet is for anyone who wants to earn extra income online. There is no special requirement or qualification, as long as you good basic skills like surfing the net(and knows how to read English) you are welcomed to join. There is no country restriction, so members from all over the world are accepted.

There are two ways you can get paid, one is through PayPal and the other is through Payza. Both these sites reliable and works fine, so you can choose either one. – My personally prefer PayPal 🙂

Want to Know a better way to make income online?


Different Memberships

There are a few different memberships available in their website. Of course, it’s absolutely free to join and get paid. But if you want to take your earning to a higher level, upgrading is something you should consider.

Now lets take a look at the different memberships available:


  • Free(Forever)
  • 10% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 100 Max Rented Referrals
  • No Referral upgrade Commission
  • No Commission for Referral Ad Purchase
Monthly Silver
  • $5.00(30 Days)
  • 100% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 100 Max Rented Referrals
  • $0.50 Referral upgrade Commission
  • 2% Commission for Referral Ad Purchase

Monthly Gold

  • $10.00(30 Days)
  • 100% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 800 Max Rented Referrals
  • $0.50 Referral upgrade Commission
  • 2% Commission for Referral Ad Purchase

Yearly Silver

  • $50.00(365 Days)
  • 100% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 100 Max Rented Referrals
  • $0.50 Referral upgrade Commission
  • 4% Commission for Referral Ad Purchase

Yearly Gold

  • $100.00(365 Days)
  • 100% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 3000 Max Rented Referrals
  • $1.00 Referral upgrade Commission
  • 4% Commission for Referral Ad Purchase

Yearly Gold Plus

  • $300.00(365 Days)
  • 100% Click value Per Referral Click
  • 6000 Max Rented Referrals
  • $2.00 Referral upgrade Commission
  • 5% Commission for Referral Ad Purchase


Alright, which is the BEST membership? – If you plan to…

Comparing all the five different paid memberships, the one that stands out to me is definitely the “Yearly Gold”. If you do the calculations it come up to only $8.33 per month which is more value for the money if you ask me and besides its not too far off from the “Yearly Gold Plus” benefits either.


What you need to know before you Upgrade?

Before you eventually spend your money on the upgrade, it is important to know what you are diving into.

Firstly you need to know that, the most successful people of GPT Planet(or any other PTC sites) don’t just solely rely on themselves clicking Ads. In other words, clicking 20-30 ads per day that is displayed in your dashboard is not going to earn you anything.

The Ads found in GPT Planet ranges from $0.0002 – $0.01. Clicking on all these ads will not even add up to a dollar per day. In estimation, you would probably make about $5-7 per month. Well, Ads clicking is time consuming and can be frustrating(boring) so if you think you are $5-7 is enough for you… All I can tell you is, call it a quit while you can because you will be better off doing something else that is more valued for your time.

So how to make more money with GPT Planet?

Simple… Get Referrals!!! The More, the Merrier

There are two ways you can get referrals.

(1) Rented Referrals – I honestly don’t like this method because you need to spend money, 100 referrals will cost you $15. Money is not the only issue here, the other problem is you cant control your referrals. If you referrals are not very active you are going to be on the losing end. So instead of making monthly profits, you are going to be end up losing.

(2) Direct Referrals – Direct Referrals basically means you use your referral link(which can be found under the banner column) and promote it around. And someone who clicks your links and joins will immediately become your direct referral. It sounds easy right but I can tell you its definitely not. There are many ways to you can go about doing it but the most “successful” method is to create a website and promote your link. If you have zero or little knowledge about creating a website than it is going to be a uphill task for you, but still it CAN be done!

The Balance – Of course getting direct referrals is the best. But I think relying only on them is still not good enough because there is a huge competition. Just remember this, you are not the only one…there are hundreds or even thousands others who are promoting GPT Planet too. So an equal share of Rented and direct referrals would be an ideal move if you are just starting out. Once you start getting more direct referrals, you can reduce you rented referrals accordingly. It’s a matter of “trial and error” to see what works and what doesn’t…


Other ways to earn money…

Viewing Ads is one of the few ways you can earn money. But if you really want to maximize your earning, you might want to keep all your options open.

(1) GPT Grid


GPT Grid is very similar to viewing ads too but now, you don’t necessarily get paid for every ads you click and view. This is more like a game, there is definitely monetary prizes inside one of these grids… you can earn up to a dollar from playing this.

But don’t expect a walk in the park, you may end up clicking 20 ads with to prize at all. Do this if you have spare time, if not don’t even bother!


(2) PTSU – Paid To Sign Up


As you can see for yourself, some of offers from PTSU are quite lucrative $0.25, $0.50 and etc. As the name suggest, you are required to sign up and complete tasks that are assigned to you. Failing to complete will not qualify you for the rewards.


(3) PTC Wall

The other way you can earn money is through the PTC Wall. Basically, this tab consists of other ads, simple tasks and even network offer such as paid surveys. The surveys are not within GPT planet so you will be directed to another website to sign up.


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons


  • Free to join
  • No prior Experience needed
  • You can have unlimited direct referrals even as a free member
  • The Fact that these guys really pay their members – Handful of PTC sites have lots of payment issues
  • You only need to earn $1 to cash out your first money


  • You earn almost pennies – not worth your time, especially if you neglect the “referrals” portion
  • Getting direct referrals is not easy
  • Heavy Competition
  • Your account will be suspended if you have not logged in for 60 days. Whatever balance left inside will be reset to zero.
  • You are indirectly encouraged to upgrade in order to make more money
  • There are very few ads to click in my dashboard, around 23-26
  • No refund for anything you purchase within the site – Think twice, and make sure it is something important you need before you buy

My Final thoughts…

GPT Planet is definitely a legit website that you can leverage on to make some extra income. But like I mentioned above, how serious(effort you put in) you are will determine how much money you are going to make.

If you are looking for a way to replace your fulltime income, than this is not something you should do. I have my own online business and I am working fulltime from home, currently averaging about $4,000 a month. If you interested to start your own online business at $0, I suggest you take a look at my #1 Recommended program.

Don’t worry if you are committed to school or work, because I was working on this while having a 9-5 job myself. I normally spend 1 to 2 hours per day(depends on my mood) and eventually after couple of months once I start seeing consistent income every month, I decided to quit and work on this fulltime.



Alright, I have come the end of my review of GPT Planet. I hope that this review has given you better insights of what the program has to offer. Please like or share this post around if you found is interesting and beneficial, thank you 🙂

Also, everyone here are entitled to share with us your personal opinions so feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


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