High Ticket Cash Machines Review – Is it Worth it?

I will be doing a review on High Ticket Cash Machines to share with you insights of what this program has to offer and finally conclude whether it is the best way to move forward.

If you are looking for opportunities to make money online, you probably would have come across this product called High Ticket Cash Machines which claims to teach you how to earn big commissions by promoting high ticket products.

This is definitely a legitimate business model to generate income online, however, there are a few downfalls that make this opportunity less favorable. I will talk about this and more stuff later on in my review, so be sure to spend a couple of minutes and read it thoroughly.

Alright, without further ado let’s dive into the review itself.High-Ticket-Cash-Machines-Review


Name: High Ticket Cash Machines

Website: http://highticketcashmachines.com

Owner: Gary Alach & Rash Vin

Price: $197, $27

Rating: 4/5

Verdict:  Not Recommended


What is High Ticket Cash Machines all about?

High Ticket Cash Machines is a step-by-step video based training program that will teach you how to make commissions from promoting high ticket products.

There is a term for this business opportunity and it is called “Affiliate Marketing”.

In general, Affiliate Marketing means, promoting someone else’s products/services and earning one-time or re-occurring commissions(depending on the affiliate program).

Some benefits of Affiliate Marketing includes,

  • You don’t need to own any products
  • You don’t search for buyers, buyers search you
  • You don’t need any sizeable investment to start Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing can be done as a part-time or full-time job. Which means you can maintain your current job and still do this in your free time.
  • There is potential to generate great income because you are targeting audience worldwide instead of just your country

Honestly, I can go on and on about the various benefits of Affiliate Marketing, but this isn’t the reason why I created this post. So… I will cut short the benefits and move on.

You can categorize Affiliate Marketing into two different groups.

  1. Low Ticket Products
  2. High Ticket Products

Basically, low ticket products refer to products below $100 and high ticket products are anything above $100. Most people(including myself), prefers to promote products that are of lower cost because it’s way easier to convince a buyer to buy the product you are promoting. Yes, the downside is that you need to make more sales in order to make some decent income but do keep in mind that as you start promoting more products your commissions are just going to snowball over time.

On the other hand, high ticket products are harder to sell because generally people are not so comfortable buying expensive stuff online. Another issue with high ticket products is you are restricted to few choices of products to promote.

So in my opinion, which is the best?

A mixture of both low and high ticket products. For the benefits of those who don’t know me, I’m a full-time Affiliate Marketer myself and majority of my income are generated from promoting Amazon Products. I learned about Affiliate marketing from an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Coming back to the point, I don’t really focus too much on what is the price(as long as it’s anywhere above $10, I’m good), instead, I just try to promote as many products as I can so that it can reach more people, hence, more commissions.

Everybody is different and have different preferences. The founders of High Ticket Cash Machines Gary Alach and Rash Vin prefers selling only high ticket products. And for those of you who feel the same way, you might probably want to get their training program.


Who This is For?

Anyone who is looking to start making money online, more specifically catered to those interested in Affiliate Marketing.

This opportunity is only for people who are willing to take actions. If you are not ready to invest time and effort, then this is definitely not for you. Affiliate marketing is an ongoing process, just like any other business. If you don’t work hard you won’t see any results. Simple as that.


What is Included in the Product?

This is an online step-by-step training course that has been divided into four different modules.

Module 1(Choosing the Offer)

  • You will learn how to select the right high ticket products to promote for any niche
  • including Affiliate products & CPA offers

Module 2(Lead Capture & Ad creation)

  • How to create high converting landing pages
  • Landing page analytics and optimization
  • 8 Ad copy headline formula templates you can use to boost promotion
  • By the end of this module you will know how to create a lead capture page, set up an autoresponder and create ads to promote

Module 3(Finding your audience & doing Keyword research)

  • This is definitely one of the most crucial steps. You get this wrong, you can end up making no money
  • In this module, you will learn how to do proper keyword research and find keywords that will more likely lead to sales
  • You will also get tips and tricks to monitor what your competitors are doing. The idea is to either replicate their process to get similar success or do better than them

Module 4(Getting Traffic)

  • Getting traffic to your site is another crucial learning phase.
  • You can promote the best cost effective products in the world, but if you are not getting any traffic, you will never make a sale.
  • In this module you will learn to drive traffic to your lead capture pages, both paid and free
  • Includes, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Article Marketing and etc.

Other Interesting things to look out for

  • Case study #1: Set & Forget. Gary reveals how he earned over $1,800 on autopilot with 2 simple steps that took him just 15 minutes
  • Case study #2: Free traffic hack. How to get reoccurring commissions using free traffic that took only 30 minutes
  • Case study #3: Special guest Stephen Gilbert teaches you how to create and sell your very own high ticket products
  • Case study #4: Tips/secrets on how to create a successful Facebook Ad campaign

Bonus 1(High Ticket Rolodex)

  • A list of high ticket offers has been researched and compiled for you so you can immediately start promoting them without doing product research.


Any Support offered?

I can’t emphasize how important support plays a part in whether you will succeed or fail in Affiliate Marketing. You can have all the training in the world, but if you don’t have proper support, you are bound to fail because of the lack of expertise in that area.

When I started Affiliate Marketing, I had zero understanding or knowledge about how it works and most of the terms. Luckily Wealthy Affiliate offers Live Chat, where you can go ask other seasoned marketers for help. The best part is you can get answers in seconds.

Isn’t it great, if you got someone to go to and ask for help or advice whenever you have any difficulties?

So… let’s see what support does High Ticket Cash Machines Provides.

After extensive research I found the ONLY support they provide is through their “Exclusive HTCM Master Mind” Facebook group. Also, the group doesn’t really provide a target support which every individual prefer.

All you will be getting in the group is ideas on different strategies and development in relation to the promotion of high ticket products. And that about it. No personal support?

I feel they could have dealt better with the support they offered.


What’s the Price?

While writing this review, they were still in pre-launch. The price then was $19.95. But before I could complete this review, the pre-launch offer has ended and the price to pay for now has gone up to $27.

A one-time fee of $27 is not expensive, I feel is definitely affordable to most people. Besides, they do offer some decent and quality training that can help you get started in Affiliate Marketing(high ticket products).

No to forget, they also offer a 30 day “No Hassle” money back guarantee. Meaning you will get a full refund for the product if you are not satisfied with it BUT only within the first 30 days.


Summary of Pros. Vs Cons.


  • Decent training to get you started with Affiliate Marketing, particularly High ticket products
  • The cost of this program is far lower than most similar schemes
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Clear Website indicating what they are offering. No gimmicks.


  • The idea of relying heavily on just high ticket products
  • They are missing out the core of an affiliate marketing business. That is, to have a website.
  • Below Par Support


My Final Thoughts

I said it a few times but I have to say it again. High Ticket Cash Machines does offer some decent training to get started. But, one thing you should take note is that Affiliate Marketing has a wide spectrum. In other words, there is really more to it than just what is offered in HTCM. The training doesn’t cover every aspect of Affiliate Marketing, and there are chances of living you hanging at the end of the day with tons of different questions.

And since the only official support they have is their Facebook group, you are going to have a difficult time getting proper answers to your questions.

If you are looking to get started with Affiliate Marketing from SCRATCH, I highly encourage you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that teaches you how to build a business online through creating your very own website. This website, everyonecanmakemoneyonline.com was also built in WA.

Creating website isn’t difficult. All it takes is 30 seconds… thanks to the website builder offered in Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer a FREE starter membership too, so you can register and start learning without even paying a dime.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on High Ticket Cash Machines. I hope you now have a better understanding of what the program has to offer. Please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions if any or share your personal thoughts.



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