How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google, Get Answers Here

A lot of people were asking me how to get ranked on Page 1 of Google, so today I thought I will take some time to address this particular issue.

Before I go into anything I just wanted to share with you Google’s ultimate goal,” Our goal is to get you answers you’re looking for faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between you and the knowledge you seek”.

In other words, Google wants to give users the best search experience by trying to get only the best of the best results in the top rankings.

Google determines rankings through a certain algorithm that they use which changes from time to time, and if you do not want to hurt your rankings it is necessary to comply with Google’s regulations and not try to find a short cut.

Below I am going to show you the main factors(contributing to your rankings) that should be considered before publishing every page/post.

This has nothing to do with link building and other paid methods to get rankings.

I am sharing with you what I was taught in Wealthy Affiliate, and how it has tremendously help me in getting better rankings.

Content, Content & more Content

I can’t stress how important content is, especially if you are looking to get ranked on page 1.

Number of words

The amount of words you write, does play a role in getting ranked. Honestly, don’t expect to have page/post with content less than 500 words and expect to get ranked well(some cases it might work, depends on your competition and niche).

You should always aim to have at least 800 words in your post/page. Personally, I always write my content more than 1,000 words and in some cases even more than 2,000.

Obviously, the more the merrier but of course the amount of words shouldn’t dilute the quality of your content.

One common mistake I noticed people are doing is, when trying to come up with additional content to hit the word count, they try to fork out new things to say which often tends to go off topic. That isn’t very nice in the eyes of Google and its users.

Unique Content

Unique content is one of the top priority for Google. The good thing about creating unique content is that, you will always have the support of Google behind you. Though Google’s algorithm changes quite often, if you content is unique you no need to be worried about getting penalised because Google loves unique content.

However to those who have duplicate content, it’s only a matter of time before you get caught. Never copy and paste someone else content and claim it as your own. Similar to PLR(Paid label rights) articles, a few year back they worked well and you can get decently ranked in SERP. But after the major update(Google Panda, Penguin), all these posts or sites depending greatly on these PLR articles have been heavily penalised.

One thing I do notice is, some sites are still encouraging the usage of PLR articles. To put it simply, they are all considered duplicate content so its better to avoid them at all cost.

If you are interested to know what duplicate content means in the eyes of Google, you can check out this.


Keywords, your key to top rankings!

Keyword Research

I’m not sure how many people really know the importance of keywords. But if you are going to rank on page 1 of Google, you have to create your content around these specific keywords.

Basically, keywords refers to the specific search terms people are looking for in the search engines. For e.g. if someone is trying to lose weight, he/she will enter in the search box “How to lose weight fast”, or “How to lose weight on a budget”. These are examples of what I meant by keywords.

So when they search that specific phrase in Google, the answers will appear on the SERP.

There are several free keyword tools that you can use, one of the most common ones is Google Keyword Tool but using free tool definitely has it drawbacks.

Personally, I have been using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to come up with all my keywords. I will use this particular post as an example to share with you how I go about doing keyword research.

jaaxy example

So what I did was enter a phrase which I want to write my next topic about, so I went to Jaaxy and types this phrase “How to get ranked on google”.

From the image, you can see that there are three related keywords shown for the specific phrase. Out of this three, I choose the second one “how to get ranked on page 1 of google” as my keyword.


QSR means the number of competing pages for this particular keyword. Ideally, any value below 400 QSR is considered good but the lesser the better. Because there are less competition you have higher chances of ranking in page 1. The keyword I selected has only 30 QSR, lowest among the rest and they also show a decent amount of traffic.

Keyword research is more of a pre-requisite before you write out your actual content.

  1. Idea generation – What you going to write
  2. Keyword research – Find out keyword that can rank well
  3. Content research – Get idea through the internet, books
  4. Content Creation – Write your content

Basically, these are the simple steps I always follow below I eventually publish my post.

Keyword Density

Once you find out the keyword you are targeting you can start to draft out your content. However, a common problem I’ve been noticing is spamming of keywords throughout the content, from the first sentence till the last sentence. I know most of you have this mind set, the more keywords you use within your content the higher chances of you’re getting ranked.

The answer is absolute No! This is actually going to hurt your rankings instead of helping. Keywords should only be used a few times throughout your page/post.

Personally, I use my keywords in only two different areas. First one is on my title page itself, and secondly within the first 160 words on my actual content(Ideally, anywhere within the first paragraph). But of course you can choose to add a few more through your content but do not go overboard.

Don’t focus too much on keywords

Once you have identified where you want to place your keywords, you can now put it in the back of your head and start focusing on writing quality content. You do not need to exactly write everything in your content focusing on that particular keyword, you can branch out your idea and write.

Always remember that we are creating content for fellow people like us to read, not for Google! So instead of focusing too much on keywords, keep your content natural and fluent. This will definitely contribute to better rankings too.


Common Mistake: Usage of Backlinks

Before I close it for today, I want to emphasise a bit on the usage of backlinks. I know a lot of people out there are focusing on getting backlinks to help them improve their search engine rankings.

I have to say the era for backlinks have long gone after the major update from Google few years ago. In the past I agree with you, backlinks were Gold and they contributed much to the rankings.

I have been still coming across this so called “gurus” still claiming that backlinks are very important and useful. There are many outdated products out there still using backlinks as part of their strategy.

If you have been using backlinks extensively and have poor ranking, I guess by now you should know what’s the reason behind it. Forgot about backlinks, now just focus on getting quality content in your website.

” Content Is King “

My Final thoughts…

Getting Ranked on Page 1 makes is very important because it makes a ton of difference. More than 85% of the users never go past page 1 when searching something, so if you want to get organic traffic to your website it is very important that you are ranked on Page 1 of any search engines.

Follow as what I have mentioned above and you will definitely see some improvements in your ranking( not forgetting other minor SEO techniques like alt tags, H1,H2, and H3 tags, Images). Today’s focus was getting the major factor contributing to rankings right.

If you are interested in creating an online business, or you have problems ranking in the search engines I would highly suggest you to check my No.1 Recommended training centre. I started out with nothing myself, but now I have a wealth of information in the back of my head and that led me to build a consistent full time job income by working through home.

For those of you who have any question regarding today’s topic, feel free to leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to give you a hand. I will also love to hear other personal view on how they rank on page 1 of Google.

Yours Truly,

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