How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing good. Today I will be writing an article on “How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms“, hope you guys will enjoy it. Before I go on, I just want to dedicate this post to all the moms out there who sacrificed their career or passion to stay at home and take care of their kids.

I know how that exactly feels because my mom is a stay at home mom too, unfortunately she didn’t look for any work from home jobs at that time because there weren’t much opportunities. My Dad is the sole breadwinner for our family, working so hard just to support us. I always told myself, I was not going to live an average joe life anymore… I always wanted to do something that makes me and my family live a better life, because I know that it will never happen with a 9-5 job.

I had an idea of starting my own business, but guess what it wouldn’t work out because I don’t have even 10% of the minimum capital to start. I kept doing more research and eventually I found out a legit way to actually make money from home, but the minimum requirements are having a computer and internet connection. Later in this article, I will discuss in details about how I make money working from home and how you can leverage on that idea too.


THE Choice Every Mom Had to Make…

The most common reason why a mom wants to stay at home is to take care of her children.Mom-Carrying-Her-Child

There are also people who hire domestic helpers to take care of their kids while they are at work or send them to child care centres. This two options fairly works out well but what you should need to know is nothing beats a mom staying at home and caring for her own kids. But honestly, what’s the point of working day-in day-out trying to make more money when you are actually not there when your kids really needs you.

Everything in life comes with sacrifices, it’s very difficult to get the best of both worlds. If you want to stay at home, you have to accept the fact that your household income will become lesser hence you must limit your expenditure.


So let me ask you a question, if you had the choice of whether to continue working but spend lesser time with your kids or quit your job and rely only on your husbands salary but able to spend more time with your kids… which will you choose?


I know, this is a very difficult question to answer because it really depends on what your current financial situation is.


The Road to Opportunities

Before you go on answering that question, I want to share something else with you. What if I were to tell you that you can earn money and still able to spend lots of quality time with your kids, wouldn’t you want that?

I believe most of you will obviously say YES!

There are several ways you can actually earn money while staying at home, paid surveys, freelancing, selling used stuff and a bunch more. However, there are lots of problems associated with these. For instance, freelancing requires you to complete a task within a specific period of time. If you have lots of commitments, like cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of your kid and etc. freelancing may be quite difficult for you.

Other than that completing offers, doing paid surveys or selling used stuff is ok but you should always know that the money you can make from them is not worth the time. Ask yourself, would you want to exchange your precious time just to earn pennies? Besides that, I think you also should know that there are lots of scams going on all over the internet. What’s worst then completing this odd tasks and not getting paid. I know that exact feeling, because I’ve been through that situation several times.

Forget about all of these, I am now going to share with you are good opportunity that is so flexible that it allows you to work how long and whenever you want. But before that, let me clarify with you something first. This is not a “Get rich quick” scheme that is going to make you instant rich overnight. I believe we are all matured enough to understand that there isn’t such thing as free lunch, you get what you work for. Products or programs that claims to make you rich are nothing but just scams.


Best Way to Make Money From Home

Do Online Marketing

This is no secret, online marketing is one of the best ways to make good money from the internet. I understand that this term “Online Marketing” sounds like something very complicated, but believe me it’s nothing like that. Basically, you job is to promote product/services online and earn commissions from it.

Just think about this, there are over 3 billion internet users worldwide. If you could reach out to just a small fraction of these people, you would easily be earning at least a four-digit income.

As an Online Marketer:

  • You don’t have to physically own any of the products
  • You can promote products based on your interest – Hobby or Passion
  • You don’t have to worry about customer support
  • Targets Global market, you reach out to people all over the world from the comfort of your home
  • Hence, More opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue
  • You have no fixed timing to work, you can work on it anytime you want
  • Nobody has control over your income, the more efforts you put in = more results


How does it work?

Basically, you sign up for the particular company’s affiliates program. You will get an unique affiliate ID that you will promote. If people comes to your website and clicks on that links and eventually makes a purchase, you will get a commission for it, it that’s SIMPLE!

A quick example: You want to promote Earrings


Lets say you have decided to use Amazon Associates program to promote earrings. Just login with your account, search earrings and a long list of over thousands of different types of designs will come up. As the above image shows, each individual product will have its own unique link, so get that link and promote it.

Commissions for Amazon Products can range from 4%-15%. Do you think people like to buy earrings? Yes of course, especially new and unique designs. Just imagine if you can get around 100 sales per day, this would become a consistent stream of income for you. But if you think that you cant earn much commissions selling cheap products, by all means go ahead and sell slightly costlier products.


My Personal On-going experience with Amazon Associates

I’m a big fan of amazon associates myself, a huge percentage of my overall income actually come from there. they are one of the most reliable companies out there, I never experienced any late payments before. One of other reasons why I love amazon is because of the upsells marketing technique, in other words you commissions even for products you didn’t promote. For instance, if someone clicks on your earring affiliate link and went to amazon website but instead of buying that particular product that wondered off and eventually both a Television you will receive a commission for the television. Isn’t that GREAT?



The above is a snipped of my Amazon associates earning for a given month, around $4,000. These results are not typical, it greatly depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in to make this successful. Like I mentioned earlier, I really want to live a much better life, for that to happen I am willing to put in my 101% effort and this is the result of it. It took me around a few months before I get a consistent four-digit income monthly. But from then its just about scaling your business and earning more income.

The best part is that I am doing everything from home, I am my own boss. But remember this, working at home requires lots of self-discipline. It is easy to get side-tracked and slack off while you are at home, it is your duty to consistently work on your site in order to see results.

If you are keen in taking up this new challenge of starting online marketing, I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Training Platform. Basically, you will learn everything from scratch step-by-step from building your own website in less than 30 seconds to eventually making money out of it.

I was just like you or anyone else, I started out with ZERO knowledge about online marketing just about a year ago. But thanks to the trainings and guidance from the owners I managed to get to this level. Currently, I am just working hard everyday to improve my income figures. I’m a person who has high aims, I will definitely strive for that.

Before I forget, you can actually join Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely FREE – No credit card details required at all 🙂



P.S : If you sign up under me, I will immediately become you personal Mentor in Wealthy Affiliate. I will come and welcome you personally on your profile page. From then onwards, your journey = my journey. Whenever, you have any doubt or queries or need assistance you can always feel free to contact me within Wealthy Affiliate by simply leaving me a message.

I am a fulltime online marketer, so don’t worry I am 24/7 on Wealthy affiliate so I will get back to you very quickly. If you still got any question, you can either leave me a comment below or you can go to my homepage and click “Contact Kumar” which will directly send me an email.

That’s about everything I have for you, I will see you on the inside. Take care and good bye. 🙂



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