How to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

How to Make Money Selling Clothes Online. Did that heading capture your attention? Well, I hope it did because in this article I am going to walk you through the entire process of earning revenue through selling clothes.

To make it easier for everyone to understand, I’ve decided to split the content into three different categories.

#1: Selling used Clothes

#2: Own a Clothing Line

#3: Do not own a Clothing Line – Promote established Company’s products

I believe some of you would have tried selling used clothes online, one way or another. And I guess most of you wouldn’t even have imagined about starting¬†your¬†very own¬†clothing business, I can totally understand why… There is only one thing I want to say for those of you who have passion in this industry, “JUST GO FOR IT”. Passion without effort is as good as nothing.

I’m a person who loves to read a lot. Over the years, I have come to know a huge number of people who have turned their passions into a stream of passive income. If they could do it, why couldn’t you? It’s all a matter of mind set and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Alright, without further ado I will move on the each individual categories. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to help you out.


1. Selling Used Clothes

If you have lots of hardly worn clothes¬†hanging around your closet or drawer, why not cash in on them instead of letting it rot for a couple more years before you eventually discard it. I had some personal success selling some of my used clothes which I was close to getting rid off. Just to let you know(if you are keen), I managed to get around $150 from selling my clothes. I know its not a lot but hey,¬†something is better than nothing… Right?

The trick here would be to list your clothes in several sites instead of just focusing on one. Once you have sold it, you can remove it from all the others sites as well. Yes, it maybe troublesome…BUT the chances of you making a sale has increased tremendously.

I know most of you would have some selling or buying experience with EBay. But just to let you know, there are tons of other places that offers similar services like this too. It’s only a matter of doing some research before you get to know some of these sites.

(1) thredUP

thredUP is a simpler version of a consignment store. Basically you send them the¬†clothes of your choice and they will do an inspection. If it passed their requirements, they will personally take photo and list it on their website. These guys are more into women’s and kid’s clothing.

Before you eventually send out the clothes you have to do some pre-examination yourself. It’s called D.O.T (Detect-Free,¬†On Trend and Top Brand name). According to their website, clothes listed below $60 will be paid immediately and those above $60 will be paid once the item is sold.

One of the features I like about the thredUP is their Payout estimator. You can gauge how much money will you get for the particular brand and design.

(2) Poshmark

Poshmark has both a website and a mobile application where you can simply take photos of the clothes you want to sell Poshmarkand post them online. Basically they act more as a third party platform where they bring the buyers and sellers together. Once you have a buyer, you will be given a postage label which you are to paste on the package and send it off to the buyer’s address.

If the clothes were sold for more than $15, Poshmark will take a 20% commission and anything lesser than that will be $2.95(flat rate).

One thing I didn’t like about Poshmark is, it is only catered to people living within the United States.

A money making opportunity*

It is actually possible to make a consistent stream of income by actually selling used clothes. Nope, I not referring to you selling YOUR own clothes. I’m talking about you, buying cheap clothes from Thrift shops or flea markets and selling it at a slightly high price at some of the more well-known sites such as EBay.

However, this will require to do lots of research first. You need to study the market, for instance what brand is worth what price, best selling products and etc. This is a good opportunity to make extra income online BUT it is definitely not suitable for everyone, besides you will have to fork out money and buy the goods first before you can eventually sell it at a higher price. In other words, this is not a short term solution to making money, it will take sometime before you eventually start seeing some net profits.

I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, BUT if you are interested you can always give it a try.


2. Own a Clothing Line

Have you watched the movie, “The Intern” in which Anna Hathaway & Robert De¬†Niro are the¬†stars.¬†In the movie, Anna Hathaway is running an E-commerce clothing line business.¬†She started¬†the business with only 8¬†workers which eventually evolved in 220 workers. The story may be made up, but in reality¬†there are¬†people who have created that kinda businesses.

Internet is a land of opportunities, and I’m not going to deny that fact. If you go an extra mile to do things that most people are not willing to do, you are already a step closer to success.

Starting a clothing line business is definitely not for everybody. It’s more towards people who have both¬†passion and an entrepreneurial mind set. It’s that all you need to own a clothing line? Nope, obviously not. There is one very important thing you can never rule out and that’s money… you need a capital to start.

For those of you who have a very weak financial background, fret not!

Gather a few good people who are interested in this and start a business together – Each of you can fork out some money. But keep in mind that there are lots of things for you to do before you can successfully run a clothing line business.

For instances,

  • What brand
  • What type of clothing you want to sell(design)
  • Need to look for Manufacturers
  • Study the market – Do research on current trend
  • How you want to promote your products

The above a just some of the many things you have to consider before you can start selling your own products. Try not to make things too complicated, since you are just starting out…go with something more easier and simpler(Test water)

Example: Sell T-shirt/Hoodies with interesting designs


See what I mean? You clothing’s don’t have to be very sophisticated. Clothes like this can attract people from ages 13-25 years old. There are lots and lots of people doing this kind of clothing business online. Then you may ask me, “isn’t the market too saturated, can I still make money?”

Yes, the market is slightly competitive but definitely do-able… It’s all a matter of marketing(reaching the right audience) and having the cutting edge(uniqueness, quality, trust). If you can successfully do all this, I’m sure you will have no problems in making sales every single day.

The very basic of starting such business is to have your own website. Website is like the foundation of any successful business(online/offline). In the past, the weight on websites isn’t that much, but now you could see almost every company whether big or small have a website.

Having a website is not an option, it is a MUST. Your website will help you to build trust among your audience. First impression is very important so having a “likable” website is a no brainer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars finding someone to build you websites.¬†If you are interested to learn how to build your own website and market to customers at zero or low cost, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you.

The key to making more profits is to cut costs in areas like manufacturing, building website, promoting and etc. BUT never cut cost to compromise on the quality of your product. Quality is one of the reasons that is going to make customers(new or old) keep coming back.

Once you have your website up, social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is the next best thing you are going to have to work on. YES, they are going to bring you lots of free traffic to your websites. From time to time, you can also use other paid advertising methods to build your brand and increase customer reach.

Summary of how to start a simple clothing line business

  • Get at least one or two friends to join venture with you – trust me, its important
  • Create a SOLID business plan – this will help you cross check whether you have gotten everything in place
  • Financial planning – material, manufacturing, advertising, supplies, marketing and etc.
  • Start designing your clothes, at the same time look for manufacturers(cheap with quality)
  • Create a website, social media account – start marketing to your friends and family members first
  • Always ask for third party opinions/ Customer feedback- reviews are very important!
  • Try paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, or Pay-Per Click (Google AdWords/ Bing)


3. Promote Established Company’s clothing

If you are someone who has lots of passion but just not ready to take up lots of responsibility in creating your own clothing like business, I highly recommend that you promote established company’s clothing. This is a good opportunity to earn extra or even fulltime income working from home. make-money-selling-clothings-online

Some advantages of promoting other company’s products:

  • You¬†DON’T NEED¬†any capital to start with
  • You DON’T NEED to buy any products
  • You¬†DON’T NEED¬†to store any products
  • You¬†DON’T HAVE¬†to worry about customer support
  • You GET TO TRY some of the latest products(write review) and keep them for yourself

Basically, what you will be doing is called Affiliate Marketing. You will be promoting branded products and whenever someone clicks from you link and purchase a product, you will earn a commission for it.

You have no obligation to promote a specific brand. In other words, whatever brands you want to promote, YOU CAN! All you have to do is become an Affiliate of that brand. Upon that, you will be given a unique ID to track the sales that comes from you.

I believe you would have already realised MORE and MORE people are buying things off the internet rather than going down to shopping malls. Ask yourself, when was the last time you bought something online. There are millions of people buying things online EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s time for you to get a slice of the pie too and make some income online.

Clothing are not the only items that have Affiliate Program. Almost more than 90% of all the products online have Affiliate Programs. So if you are not keen in promoting clothing, you can also promote something that you are passionate about. Lets say, you are into body building. You can also promote Protein power, weight loss, muscle mass, creatine and other forms of products for body builders too.

The best part is you can build an online business regardless of whatever passion it is…

I’m a fulltime¬†Affiliate Marketer myself. And I am happy to have made the switch from an ordinary person with a 9-5 job to becoming a person who has doubled his income working only about 4 hour per day.

If you are interested to learn how to start your own Affiliate Marketing business, I highly encourage that you take some time to read my #1 Recommended Program. Do take note, Affiliate Marketing is not a “Get rich quick” scheme… so don’t expect to make money overnight. I believe you are matured enough to understand that there is no such thing as overnight money in this world, unless you strike lottery. Other than that, everything is about hard work and dedication.

No successful businessman appeared from thin air. Everyone of them worked hard to achieve that recognition. Affiliate Marketing is also a form of business that can bring you four or five figure every month, I’m not going to rule of SIX figure because I know a couple of people who are making that amount currently. And all of these people started with almost nothing. If they can do it, SO CAN YOU!



Please do me a favour by liking and sharing this article around if you found it interesting and useful. That’s all for me folks, and¬†have a great day ahead.



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  1. I hope i can do it..i am not good in computer but i really want to have an income since im a stay home retired mom..i love reading your blog and you inspire me so much..thank you for all your wonderful and great article.

    • Hi Gin, thanks a lot for your wonderful words. I am really happy to hear that my blogs have inspired you.

      You should give it a try. There is always a starting point somewhere. So don’t be to harsh on yourself. The lessons are newbie friendly so it is very easy to understand.

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