How to Make Money With Amazon Associates

If you are interested to find out on how to make money with Amazon Associates, you have definitely come to the right place. Amazon Associates Program is one of the most well-known affiliate programs in the internet world. Most of the time, bloggers who have just stepped into the world of affiliate marketing will seek first blood from them.

Even for myself, when I first started out in this industry Amazon Associates was the only Affiliate program I used. Honestly, till today its still generating a very high share of my overall income.

Alright before I move on, I would just like to clarify one thing with all of you. If you ever come across these to phrases Amazon Associates Program and Amazon Affiliates Program, don’t get confused because both are actually referring to the same.


Introduction to Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates Program was launched in 1996 and till to-date the program has been successful running with little or no discrepancies. Compared to many other affiliate programs, I can “Bet-on” Amazon as one of the most trustworthy sites to be around.

Because, some of the small independent Affiliate programs can never be totally reliable. For instance, they do not pay you on time or in worst cases you don’t even get paid.

So.. I would suggest if you are very new to this, to do more research before you sign up for any affiliate program because you don’t want all your efforts to go wasted.

What I like about amazon is that they have over millions of products that you can choose to promote unlike some programs, leaving you tied down to only a few options.


What is Amazon Associates Program all about?

Basically how it works is, first you select a product that you want to promote and you put the link of that product on your site. If anybody clicks the link and buy that product you will get a commission for it.

However, the commission you earn from the product is quite low, on average about 4%-15% but the higher end of 15% is not very common. The more products you ship per month the higher you commission will be.

For instance if you only ship 1-6 product in that particular month you will only get commission of 4% and 7-30 product you commission will be 6% and so on…

But there is another good thing about using Amazon Affiliate program is because of the upsell technique being adopted. For e.g.

Scenario 1: I am promoting a weight loss product, however the person who clicked on my link did not buy the product I promoted instead he went on to buy a HD Television from Amazon and yes, I will get the commission for that particular product.

Scenario 2: When some click on my link and goes to amazon website and he chose to buy my product, amazon will also show other related products he may be interested on. So when he buys both that product(Add-on) I will be able to generate more commission too.

Isn’t that great? So actually you can still make a decent amount of money with amazon Associates despite the low commission rate.

Unlike Google AdSense where you get paid for just clicks, Amazon associates program doesn’t work that way. You have to make a sale to get commission.

“No Sale = No commission!”

Before I forget, amazon associates has only 24-hr cookie, compared to many other affiliate programs that give cookie for one month or even longer.

What do I mean by cookie? Cookie is a tracking code that is tied to the web browser. So what happens is that if anyone clicks your link and go to amazon and makes a purchase, it will indicate to amazon that you are the one referred them to their website therefore you will get the commission.

Since it is a 24-hr cookie and if the person never make the purchase within 24-hrs you will not get commission for it. The person must click in the link again and go to amazon before you get that credit, however, majority of the time we would just directly go to and make the purchase.

Before you sign up for Amazon Associates Program… You need a Website!

Step 1: Build a Website

In order to promote the products you first need to have a website. Don’t even bother trying to sign up for Amazon Associates without a website because you will probably get rejected.

There are many platforms out there you can leverage on to build you website but most of them require to pay money.

You can either build a website using the siteRubix below which is free or if you need more information on how to build a free website click this link. How to build a free website

Step 2: Select a niche

Assuming that you have already built your website, you should now select a topic you would want to focus about. It can be anything that’s interests you such as if you are a fitness fanatic you can create a website all about fitness, how to get six packs, build muscles, become lean or anything. I would recommend that you choose something that interest you because you will be able to write content more fluently and build an authority in your niche.

In other words, don’t pick a topic that is too broad because it will be more difficult to cater products for everyone. Target a specific group of people and you are all set to go.

Step 3: Keep writing content after content

If you want to see any form of traffic on your site, you have to add contents on a regular basis. Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to promote this specific product to your audience and sell it to them. Therefore doing product review will be very help, you choose a specific product and do a detailed review of it.

For e.g. I want to sell a exercise product – treadmill. To persuade the audience to buy you must tell convince them how they are going to benefit when they buy this product, the pros and cons the features how it works. These are some of the key points to be displayed in your product review. If a customer is not satisfied or convinced with your review he/she will probably look for a better review to seek their answers or even find other products.

Put yourself in the buyers shoe, of course you will go around to find which is the best choice before you even ready to make the purchase.

Continuous writing content will lead to more traffic which will then eventually lead to SALES.

Step 4: Create Your Amazon Associates account

Once you think that you have sufficient content in your website, you can make an amazon associates account.

However, some countries may not be allowed to join the associates program because of certain reason so don’t be disheartened if its one of you. There are still many other affiliate programs that pay better commissions.

After your application has been approved, you can immediately start to promote the items on you website but do take note that if you have not referred any sale within a certain period of time(to be precise – 180 days) you amazon associated account will be terminated.

But of course, you can reapply again. But the problem here is you will get a entire different tracking ID. Therefore you need to redo the entire process of changing all of your links you have placed on the earlier posts.


Put the links on your website

There are 3 different ways you can add the product links to you website.


The more commonly used method is the product links and banners because they enable you to link directly to the product itself. But you may want to play around with the links from time to time, to see which method produces more clicks.

Don’t not flood with too many links in a single page/post as it might cause google to think that your website is just another spam site. Evenly distribute the links from the top of the page till the bottom this will encourage your audience to click your links.

Amazon has the tracking ID feature which helps you to track the number or click or sales you have made from the specific link.

Why am I not making much money with Amazon?

  • Check your traffic – If your website is not getting sufficient audience, obviously you are not going to make money. What you can do is install Google Analytics to track how much traffic you are getting. If your traffic is low, the only thing you can do is to be patient and keep adding content and overtime your sales ratio will improve.
  • You may not have convinced your audience – The way you write your content is very important, if you are unable to convey a positive vibe to your audience, you will never make a sales. If you are not sure about writing content, you can join Wealthy Affiliate, where they will teach you how to write product reviews the proper way.
  • Promote your product – Create YouTube videos of reviews on the products or you can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • The honest Fact – The commissions may be just too low, 4%-15% commission is honestly not that high
    • A common mistake people are making is trying to promote many product that are of very low price, for e.g. if you promote a $20 product and your commission is an average of 10% you are only going to make $2.
    • Instead try to use that energy to promote a single product of a higher value and you commission will be literally higher.

If you have any question you can leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Those of you who have used Amazon Affiliate program are also welcomed to share your personal experience with us.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Definitely one of my favorite affiliate programs – easy with no charges to catch you out. I gave up on clickbank about a year ago because of all their red tape with payments – Amazon is much better! Tell me, what are your opinions on Clickbank?

    • Hello Chris, yes you are right amazon is better in terms of everything but only their commission rate. I prefer Clickbank because of its high commission rate but there are cases regarding payments issues though I personally haven’t come across. As for me, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.. in other words I’m using both amazon and ClickBank to promote.

  2. Hi,
    I cannot agree more with you here: “A common mistake people are making is trying to promote many product that are of very low price, for e.g. if you promote a $20 product and your commission is an average of 10% you are only going to make $2.” This is me!

    So, here is an advice for any affiliate marketer that starts on this path: If somebody is telling you the niche is not important, then you should know he’s not telling the truth. The product you promote is important. It better not be a cheap one, otherwise you’ll get nothing for your trouble.
    Nice article, Kumar.


    • Hello Laura, I was doing that same mistake at the start promoting very low cost products but I soon realised that is not doing the job. Now I started promoting products that have higher value or decent commission rate. haha, and thanks for sharing a great advice for everyone!


  3. please I am a participant of fan2earn from Nigeria, I am finding it deficult to request for payment, kindly help me out please

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