How to Make Money With Google AdSense, Find out here

If you are interested to find out how to make money with Google AdSense, you have definitely come to the right place. There are many ways to leverage your website to generate revenue and one of the most simplest ways is through Google AdSense.

People who have just stepped into the world of online marketing will be more keen in finding ways to generate money.

I will also be covering on what are some of the things that you should take note of when using Google AdSense to monetize your website. If you fail to comply in certain situations, I can assure you that you will lose your AdSense account FOREVER!


What is Google AdSense?

Like I mentioned earlier, unlike many other methods to monetize your site, Google AdSense is one of the simplest and easiest way to work with. There are many publisher networks out there and Google AdSense is one of them.

Basically, Google acts as the third party Advertisement(Ads) broker that help to seal the deal between the advertiser and the publisher(refers to those publishing their Ads on your website, yourself).

In other words, when you join Google AdSense you are being granted the ability to put other people Ads on your website and you earn a certain commission from it when someone clicks.

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For e.g., look at the image on the right, This is a snippet of Google AdSense Ads on one of my websites. “Agency AdWords Training”.

When someone clicks on one of the Ads, you will get paid about 68% of the total price for a click.

Lets say the advertisers are paying $10 for every click on their Ads, therefore you will get a commission of $6.80 and the remaining will go to Google itself.

To be honest, if you are looking to make big money through your website, leveraging on Google AdSense may not be the greatest idea. But you can combine it with other monetizing methods such as affiliate marketing too.

What do I mean by that?

Lets say you got traffic, and you have a constant number of visitors everyday. Some of the information might not be what the audience are looking for in your website. So when you have these relevant Ads on your website, your audience can instead click on them if the found them useful. It’s like killing two birds in one stone, both you and your audiences benefits.


Simplified version of How Google AdSense works…

Step 1: Make Ads spaces available in your website – just paste the Ads code on your website and you’ve got the rights to choose were you want your Ads to appear. For instance, On your header, side widget or in between text.

Step 2: Only highest paid Ads are appeared on your site – Behind our screens, these Advertisers actually auction the Ads to be put on our Ads spaces. The Advertiser who bids the highest get to puts his Ads on your website.

Step 3: You get paid – This is the best part of Google AdSense, getting paid. What makes Google AdSense good is that you do not need to handle your payments directly with the Advertisers. Google settles that portion and pays you on time. (P.S. of course I trust google more then the Advertisers out there)


How much money can you earn from Google AdSense?

I think this is the part most of you guys have been looking out for, how much can you earn through adding Google ads on your site. Honestly, there is no definite answer on how much you will exactly earn because that really depends on two factors.

1. How much traffic are you getting on your site monthly

If you are getting very little traffic on your site, most likely you are not going to make much money with AdSense. You must always take note that, not necessarily everybody that enters your site clicks the Ads. Only a certain percentage of people will click.

For e.g. you receive 1000 visitors a month, only 5% of the visitors click the Ads, so 50 people click your Ads for that month. Also it may vary from month to month, on some months you may have more traffic than others.

The only way to drive more traffic to your site is by regularly creating and publishing quality content.

2. The price of each individual Ads

The pay out for the Ads depends on the competition and demands. If the search term is more competitive, then the Advertisers will pay more for it.

The price range for one click of the Ads may be as low as $0.05 and up to $20-$30. Having that said, it all depends on how competitive is the keyword. For example “make money” keywords will be more expensive than “weight loss” keyword.

You may want to do some individual identification to determine how much money you are actually making per click because how much per click of the Ads will never be revealed to you, me or anyone except Google and the Advertiser themselves.

Let me give you an example. Lets say today you earn $20 from 30 click = about $0.67/ click ( average click-thru earning for the Ads) Take note this is just an estimate, so do not be overwhelmed.


Getting Ready to monetize using Google AdSense

It is not that straight forward as you think, you can’t get Google AdSense to be running on your site as and when you like. There are certain procedures that you have to do before your are officially qualified.

Google is a well recognised and highly reputed company throughout the world. In order for Google AdSense to accept you, and display Ads on your website you must have a website of highly quality. Google will not accept proposals from websites with low quality because they think that it will tarnish their reputation.

Step 1: Get a Website

Don’t think about even earning a penny with Google AdSense if you don’t even have your own website.

You can purchase your own domain at some of the more well known websites such as or

I would recommend that you get a Content Management System(CMS) built software website such as WordPress. It is very easy to build and handle a WordPress built website which also tends to rank better compared to others.

If you don’t have the fund to purchase a domain, you can always create free websites which works somewhat similar to owning your own domain.

I would recommend to use SiteRubix to build your website because it’s WordPress built and you can create two website for absolutely Free. Simply just key in the name of your website and you are ready to go.

Step 2: Build the internal infrastructure of your website – Content

After your website is up, you have to write relevant content which will drive traffic towards your site. Relevant content (using the right keywords) will also determine what are the Ads that will be showing up in your website.

If you never use proper keywords you may be getting totally unrelated Ads on your site which will obviously result in fewer clicks because they are not targeted to your audience. For e.g. you website is on weight loss and the Ads displaying is on making money, its totally unrelated – Do you get what I mean?

If you are unsure about how to build a successful online business and deliver proper keyword related contents you can check out this website. It is a totally free($0) for starter membership which teaches you how to build a website and target specific keywords to bring more traffic to your site.

I suggest that you make a website on what you are interested in because you will have more knowledge on it therefore you will be able to write more content easily and fluently. When you write more content, you will get more traffic and more likely you will get accepted by Google AdSense.

If you want to leverage only Google AdSense on your site to make money, prepare to write more than 50 pages or post. Don’t expect to have fewer than 20 pages or post an expect to generate four digit revenue with AdSense because it will never happen.


 When is the right time I should apply for Google AdSense?

If you do not want to be rejected by Google AdSense you should at least have decent amount of content on your website (about 20-25 pages/post).

Don’t Quote me, so if you just have few lines in every page/post will you get accepted? The answer is obvious NO! You should aim to have at least 500 words in every page/post but I recommend you to write more, the more the merrier.

When I started out, I was rejected by Google AdSense myself. It made me feel so depressing because it indicates the my website was lacking in many areas.


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There are also many positives you can take back when you submit to google AdSense – You will get an rough indication of where your website is standing. If you got accepted, it shows that’s your website is on the right track.

However, if you get rejected don’t be depressed like what I did. Google AdSense will let you know which are aspects that your website is lacking on and you can start working on them.

Take note: Don’t expect Google AdSense to accept your proposal without doing and moderation to the previous defects highlighted, because it is just going to frustrate them more. They will do a review of your website before they even grant you access.

Once you think that your website is ready, you can apply for Google AdSense through this link.


Why am I not making much money with Google AdSense?

They may be several reasons that you should look into if you are not making much money…

  1. Traffic – Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to make “decent” money with Google AdSense traffic is very important. To drive more traffic, you need to continuously add content to your website. The more content you add – Google will deem your site as with more authority which will result to better rankings and eventually more traffic.
  2. Your Ads are not encouraging clicks What do I mean by this?
    • You might lack of Ads, if I am not wrong you can put up to three Ads on a page/post. The more Ads you put will definitely encourage more clicks.
    • The placement of the Ads should also be considered, putting on the widget or in between your content or on the header
    • In other words, you have to do “Trial & Error” to better understand the Ads. For e.g. if your first method didn’t generate much clicks, play around with it – switch positions, colours, add more Ads and etc.
  3. Your Ads are not relevant enough to your contentwhich I have covered earlier in the post
  4. Your niche might not be as demanding as you thought – As a matter of fact, some niches generally have a better pay out per click than others. If you are very keen in generating a high profitable niche, I would suggest you to do some homework for yourself. In other words, identify which niche is more demanding and you can work from that. Only down side of that is you might not have much passion or knowledge about that particular niche.


Why do some get banned from Google AdSense?

The picture on the right is a message that Google AdSense will send to you if they deem that you not complying with the AdSense regulations. It is very common nowadays that a lot of publisher’s AdSense account are getting disabled.

It maybe because you are engaging in fraudulent activity or potential fraudulent click activity.

What do I mean? Come on, if everyone clicks their own Ads countless times and think that Google will pay them you are plain stupid. Obviously if you do such thing you are not following their regulations. One of the most important things they will tell you upon signing up is NEVER CLICK YOU OWN ADS.

15Also, asking your friends or encouraging people to click the Ads in your sites are part of fraudulent activity and you will get banned.

Google is not dumb, they have tracking links all over the Ads to determine who is clicking and how many times.

Rule of Thumb: Never try to outsmart Google’s system


My Personal Take on Google AdSense

Honestly, I would never fully rely on just Google AdSense to generate revenue for my site. Because Google AdSense will regularly change their terms and conditions and if you are not continuously being up-to-date you might be actually “disobeying” their terms and conditions.

In other words, you will never know when and what will happen to your Google AdSense account. To play safe, never put all your eggs in one basket because if you account get disabled suddenly, you can say good bye to your one and only source of income.

Therefore try to leverage on other monetizing strategies also. There is Affiliate marketing, selling Ads spaces, selling your own products( it can be a simple as an e-book), email marketing and etc.

If you are keen on learning how to leverage on other money making strategies, I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate. As a starter member you can build two free websites and lots of lesson which includes how to make money using all of the above strategies instead of just Google AdSense.

If you guys have any lingering question regarding this topic, please leave your questions in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or for those with experience with Google AdSense can also share your personal view below.



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  1. Kumar. I’ve seen somewhere that placing your Adsense adverts in the correct position on your page can make a big difference. Is this correct?

    • Hi Nigel Yes absolutely, placing ads on the right position does matter. For e.g. if you put your Ads right at the bottom it may not encourage as many clicks, but if you put the same ads in between your contents in does make a difference.


  2. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you for publishing this post – it is very informative. I got accepted by Google Adsense very quickly after applying. However, maybe you could help me – what has put me off of using Google Adsense is that there was a limited range of adverts available that tied in with my niche (self development) and I did not like the idea of just sticking anything up on my pages. Also, I noticed that I am not able to choose which pages my adverts go on which also put me off as I don’t want my viewers to look at my site and think it is just a spammy sales pitch encouraging them to part with money. It dilutes the overall message behind my niche. Not keen at all.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hello Holly,
      To be honest with you. It seems your niche might not be very popular that’s the reason why there are only a few range of Ads. Most people don’t like the fact that we can control what type of Ads we want, I also have that exact issue… but unfortunately that’s beyond our means. I suggest you to take a look at this link on how ads are targeted to your site.
      You are right, having too many ads may make your website seem like a spam. What I would suggest you to do is either try to add lots more content to overwhelm the Ads or you should drop Google AdSense and try affiliate marketing. First and foremost, try to build traffic to your website, because without them any method of monetization will become useless. If you got any more questions, please feel free to drop me another comment.

  3. Hi Kumar
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information.
    I also applied for AdSense far too early in my website’s life, because everybody was recommending it. And yes, you guessed it – they rejected. Only thing is I never applied again. The people who recommended getting AdSense neglected to give all the information like you have done right here.
    Thank you for that, I believe everybody should read this post before they even try to apply for AdSense.

    • Hello Linda,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. AdSense is definitely an easy way to make money, provided you are getting traffic. Too many people are making this mistake, assuming that simply by creating a website and displaying ads will result in revenue. That’s very wrong… the idea is to write and publish as many pages/post first and once you are getting decent amount of organic traffic then you can think about monetizing your website either through AdSense or affiliate marketing.

  4. Kumar, I was searching the internet today to find out some information on Google AdSense and came across your article.
    I have a website and it was suggested that I could make additional income using Google AdSense.
    You have provided the information I need to help make my decision whether or not to use this marketing on my website.
    Thanks for the head up on Why do some get banned from Google AdSense? I’m sure a lot of people get banned for trying to trick Google.
    I do get a lot of traffic, so I am going to give this a try.
    I’m glad I ran across your website and thank you for providing this article. I will stop back by in a few weeks to update you on my results

    • Hello Robert,
      Glad I can help you and others. Since you said you are getting lots of traffic, than give AdSense a Go! I will be eagerly waiting to hear for your results. But just a heads up, it may take sometime before you start making a decent amount of money through AdSense. So don’t get disheartened if you never see results within a few weeks or months, eventually you will get there. Just focus on building your content consistently and the rest will follow through.


  5. Kumar,

    This is some very needed information that I wish I knew about a few months ago. I have also tried putting a site into google adsense and was rejected. I do have a question for you, Once someone has a site set up and published as well as having the 25 or more posts/pages, when and what would be a deciding factor for them to decide to proceed with submitting their site to google adsense for review?


    • Hello Dave,
      Glad you asked this question. Ideally, once you hit 25 or more pages/post you can already submit your website to Google AdSense. If nothing is wrong you will easily get accepted. But one thing I need to tell you is without sufficient traffic google AdSense is as good as nothing. I suggest you go to Google Analytics(create a Google analytics account if you don’t have one) and see the amount of traffic you are getting per day. If you are getting anything less than 500 visitors per day(for a start) than there is no point applying too.
      If your organic traffic is very low, than you should focus on improving your content. Just keep publishing consistently, overtime the traffic will gradually increase. Once you hit the steady number you can than apply to Google AdSense. Hope that helps!


  6. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for providing this overview of Google adsense. I’ve never considered Adsense as a way to make additional money from my websites before as I try to sell items directly on my sites so think the adverts could potentially take away from my potential business.

    Am I right in thinking that something like Adsense would work well with information sites?

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