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There are countless ways to make money online and one of them is by doing online surveys. Before you embark on your journey to do online surveys I suggest you ask yourself this very simple question,

  1. Are you looking to use surveys to just make extra cash
  2. or trying to make a full time job out of this.

The reason why I ask you to ask yourself this question is because you have to be absolutely clear of what you want to get from doing online surveys.

If you are looking to use online surveys to just make pocket money then you are good to go.

But, I’m sorry to say for those who want to do online surveys as a full time job, you are in the wrong path. You will never make a living with them.

Today I will share with you all the insights of doing online surveys and I will also share my personal recommendation of a better way to earn money.(full time income)

What is doing Online survey has got to do with money?

To put it in simple words, the organization/company gives a small incentive to the participants who take part in their survey.

Honestly, would you even bother doing a survey online without any reason?

Almost all of us would ignore it and do something more worthwhile.

Doing surveys are very important aspects(gather information) for these companies/organization and the only way to reach out is by rewarding those who help them complete their surveys.

How much money can you earn?

“Earn $120 per week! Earn $480 per month! Earn $5760 per year just by doing surveys that last few minutes”

So.. can you really make so much money with doing online surveys?Money

The answer to this question Yes it is possible but your chances are very slim…

There are of course only very few survey websites that are legitimate. Some of these company/organization set aside a sum of money to do market research(for e.g. a product) and they pay decent amount of money for every survey you do.

However, don’t expect to earn as high $480 per month by just doing a few surveys. Though they claim that the survey may last only minutes, but in order to earn that much money($480 per month) you’ve got to be doing surveys literally whole day.

Where on earth will $480 per month be enough for anyone to make a living? Even cleaner jobs provide a much better pay. This $480 is really the very high end to attract potential participants but in actual fact you may be getting far less than that.

If I advertise “Get paid $0.10 for doing every survey” I bet most of wouldn’t even both because its definitely not worth the time.

However, another thing I want to highlight is that there are many scam websites out there saying they will pay you for you surveys but they may end up paying you pennies or actually nothing.

Most of the time if you want to withdraw the money you need to reach a certain threshold(Quota), lets say you need to reach $100 before you are able to withdraw but if all your surveys earn you only cents.. it will take you ages before you can even withdraw by then most us already quit. In the end, the only winners are the company/organization- You did them surveys for free

This happened to me a on a few occasions, I have joined a few survey site and they always end up paying pennies who each survey, they always make “fake promises” i.e. “Get paid up to $5.oo for each survey” but all these a just pure marketing strategy that has no real value.

I completed several survey but because of the minimal withdrawal threshold and very little money it left me frustrated and I gave up on surveys to make money.

Bottom Line: Most Legit sites out there only pay few cents to dollars for each survey you do.

How to know which survey sites are legit and scams

For those of you who still want to give online surveys a try, go ahead… by all means. But I would suggest you to take these pointers into consideration before you sign up for the survey sites.

One of the most common mistakes almost everyone is doing is assuming that the websites in the first page of Google are the best survey sites. That is wrong, most of the really legit sites are actually not ranked in the first few pages of Google for various reasons.

  • Don’t always Trust what you see – Some sites may be well designed with a very professional look but that doesn’t not mean anything. Some of these sites are purposely designed this way to easily gain “trust” from potential participants. We all have a tendency to fall in to their trap from this.
  • Avoid listening to links provided by other in different comment. Most of the time they are just promoting(earn Scam1commission) the site which might or might not have any value.
  • Do your own research – Search for reviews of what people have to say about that particular site. Don’t limit yourself to a single review. Go do lots of research before you decided to go with it
  • Websites that really defend themselves by emphasizing way too much on “we are not scam sites” are more likely to be scam sites. So BEWARE!
  • Pay a small Fee – If a survey site tell you, pay $XX.XX money access the surveys , this are Bullshits(Pure Scam) so be careful. You are trying to earn money online not give out your money.
  • Trust your instinct – This may sound odd, but some times it does work.
  • Incentive too Attractive 99.99% of the time is really too good to be true so watch out for these high pay out survey sites

 Common Approach towards making money with Survey sites

For those of you who want to give online surveys a try, I will provide a basic walkthrough of how it works…

Assuming you have done you “RESEARCH”,

1. Choose the website that offers money for you to do surveys

2.Once you enter their website, you will be required to sign up(register) to their website

3. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, also the privacy Page before you sign up. Some survey sites may give away your information for others(spammers). Try to avoid those site at all cost.

4. You are required to activate your account through your email address before you can login

5. They will ask you to fill for some of your personal information(demographic) – The more honest information you give to more surveys they can send you. They will only provide surveys depending on the specifications you give them, if you provide very little or none information the opportunities you get for doing survey is very little.

4. Some of your oppurnities will be available on the website and other might be notified through email. So it is good to check their website and email from time to time if not you may miss out on these opportunities.

Things to Take note:

  • Check their threshold Withdrawal – If its too high, try to look for other sites that offer lower withdrawal
  • Ensure that you are paid in cash – Some survey sites gives rewards or pay in gift cards
  • Check the methods you can withdraw the money – For e.g. through PayPal

My Conclusion & Recommendation  

The verdict, you can leverage of certain legit online survey sites to make extra pocket money but never a full time income. There are many scam websites out there and if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste follow some of the important pointers I have mentioned earlier.

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This is no over-night get rich schemes but if you put hard work it can pay you off for a very long time. Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate to see what it has to offer – CLICK HERE


If you guys got any questions regarding todays topic, how to make money online with surveys or Wealthy Affiliate  please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Those of you who have tried Paid surveys can also share you personal experience whether it is a positive or negative experience and how much income have you generated from it.


Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Hey interesting stuff here,
    I didn’t know that surveys actually paid this low. I know you mentioned that its not worthwhile and that you ran into some scams, but you also mentioned a few sites that were legitimate, could you possibly point to one of those so I can see personally see the difference between a scam and a legitiamte one?

    • Hi Andrew, you can check out Paid Surveys Online. Once you look at it, I bet you will understand what I meant by a scam survey site.

  2. Interesting write up on surveys! I used to complete them when I first came online to earn but I got a bit tired of the demographics kicking me out half way through a survey. Tell me, which survey providers would come out at the top of your list?

    • Thank you Chris Evens. to be honest, I never fancy doing online paid surveys and I would not recommend it to anyone but if some people want to do I can say no to them.

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