IncomeStream.Guru Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?

This review is going to be on a program called Guru Income Stream. What is Guru Income Stream? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to start making money online? Is it worth investing money in a program like this? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright, without further ado let’s get things rolling…


Name: Guru Income StreamGuru-Income-Stream-Review


Owner(s): Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts

Price: $99

Rating: 2/5


What is all about?

Guru Income Stream is basically a training course that teaches one how to generate income online through setting up your very own online business win zero cost.

In this course, they will teach you 5 different business models that you could possibly start on your own.

#1: Selling your own product

The first training is all about creating your own product and selling it. Training is catered towards selling digital products instead of physical products. The reasons are simply because it doesn’t cost you much or any money at all to sell digital products whereas physical products would require you to invest quite a bit of money upfront and you would have to deal with more complicated stuff such as delivery, refunds and etc.

Inside the lessons, you will also learn how to get affiliates to promote products for you instead of you finding buyers yourself. Of course, you would need to pay them a small cut of the overall cost as commissions for helping you get the sales. All of these would be covered in the lessons.

#2: Freelancing

This course will teach you how to earn money online through freelancing.

One thing I didn’t like about this particular course is that they make freelancing look very easy but let me tell you it’s not as straightforward and easy as you might think it is. They claim that you can use this method to generate fast cash when you need in hurry.

Before you can start a successful career in freelancing, you must be actually good a something. For e.g. video editing, writing blog posts, video marketing and etc. Another thing is this is not something that will give you instant success. You will need to work your way and gain credibility from your clients before you start getting sales constantly. If your profile is not good, you will never be able to succeed in it. There are tons of people in this particular industry so I would say it’s very competitive.

#3: Video Marketing

The third training is all about getting the job done through video marketing. You will learn how to create videos and also be recommend some free sites that you can use to make those videos.

However, I would say video marketing is more of advanced stuff and sort of incorporated along with another business model(e.g. use video marketing to promote other products) instead of a standalone type of opportunity. If you are a newbie in this field, it is going to be an uphill task for you.

#4: List Building

This particular training is on helping you build an income stream solely through list building. Basically, you will be using auto responders to assist you in this. However, I don’t quite buy into the idea of “free” when it comes to list building because those that don’t require money is not effective and complete so eventually you will have to spend some money sometime down the road if you planning on earning money through your list.

#5: Affiliate Marketing

This next training is called Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the simplest and popular ways to make money online. I have been an Affiliate Marketer for over two years and have never regretted it even once. In this training, you will learn how to create Hot looking affiliate sites in minutes. I’m quite against what they are trying to do here. Again, the are trying to make Affiliate Marketing look easy but let me tell you it’s not.

This is something that is progressively done. You can’t just build a site in minutes and expect to make money out of it.


Who is this For?

This product is basically for anyone who wants to make money online. Whether you are a stay home mom/dad or simply want to work from home, this opportunity is for you. Having said that, you should understand that the results are not instantaneous.

If you are expecting to make quick bucks overnight, sorry, this is definitely not for you. Whether it’s Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Selling your own product, or any other business model you should understand that they are going to take you quite a bit of time before you make some money.

So in other words, you must patient and at the same time committed to long if you want to get anything useful out of this program.

If you ask me, out of all these 5 business models which are the best, I would say it definitely has to be Affiliate Marketing. No, it’s not because I am bias or whatsoever. I have done list building, video marketing as part my Affiliate marketing and no as a standalone business opportunity itself. I also did try freelancing before.

The only thing I haven’t really done is sell my own product, although I did lots of research on it and was very interested in doing so. However, due to lack of understanding and support I didn’t go ahead with it.

You can say that I have tried or have an idea of how all the business models work. The reason why I chose Affiliate Marketing over the rest is because as an Affiliate Marketer, you have more control over yourself, meaning you can work on your business whenever you want and how long you want and the potential to make more money is much higher compared to others.


How Much Does it Cost?

Frankly speaking, at first when I come across this website I thought they are giving out this program for free.

This is what they say on the top of the page,

“We’ve PROVEN that it’s possible to consistently make money online, without spending any money to make that money”

It’s actually kinda contradicting if you ask me. You will eventually still have to pay for this program before you learn how to earn money. So saying it’s possible to make money without spending any money isn’t right!

Anyway, Guru Income Stream costs $99. Is it a lot?

Well, not really…

However, If I am in a situation to whether or not should I buy this product, I wouldn’t buy it as there are just too many downsides to it.


Any Support Offered? ***

This is something I tend to look at often before I buy a product. How good is the support?

From the looks of things, there isn’t much support offered at all. Or should I say, no support at all…

This is definitely disappointing because support can help make or break a person’s success. You might have all the training in the world, but if you have no one to go to and ask questions, or seek advice you are eventually going to be left frustrated.

For the money you pay, the owners should at least provide a medium of support to help people get started and steer them into the right path when the feel stuck. Maybe something as simple as a private Facebook Group could have done the trick.

Too bad… they didn’t even do that!

All they had was, ” If you need assistance, open a ticket at Nope, this isn’t going to work for me. I have bought make money online programs many years before in this is the kind of support I have gotten. If you got any problems, just email me.

The thing is, I don’t mind if they answered my emails but the problem is most of them never get back to me at all. They took my money, and that’s it. No news from them. So email “support” is a NO for me!


Summary of Pros Vs Cons


  • Decent training to help you get started
  • Price is quite affordable
  • Owners are open about themselves


  • Would have been great if their lessons are video based instead of PDF ebooks
  • Some of the training and information are misleading
  • Support provided is very poor
  • Some of this information can already be found online for FREE
  • No guarantees
  • Trying to lure buyers by giving out useless bonuses and worst, putting a price tag on it


My Final Thoughts!

This product is definitely not a scam. It’s legit!

If you are looking for a new opportunity to make money online, Guru Income Stream can definitely give you an idea of how to start one. However, because of the lack of in-depthness and poor support, it will leave you hanging with tons of questions along the way.

I like the idea of teaching one of how to make money through this business models without spending money, but honestly, most of the programs online do require you to invest some kind of money if you want to establish a strong base.

For instance, Guru Income Stream says that you don’t need to build a website or purchase a domain to start Affiliate Marketing. Although it is true to a very small extent, I am not going to agree with them because creating your own website is the basis of Affiliate Marketing. You can’t get those ready made duplicate sites and expect to get sales or just spam your affiliate link around and hope someone clicks and purchases something.

Final Verdict: Legit, but Not Recommended


Are there any Better Alternatives?

As I have already mentioned before, I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for quite some time. Compared to all the business models taught here, Affiliate Marketing is the best catered for beginners who are trying to find a new career online or simply an additional income stream.

If you are really interested in starting an online business particularly towards Affiliate Marketing, one program I will highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community-based training platform that will teach you how to build an online business from scratch.

I have been a member of WA for over 2 years and I have still not looked back once.

The support provided is second to none. They have a live chat feature where you can ask your questions and get answers for it within seconds. You can enter the classrooms and learn from what other members have asked previously or best, you can private message the owners for personal support.

If you want to find out more about WA, you can check out my review on it below:

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Guru Income Stream. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what the program has to offer. Please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions if any or share your personal thoughts.

Thanks for reading…
And I wish you success 🙂


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