InstAffiliate Review – Not So Effective I Guess!

I will be doing a review on InstAffiliate to share with you insights of how this program works. I was introduced to this program from Facebook, I saw a handful of people actually promoting this.

I was curious to know what is it about, which made me actually sign up and try it for myself.

So after trying, I have come to the conclusion that this program is not recommended for anyone. The reason for this statement is because there are lots of misleading information and also other flaws that make this unfavorable.

Alright, without further ado I will move on to the review itself. I suggest you set aside a couple of minutes and actually go through this review thoroughly so you will have a better understanding of what the program has to offer.

Name: InstAffiliatePre-Made-Websites-InstAffiliate


Owner: JP Schoeffel

Price: Free to join, + Different prices

Rating: 1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended


What is InstAffiliate all about?

InstAffiliate is a program that teaches you how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing. However, they don’t really walk you through everything step-by-step and teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

What they are doing is, giving you “pre-built” websites that you can embed your affiliate links(ClickBank) on and earn commissions whenever someone clicks on your link a buys a product.


How much does it Cost?

InstAffiliate is free to join.

According to their website, as a free member you will be entitled to:

  • 1 Affiliate Website
  • Unlimited Traffic – Not sure what they are talking about?
  • Product Updates
  • Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Customer Service – Really?
  • 3 Profit Boosting Features – Yea, right!
  • 24/7 Sales Agents Closing your visitors – Huh?

Once you key in your name, email, and some personal details… you will be taken to the next page where you are encouraged to actually upgrade your membership.


Basically, they want you to promote their product itself so that you can earn commissions. As a free member, you will only be able to refer 10 members and earn $5 from each person if you referral become a paying member.

As a Premium member, you will be able to bring in an unlimited number of referrals and earn a commission of $20 for every referral who upgrades.

In other words, InstAffiliate is encouraging you to upgrade your membership.

If you decide to upgrade your membership, for the first month you will be paying $39 and $29 for the subsequent months. They also offer a lifetime membership for just $169.

If you decided to reject this offers, they will then take you to another page with a down sell.

This time, they will offer you trial membership for 7 days at just $1. Do take note that you will be rebilled after 7 days, so if you want to cancel, make sure to do it before the 7th day.

You still have a choice to cancel this offer and head to the members area with your free account. I was quite disappointed with the members area because it just felt like “trash”. I will go into details about it later on.

Tired of Scams?

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What are the issues with InstAffiliate?

(1) Ready-Made Websites doesn’t rank

Pre-built websites are as good as nothing if you ask me because the content in the website are duplicated. Meaning, everybody who joins this program will get the exact same website. Duplicate content is one of the lasts things you should have if you are an Affiliate Marketer.

In the past, duplicate content may have worked very well. But after the recent updates websites with duplicate contents are heavily penalized and are out of sight in the search engines.

The only best, efficient, and free way to get traffic is to be on Page 1 of Google. Statistics shows that page 1 gets over 92% of the search traffic. So you can imagine how much traffic after pages 2 and above are getting.

So getting this pre-made sites aren’t doing you any good, as you won’t be indexed, thus not getting a single traffic from search engines.

Sharing on social media isn’t going to give you consistent income. You can join those Facebook groups and share your posts from time to time, but rarely people buy anything.

InstAffiliate encourages you paid traffic too but keep in mind that Paid Traffic is going to cost you lots of money especially if you do it wrong. There is no guarantee that you will make any sales even if you spend money on traffic.

(2) 24/7 Customer support service? Lie!

247-Customer-Support-ServiceI mentioned earlier than as a free member you will be entitled to 24/7 customer support. So I decided to test whether it’s true.

I randomly asked them a question, but they still didn’t reply me till now.

As you can see on the image, they were last active 4 hours ago. So how is this considered 24/7 support?

Those things the said to offer you are nothing but words, in reality, there isn’t any value behind it.



(3) Very Average Training

The training video courses that InstAffiliate has promised you are below par, I should say. I think I can find better training for free online than this.

The first set of training is from another ClickBank product called “Traffic Generation”. It just a page that consists lots of downloadable PDF Files.

The second set of training a from another product(website) called List Profit Masterclass. It has 7 videos in it, each video lasts about 3-5 minutes. Those training are just full of words in power point format.

If you solely rely on this training, it going to leave you hanging… because you are not learning anything properly. You are just being dumped with some of his previous low-quality products.

(4) Fake testimonials


The testimonials you see on their site are definitely fake. Just take a look for yourself, just a few sentences with no images.

These testimonials are probably typed by the owner himself. Seriously, how hard can it be to just cook up some fake sentences?

(5) Misleading information

In the video presentation, several features of the pre-built websites were mentioned. One that particularly caught my eye was the “Visitor Memory System and Cross Review System”

First I want you to understand that those are actually not specially built features that only is available on InstAffiliate. The owner just over exaggerated everything to make it feel more valuable.

#1: Visitor Memory System – I can’t remember what exactly he said, but he said something like this. This feature allows your visitors to come back weeks or months later and allow you to gain credit for the sales made.

Let me tell you, that isn’t a feature. It’s called a cookie that most Affiliate programs will provide. Basically, when someone clicks on the link, automatically a cookie will be set for a particular period of time, it can be days, weeks or months, depending on the affiliate program.

Because of that cookie, it will be able to recognize who originally referred the person and will be credited accordingly.

#2: Cross Review system – Basically, this is just a plugin(free to download) that allows you to see other similar posts at the bottom of that current post. This has nothing to do with the “feature” either.

(6) Focus is, Promote InstAffiliate

The whole idea of this program is to encourage people to actually promote InstAffiliate itself. You would already have an idea of this immediately after you register your account.

Instead of taking you to the members area they bring you to a page to encourage you to upgrade to premium and start promoting InstAffiliate.

So the person who is really making money is the owner himself. Honestly, I don’t mind promoting a program that offers value to people.

InstAffiliate is very far from offering any form of value… all they want is more people to spend money and try their program. If you ask me, the chances of you really making any money from using this program is ZERO.

You probably could make a few sales to social media, but other than that… it won’t even help you cover your membership cost.


My Final thoughts.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model to make passive, and full-time income online. There are people making five-figure or even six-figure solely relying on Affiliate Marketing.

It’s not easy to make such income but its definitely possible. All these people have a strong foundation and have worked hard to get to where there are today. There is no push button to success, what InstAffiliate is offering you is something like a push button. They claim to give you automated money making sites, but in reality, they don’t really make you any money.

So.. the only person who is making money off you is the owner himself.

For those of you who are wondering, how can I know so much…

Just to let you know, I’m an Affiliate Marketer too.  I have been involved in this for close to a year now, working full time at this for 6 months now. I’m definitely making more income than my previous 9-5 job. All these wouldn’t have happened if I never come across this training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Basically, it’s an Internet Marketing training program that teaches you how to build an online business from scratch. You will even learn how to build your very own fully functional websites that will help you make money.

If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you take a look at my review.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on InstAffiliate. I hope you have a better understanding of how this program works. Though this program is no necessarily a scam, it still doesn’t offer anything valuable to help you earn income from Affiliate Marketing.

I would love to hear your personal thoughts, so if you have used this program before or planning on trying it, please share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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  1. Hello I have always been a sucker to try a new or old program, My theory is you never know or you can not win unless you play, However in saying this I have tried real hard to check out what someone else may have to say, Hence I found you, Like you I have been doing this on line marketing for about 6 years and have around 300 sites and or splash pages or some kind of advertisement promoting products of different niches, I continue to market my Fav niche Travel or vacations as my full time retirement job, As you say it is a real challenge and my one enjoyment is I love the challenge and talking to people, even if I don’t sell them, Thanks for your review on this site Larry King

  2. Instaffiate will definitely take you by the throat if you are an unassuming innocent searcher who looking to get something as shiny as is presented at the highest level of scamming.
    I spent money with them believing that they are real , forgetting that their duplication and shiny objects should not work. Spoke with them on their socalled chat system and could feel the shallowness in their response and the misleading information come from them that did not add up. I have last nearly four hundred dollars with them and will have to kiss it goodbye. I really feel hurt by these people but I have now put a black mark on the name JP. Thanks for this forum, these worthless marketers need to be exposed.

  3. They say there is a tracking of emails, but there is no follow-up.
    When you enter your email on the capture page, you do not receive any follow-up emails. Sometimes they send another offer with their affiliate link and not yours.

    I signed up and dropped,

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