Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam? Read this Review to Decide

Many people have been asking me whether is 45 minute paydays a scam or legit website to earn money, thus this I have written this review. Before I go in the actual review I just want to address a small concern for beginners(read the first few paragraphs below).

Making money online is never as simple as counting 1,2 or 3. There are three things that one is required to understand before he/she wants to be successful in the online world.

They are,

1. Knowledge – If you are keen to make money online there are 101 ways, those without the basic fundamentals will not even able to come up with a single way that will earn them money.

2. Patience  – Do not expect to earn trucks of cash overnight if you are just starting out.

3. Common sense* – Are you wondering why I put a star for this. Personally, I think this is the most important aspect for those beginners trying to make earn money online. Many of us fail to use even the slightest of our common sense which is the very reason why beginners lose lots of money before eventually finding the suitable money making model.

Let me give you an e.g., if I tell you there is a system that can make you $50,000 every month with very minimal effort and to get that system you have to invest $500 first. I can assure you there are handful of people who will agree to everything because they are blinded by desperation.

Honestly, who doesn’t want $50,000 a month with just a small investment. This is where common sense comes in…ask yourself, do you really think making money is so easy and if that’s the case there will never be poverty and poor people at all in the world. But why is there still poor people? The answer is straight forward, because these are scams… only the founder(Scammer) is getting richer from the expense of your hard earned money.

And the 45 minutes paydays is not far away from being a scam, as you read my review you will understand why…


Name: 45 Minute Paydays45-minute-paydays-reviews


Owner: Matt Lloyd

Price: $49 + Many hidden upsells

Rating: 15/100


What is 45 Minute Paydays about?

45 minute paydays is a “new”(so called) business model created to allow anyone the freedom to work from home. It claims that with their system you will be able to make up to $10,000 per month by just working a minimum of 45 minutes per day.

Their business model,

  1. Find leads – which they will teach you how in their trainings and tutorials
  2. Paste Advertisements (Ads) – Copy the Ads from the trainings and paste for the leads
  3. Collect Money…

Sounds good right? Just pay a one time fee(investment) of $49 and you are en-route to a luxurious and freedom-filled lifestyle. Well, sorry to cut short your day dreaming because that is not entirely true and furthermore there is a catch.


The Ugly Truth

Well… like I mentioned earlier, 45 minute paydays has not been very honest about their business model as there are many things that are deliberately untold.

Firstly, 45 minute paydays is simply a disguise for another product that is already in the market. Ever heard of My Online Business Education(MOBE)? For the benefit of those who are unsure of what MOBE is about, I will give a brief explanation.

MOBE is owned by Matt Lloyd which is claimed to be a training platform for people who want to start making money online or current business owners who want to take their business to another level However, the problem with MOBE is their sole purpose is not to help you make money but to help them.

Why? Because instead on focusing on trainings to help you make money or improve you business, they emphasize greatly on selling their own products to earn commissions.

Within MOBE there are several training packages that are available to purchase. This packages are claimed to help you make money online. And one of the most common training packages is My Top Tier Business(MTTB).

MTTB = 45 minute paydays (somewhat)

In other words, the business model MTTB used is almost similar to what 45 minute paydays is currently using only thing now is with a different identity.


What else you need to know

#1: Not a good money making model

On paper the business model sounds great but in reality this well never really work out. In their website they only touched the good portion and left the ugly portion untold. Of course if they told you those, you probably would never even be willing to try.



The above is a snip from one of their websites, everything sounds so easy… just “paste a link in front of them, after they click the link, literally everything else is done for you and you get paid!”. Don’t be conned by this pleasing sentences because they only tell you part of the actual story.

What you are really going to sell his called “high ticket Products”… basically they are worth thousands over of dollars. where do you think you $1250, $2500 or $5000 commissions are going to come from? Obviously from selling those high valued products… The products you will be selling are similar training packages.

Facebook has over 1 billion users and 2.2 billion people search on google everyday… so what?

Honestly, ask yourself who is going to buy all these products? This products you are going to sell is not catered to everyone. Will teenagers or elderly be keen on this product? The answer is an obvious NO. So you can really base on those statistics because they are not exactly true.

Do you think spamming links on Facebook or YouTube is going to help? Some people may bother to open and read but I can guarantee almost none will want to buy such products.

Eventually you are going to get frustrated by this and just give up…(likely scenario)

But WAIT… there is another catch too… which I will explain right below this


#2: There are hidden fees coming you way…


The number of lies in this business model is way to many… the one-time investment of $49 will not put you on the road to $10,000 instead it will land you on the road(full of debts)

The one time fee of $49 is a total lie because you will never get full access to everything. You will have access to 21-step video trainings and tutorials once you paid you fee. However, you will not get immediate full access. You will be limited by one or two videos and once you finished them your coach will unlock them for you.

Once you reach step 6 “How to license a proven a profitable business”… here comes the killer blow. Your coach will let you know about the upsell which is the license to promote the products and etc. As you progress in the steps, the amount of money you need to pay will be over tens of thousands of dollars.

These guys are not really your personal coach, they are more of a sales person. Every time they will just try to pitch and upsell to you… For e.g. “if you never purchase this, you will not be able to sell high ticket items($1250,$2500 or $5000 profits)” and so on…

Ask yourself this… as a beginner are you ready to splash over $20,000 just to purchase a product that doesn’t guarantee you any income? Don’t get blinded by their $49, because it doesn’t tell the entire story.


Tell-tales signs of a potential scam

#1: “Free money” claims…


I believe most of you were drawn attention to by this by the $500 guarantee claim. According to their website, they mentioned “we will pay you $500 for trying”.

So…does it mean when you enter you email address, read through their content and eventually decide to pay $49 to try out their program you will be eligible for the $500?

The answer is an obvious No. Does it make sense that they will pay you $500 for you spending only $49? There are certain terms and conditions which are not openly mentioned which is why many people fall into this trap thinking they get “free” $500.

In other words, in order to be eligible for the $500 money guarantee you are required to spend over tens of thousands and dollars and genuinely try out their program. Remember earlier I mentioned about common sense? It time to put it for good use here. Just imagine, anyone can just pay $49 fake that they “tried” the system and ask for the $500 money…if that’s the case then the owner will obviously go bankrupt.

So what I am trying to say is that this $500 is just used as a “bait” to lure you into their trap. So think twice before putting your feet into it!

#2: Inaccurate availability


Well, you will also come across their website saying that only three positions are remaining in your area. This is absolutely FAKE!!! You come back one hour later, 1 day, 1 week or even a month later and it will still show you the same thing. Basically they want people to act fast(thinking that this is a one off opportunity) and sign up.

Also, there is no limit to only a certain number of people can be accepted per month. There just put this up too “fool” everybody, as you knowledge you think its a rare opportunity but behind the scenes they are continuously recruiting more members with no limits.


#3: A one-sided story? 


I believe all of you would have read the short story of Raena Lynn in the website… From the story it says Raena Lynn is now earning lots of money because of 45 minute paydays. Well that’s actually a lie!!!

The truth is Raena Lynn has been in the business even before 45 minute paydays was introduced?

Strange isn’t it…?

Yeap, that’s true. Raena Lynn is actually a member and coach of My Online Business Education(MOBE). To be a long-term member in MOBE one have to spend easily over $20,000(and not confirm you will make money).

You maybe wondering why they use her as a scapegoat for this? Probably she is one their most successful members from their company.

Who wouldn’t want to take that opportunity to increase their companies publicity and boom their business? Well…that’s what is probably happening here.

Since the business model is the same(I mentioned earlier) and only the name keeps changing, there is no way it can go wrong for the owners.

People who does less research and newbies(just starting out) will only be hearing the one-sided story whereas the truth will never be known. And they be the ones who easily fall into their trap.


My Final thoughts…

I hope by now you would have understand that 45 minute paydays is not the right place for anyone with little or no income to start making money online. If you have $20,000 over money to spare than go ahead by all means you can go try out that program.

This business model may not be exactly a scam but many things highlighted in their website are not genuine and misleading to desperate people who are seeking money making opportunities online.

Some things that sounds to good to be true are probably aren’t…go with your gut feeling(it does work sometimes), work 45 minutes per day and earn over $10,000 a month?

Wow! really…? Nothing in this world comes easy without hard work and patience unless you strike a lottery(which is out of this equation)

Verdict:thumbs down

What now ?

Don’t feel down if you think you have lost a good opportunity to make money, just be thankful that you found out the truth earlier. Well… if you are really keen in learning how to make a living online I suggest you to check out my No. 1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you will learn things like starting your own website and making money out of it. Unlike 45 minute paydays where you are required to invest money first, in Wealthy Affiliate you have a trial membership which is absolutely free.. You can get access to all the lesson, trainings and features.

If you think you are ready to take yourself to another level you are always advised to upgrade but you can always remain as a free user too.

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That’s all for me…hope you enjoyed the review. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Yours Truly,

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  1. I love it! You gotta have some common sense. Personally I did invest a lot of money back in the day for a company that went under… .falls into the exact category that you are talking about. I wouldnt trust these guys in that respect. Maybe they are alright but they seem to similar to something I’ve done before. Thanks for the info.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  2. Great info,
    Sounds like a pretty blatant attempt to funnel folks looking for easy online income into a much more expensive product.
    I agree with your advice about common sense and keeping your eyes open: if you could easily make tens of thousands a month without any hard work everyone would be rich!

  3. Very good advice offered here, I have always been suspicious of sites like that, they ALWAYS end up costing you money and more often than not,are very deceptive. I am glad you have written these reviews as people who want to get into online marketing need education and to be steered away from sites like ’45 minute paydays’
    Great work, Renny

  4. Hello Kumar,

    I was searching around for ways to make a little profit online and found your post here. I actually hadn’t heard of 45 minute paydays until this review. It sounds like another “training program” this is just designed to funnel money from their customers pockets into theirs while stringing them along. Like you said this isn’t a great business practice. Good thing I found your review so I can help spread the word.


  5. Great article. I have always been wary of sites that promise you will make money in a short time. How can anyone guarantee that? It doesn’t matter how good the site and training are it all comes down to the person. How committed are they? Are they willing to put in the time and effort required? Are they motivated my greed? I agree that there are a number of things needed to succeed including education, motivation, dedication and support. That is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. I have the motivation and dedication and they give me the education and support. Now that is a marriage made in heaven.

  6. I haven’t heard of this program before but the name alone just spells out “cheese” to me. Anytime someone names their site “45 minute payday,” you’re just screaming scam to people.

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