Is Ad2Prosper a Scam? Read This Review Before You Join!

I will be doing a Review on Ad2Prosper to share with you the real truth behind this site and finally conclude whether it is a scam or legit opportunity to make money. So please bare with me as I will now walk you through the entire process.


Name: Ad2ProsperIs-Ad2Prosper-A-Scam


Owner: Owned by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. (London)

Price: $0 to $255 (depending on the membership)

Rating: 50/100


Ad2Prosper Overview

Ad2Prosper is a reward website that pays real money to members for completing simple tasks.

They have adopted Network Marketing as their business model so that average people with no experience at all will be able to significantly increase both their leisure time and monthly income. In other words, the amount of people you have in your downline will determine how much you will earn. I.e. the more referrals you have, the more money you will earn.

Ad2Prosper is commonly misunderstood as a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site. There are ads to be clicked within the members area, but clicking those will not make you anything. You entire focus should be on bringing in as many referrals as you can.


Once You Sign Up…

Upon signing up, you will be directed to your dashboard within the members area. There is a startup Bonus Package waiting for you to be redeemed. This bonus package consists,

  • 1 direct referral (Real Person)
  • $5.10 Prosper Balance – Cant be cashed out, only use it to buy direct referrals, Upgrade Membership and Play Games
  • $5 Advertiser Balance – Use this to promote anything you want




Learn from my experience

In order to get the bonus, you are required to click and view 20 different ads. I personally took 23 minutes to complete this task. You could actually have a shorter time than me if you avoid the same mistake I did. Within the Ads area there will be over hundreds of ads to view, so you can randomly choose and view whatever you want. There are both 60 seconds and 30 seconds ads, the 60 seconds ones are found at the top while the 30 seconds ones are found slightly below.

The mistake I did was, I was clicking on lots of 60 seconds Ads because I didn’t know there were 30 seconds Ads. So to reduce the timing by half, I suggest you straight away view all the 30 second Ads. One thing you should take note is… you cant outsmart the system by opening multiple Ads a time. The timer only moves when you are viewing that particular page.

Are these bonuses really worth anything?

To be honest, apart from the 1 direct referral the other two cash balance is not really worth it. Yes, you can use it to do some stuffs. But the sole purpose is, this bonus acts as the bait to lure more people into upgrading their membership.


Looks like I was right, you are actually required to upgrade to bronze prosper member in order to keep your bonus… This is definitely quite disappointing for people who don’t intend to upgrade because nothing about upgrading was mentioned in order to keep your bonus. Seems like I have just wasted 20 minutes of my time for nothing!


How much does it Cost?

Ad2Prosper is Free to join, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to actually start making money. But like I said earlier, you are encouraged to upgrade you membership right from the start.

Now, lets take a look a the different memberships available:


Of course, the more money you pay the more benefits you will have. If you are really keen to make some decent income every month, upgrading to the bronze membership is the least you could do. Take a look at the earning levels between the Free member and the bronze member… there is a significant jump from 1 to 4. Level 1 means you can only earn from your downline while level 4 allows you to earn from your referrals downline as well, thus you can earn more money.

One thing that caught my eye was the “Earning Goal”.. take a look at it. It seems as a platinum member you can make $30,386 per month. Well, I think this is very misleading and shouldn’t be included in the first place. There is no way to guarantee how much money can one earn because lots of factors has to come in consideration. If someone decided to “pull the trigger” based on the earning potentials will probably going to regret later on when he realises he never came close even…

My Advice here is, if you are totally new to Ad2Prosper don’t blindly go for the most expensive membership thinking that you will make that suggest amount of money. You might want to try the bronze membership to see how things are working out and whether you are making any money. After that, if you are comfortable then you can upgrade 1 level at a time.


How exactly will you make money?

I believe most of you are waiting for this right, don’t worry I will try to explain in the most simplest way as I can!

First and foremost, get this straight!

“No Referrals = No Money”

Yes that’s right, like I mentioned earlier referrals is the core to this business model… without them you will earn nothing.

Before I move on, lets take a look at how to get referrals:

(1) Purchase Direct Referrals

This is by far the simplest way to get referrals, you PAY for it…


Each referral is going to cost you $5. But as you can see the above, they have several different packages to choose from. The more referrals you buy the better discount you get. Remember, different memberships allows you to only purchase a certain number of referrals. For instance, the free membership only allows you to purchase 50 referrals while the platinum membership allows you to purchase unlimited referrals.

If you haven’t realise yet, this business model actually requires to spend money upfront in order to make money. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will make money too. Buying referrals is not really a big issue, but the question is whether can you cover the overhead cost and actually see profits?

The major problem is whether your referrals are active. You cant control every individual, you may end up buying referrals but if you referrals are inactive, you are on the losing side. That is why I will not encourage anyone to buy referrals, instead go and manually hunt for them(Second option)


(2) Promote Your referral link

This is the more cost effective method, but at the same time you should also know that it is a much slower method. To most common way to promote your referral link is to create a website and talk about it. Share with your visitors why they should join Ad2Prosper and what are the benefits they will get and finally include you referral link and say something like “Click Here to Join”. If you have zero knowledge about internet marketing and creating websites that this is definitely going to be an uphill tasks for you. Ad2Propser doesn’t seem to have any training on how to create websites and such.

Any guesses why the never really emphasize on promoting your referral link? Well.. it’s simply because they want you to spend money and buy direct referrals so then can earn revenue from you!

Anyway, other ways you can promote you link is by sharing on social media, forums, create YouTube video, post on classified ads and etc. But like I said, the most effective way(and difficult if you got no internet marketing background) to get referrals is by creating a website and promoting.


How will you earn money?

To put in simplest form, you earn money whenever you referrals upgrade the membership or purchase any advertising at Ad2Prosper.

Being a Free member only allows you to earn “upgrade commissions” from bronze upgrades. Let say if you want to earn commission from one of your referrals who upgraded to Gold membership, you have to either be a Gold membership or platinum membership yourself.


Summary of Pros & Cons


  • It’s free to join
  • There is a great potential to earn money – even as a free member
  • You get a startup bonus
  • Strong back-office



  • The high end memberships seems to be quite costly
  • Anticipates the idea of “put money, to make money”
  • No proper trainings to promote direct referral link
  • Whole business model revolves around “Referrals”
  • You are indirectly encourage to upgrade to platinum membership in order to get “upgrade commissions” from all different memberships
  • Average support


My Final thoughts…

Ad2Prosper looks like a legit website to make money online, but you are heavily encouraged to spend money before you get to make money which kinds of disappoints me. I’m not a big fan of this business model because you success is literally not in your hands, instead its depends on your referrals. If you referrals are just tire-kickers you can forget about making anywhere a decent income at all.

There are much better opportunities to make money online, and I believe you will be better off spending your money at elsewhere. If you are looking for a better business opportunity I can show you how, in fact I am earning fulltime income through this myself. I highly encourage you to take a look at my #1 Recommended program that may be the more ideal business model for you.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Ad2Prosper. I hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. Likely users, Past users and even current users of Ad2Prosper are welcomed to share with us your personal opinions. I really look forward to hearing from all of you. 🙂



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  1. Great review buddy. I searched for more reviews about this website and I stumbled here. You are very carefull with details and that makes your review more valuable for people. I have found it very helpful. Thank you!


  2. Ad2prosper is a scam site. Please do not pay for any membership upgrade or for any direct referrals. Even I fell for them. I upgraded to bronze membership. They promised me with this upgrade 3 direct referrals. Nothing happened. Tried to contact them. U are only allowed to send them 1 email. ???? My mistake was i transferred money to buy the direct referrals, $ 16.00. Again Nthg happened, they increased my advertiser account. Following I tried to advertise, 5 different advertisements. They review the advertisements, it will take up to 72 hours. Pending review, still after one week. No this site is a scam. Please people be aware. Thanks God i used Paypal. The dispute of the payment $ 16.00 for the direct referrals is running. And guess what people, immediately my account was suspended, even though I haven’t reported the bronze membership account upgrading to Paypal yet. So after my account suspension I even reported my bronze membership upgrading to Paypal as fraudulent. Please do not waste your precious time and money with them.

  3. hey this is 100% fake friends so do not waste time

    nothing you will get this i 3 months join but i have under 130 members but nothing will get this 100% fake

  4. I’m a member and upgraded to bronze. I have 5 direct referrals. I put money in my ad account, but they don’t aprove any of my ads, so I can’t use it. I’ve tryed to reach the support team but they don’t recognize my membership, so I can’t mail them. I’ve tryed to reach my sponsor, the one who has encouraged me to upgrade, but they always say that he can’t receive my message. So I’m thinking this is a total scam. I don’t know what else to do. Can somebody help me?

    • Alvaro, you are not the first and definitely not the last to face issues like this. In the past, these guys has been paying without problems, but now seems like things have changed. There’s no way anyone can help you out my friend, sorry. The only way for you is to try and get in contact with the support team. If no other way, I highly recommend that you stop paying and leave that program immediately.


  5. Why do you talk that site is a scam or not paying in march, and I received money in may?!

    Also I received from ad2prosper very good referrals for other programs.

    These guys are very serious, they have registered Proprofit company and they are top enrollers in SFI.

    If you cant bring referrals that is your personal problem but you cant talk for some site is a scam.


    • Well, obviously you didn’t read my review properly. I eventually concluded that this site is legit. Anyway, you might also want to read some of other member’s personal experience. These guys have spent money on the membership and not made a dime. You might be fortunate to get paid first time round but everyone else might not be.

      If you are making money with them, that’s great. Good for you… I have nothing against you or them.

      But personally, I wouldn’t rely too much on this guys given what other members are saying about them. Good luck to you!

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