Is AdFiver a Scam? Check Out This Review Before Joining

For those of you who are thinking about joining AdFiver, I highly recommend that you go through this review at least once. AdFiver may not necessarily be a scam but there are a few key pointers that are worth taking note off before you consider joining. I believe some of you will agree with me while others might not because it depends on an individuals preference.


Name: AdFiverIs-Adfiver-A-Scam


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free to join

Rating: 35/100 (Updated on 20/1/2016)


What is AdFiver all about?

AdFiver is an online advertising pay-to-click (PTC) site that pays members for clicking and viewing on the displayed ads. This is a fairly new site since it was only launched in October 2015. Even though they are new, they seem to have established a name in this industry mainly because of their trustworthiness. That’s right! These guys are definitely legit because do pay their members without issues.

What’s worst than spending lots of hours clicking Ads to find out that you have been actually scammed? It’s true, I have come across several other PTC sites that actually do something sneaky behind to prevent members from reaching the cash out amount which I thinking is unethical.

Besides clicking on Ads, you can also earn money by referring other individuals to join the AdFiver network.

I have personally tried AdFiver myself and to be honest I am not really a great fan of them even though they may be legit. I will be getting in further details about them in a moment so please bare with me.


Different Types of Membership

AdFiver is totally free to join, so you literally don’t have to pay a penny to earn money. But what you should know is that the amount of money you can earn through the free membership is very little and close to nothing.

In other words, you are indirectly encouraged to actually sign up to their other memberships if you are really keen in making more money. Besides the starter membership(which is free) you have to pay $70/year for the platinum membership and $640 per year for the ultimate membership if you are thinking about upgrading.

Obviously the highest price membership will have more added benefits than the other two.



Frankly speaking, the ultimate membership is a bit too pricey in my opinion. Before you think about upgrading, you have to ask yourself a very important question. Am I going to be fully committed with AdFiver? If you have a 50-50 mind set and thinking that you might just give it a try, all I can say is prepare to lose $70 or $640 depending on your membership.


Referral troubles?

The problem with any PTC sites is that if you are not ready to put in lots of effort you are definitely not going to succeed. It may look easy like making money but in reality it’s not. To see achieve any level of success, the minimum requirement you need is to get referrals. Don’t expect to simply click on those ads and make lots of money because it will not happen in a hundred years.

You NEED referrals, simple as that… and there is no other options.

There are two ways to get referrals – Each has it’s own downsides

  • Direct Referrals
  • Rented Referrals

Direct referrals means referrals who joined directly through your affiliate link(which can be found under my account>referral link). In reality it is not easy to get referrals and furthermore it is going to be difficult to ensure that all your referrals are actually clicking. You are not going to make lots of money if your referrals are inactive.

The first problem you have to tackle is: How to get referrals?

  1. You can share you link on social media’s like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but that is seriously not going to be effective. Some of your friends may join but “SOME” is not go enough!
  2. Spamming links on random websites, YouTube or other platforms is never going to work. Most people don’t like spams and also there are thousands of other people who are exactly doing the same thing… so your chances are very slim
  3. The best way for you to get referrals is to create a website, write a description about why is AdFiver good and then share them your affiliate link and direct them to join.

The difference with rented referrals is now you have to pay a sum of money to get these referrals. You can get 100 referrals for $20, again you should realise that you are actually going to be spending more money here. The problem with rented referrals is that if your referrals go inactive again, you are not going to be making much money. Under AdFiver terms they have stated that if within 14 days your rented referral didn’t click on the ads once, they will replace with a new referrals. What you need to take note here is that, the transition period is quite long(14days), so you will not be able to make consistent income if all your rented referrals are inactive.

Moral of the story?: Renting referrals is not an ideal solution, if you are really interested to make money from AdFiver than you have to create a website and promote them to get direct referrals!


What I liked?

#1: Free to join

One of the positives is definitely that it is free for anyone to join. This is very suitable for those people who are looking to earn some extra cash during their spare time.

#2: Great Support

The support provided by AdFiver is great. They have a very active Facebook page which quite frequently update. Their forum is very active too, I notice lots of members communicating and sharing their personal monetary success with everyone. This is definitely a good sign indicating that this site is legit.

#3: Low Cash out

You only need to reach at least $3 before you can cash out. I have come across sites that need minimum $10 or $15 before you would be able to cash out. $3 is definitely a good cut off because when it’s too long people tend to lose motivation for clicking because it will “take like forever”.

#4: Variety of payment options

You can get paid through Payza, PayPal, Neteller or Bitcoin – depending on your individual preferences


What I didn’t like

#1: No refund policy

They have a no refund policy, so once you bought anything from them you have 0% chances of getting a refund. So I suggest, you give some thought to it whether you need it before making the purchase.

#2: Account Suspension

I was quite disappointed to find out that if a person is inactive for 30 days, the account will be temporarily suspend and for 60 days means permanent suspension. It seems a bit too harsh if you ask me… what if the person had some money inside? All his hard work would have gone.

#3: very little money to be made

The potential amount of money you can make is very little, this is also the main reason why I don’t like AdFiver. Most ads costs from $0.001 ~ $0.01, just imagine how much time you need to spend on clicking those ads just to clog up $3? I believe you will be better of doing something much more worthwhile.

#4: Success is not really on your hands

To make lots of money, you need to get active referrals who are regularly clicking on the ads. It is not easy to keep hold of all your referrals because most of them will get bored of it overtime. The only way is to bring in lots and lots of referrals but even that is an uphill task!

#5: Complaints of not getting paid (updated)

Alright, I added this because recently I have been getting lots of complaints that AdFiver is actually not paying out especially to those people who upgraded to platinum or ultimate membership. It seems that there are very selective in paying their members, in other words some members gets paid while others don’t…this is more like to “cover this @ss”. These guys seem to be using typical scam artists tactics such as not replying emails/support or trying some other funny tricks to stop you from eventually withdrawing your funds.


My Final thoughts…

By the looks of things, its going to be a tough call to conclude whether AdFiver is a scam or not. The most important factor for PTC sites is “are their members promptly paid without any issues?” By looking at recent member complaints I am going to lean towards AdFiver is a scam and thus I encourage all users to avoid this at all cost. But if you still want to give this a try, to play it safe just remain as a starter member instead of upgrading… this way you got nothing to lose.

If you are looking for legit way to earn decent income online I highly recommend that you try out online marketing. Basically the idea is you promote other people products/services and earn commissions from them.

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I have come to the end of my review on AdFiver, I believe you guys have benefited a lot and now will be able to make a much wiser decision going forward. You are entitled to share your opinions with us, so don’t feel shy just drop a comment in the box below. Looking forward to seeing all your responses.

Also, Happy New Year to all of you! May this year 2016 be your breakthrough year to financial freedom! 🙂



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  1. Adfiver wont let anyone cash-out more than 10 dollars. What do u say about that. I could only cash-out 7 dollars and i invested 1000 dollars. U think i can get that money back??

    • Hi Bilgehan,
      Very sorry to hear about that. Honestly, I have to say that this is an uphill task for you to get back you money. The reason is because AdFiver have already clearly indicated to everyone about their no refund policy. which means they probably will not refund you. I’m not sure how did you spend $1000 dollar, did you purchase the yearly “ultimate membership”? I wasn’t too sure about the maximum cash out but if really you can cash-out less than 10 dollars only its very disappointing. But since you can cash out every 4 days then it shouldn’t be a problem right? because you still can get your money.
      You might want to explain in details a bit more? If you have made a lot of money and they didn’t let you cash-out then it’s a scam. But if you made money, and you can cash-out around $7 dollars every 4 days without a problem then I don’t think it is a scam.

  2. adfiver is scam, i am platinum member of adfiver, i have $26 in my account and since 4 days i am trying to withdraw but neither they are replying any of my support ticket nor allowing me to withdraw my funds and they are also running many fake sites like or in which they are giving false details to users so many of them can join their site. so please avoid this site. when you will reach 600rr with platinum they will restrict you withdrawals.

    • Hi syed zubair, I am sorry to hear this. It seems like AdFiver is selectively paying out their members. Almost all the people who turned out to be having problems(“scammed”) are those who upgraded to Platinum/ultimate membership. I noticed that those beginner members are paid promptly, maybe the reason is to tell them that “this site is legit, so you can by all means go on an invest money with us”. Then after they invest, they get scammed! This is the problem with PTC sites, they are not fair with everybody. Some people gets paid and some others don’t so its going to be very difficult to get their site down because of the mixed opinions among users. I strongly suggest that you don’t invest your money or time into something that pays you so little at the same time doesn’t guarantee that you will make money. Thank you for sharing this with us, I hope other users will learn from your mistake and thus steer away from AdFiver or other PTC sites. If you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is the simplest and most legit way, you can join for free here


  3. I want to cashout writing so what is it? whether bitcoin payments could adfiver Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/adfiver/public_html/cashout-go.php on line 391

  4. AdFiver is really a BIG SCAM !!!!!!
    There are many disputes with Paypal and Payza.
    The same happened to me. They owe me $ 20, but people cannot withdraw their money.

  5. You are right. For the last 3 weeks I have tried to cash out my money with adfiver but all it tells me is too many requests. . They offered me a 10% adfiver bonus if I wait two weeks and now that I’ve waited it keeps saying the same thing, too many requests try later. I also contact support they said “We dont promise about your payment would be made.”

    So I transferred my balance to advertiser balance and spent the amount in advertising my link. But who knows that the traffic is real or just created by the bot.

    The big scam site …very bad. I refer only three sites really paying to the members.

    neobux, clixsense, and littlebux

    • Hi Manoj Kumar,
      Very Sorry to hear your loss. It is quite disappointing to see how AdFiver has really turned into(their true colour). If I’m not wrong, these guys were actually paying their members without fail a couple of months back… but now I see too many complaints about them. The issue with PTC sites are, if you look carefully at their terms and conditions, they will mention something like “we don’t promoise about your payment would be made” or your account can be terminated anytime if we found that something is wrong. It’s very frustrating because you spend so much man hours working on something that pays pennies in the end to realise that you don’t get paid.

  6. In one Word the biggest scamer ptc website litely hey people an advise run away from it . And good luck With other honest websites like trafficmoonsoon .

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