Is Amazing 5 a Scam? Read This Review Before You Join!

I believe most of you here would be astonished by the lucrative investment plan Amazing 5 has in stored for you.

But before you dive in and invest, I would highly encourage you to spend the next couple of minutes to read this review where I will be sharing insights of this program and concluding whether it’s a scam or legit opportunity to earn passive income online.

Name: Amazing 5 LimitedIs_Amazing_5_A_Scam


Owner: Noah Tucker

Price: Free to join, minimum deposit $20

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended


What is Amazing 5 all about?

Amazing 5 is known as a high yield investment program. Almost all HYIPs operates in a very similar way, basically, they ask you to invest in their “well-doing” company and get profits over time.

Amazing 5 is no different from that. According to their website:

“Amazing 5 Limited is an international wealth management company that offers individuals and groups the opportunity to participate in some of the most exciting global investments available”.

I’m not too sure how long has this company been running offline, but their domain is fairly new. Only Registered on the 19th of August 2015. There isn’t much information about how exactly the company is operating, all they said were that currently they are doing projects in real-estate, financial, tourism and etc.

Personally, I don’t think this information are sufficient enough for individuals to gain trust in their company. They should probably include more information and also pictures to prove their credibility.

Amazing 5 isn’t the first HYIP that I have come across. Over the months online, I have seen tons of different types of HYIP. Most of them, come and go(disappear) very quickly and there is also a handful of them who have been around for quite some time.

But what you should really know is, this kind of investment programs are very RISKY. You are taking a big gamble when you are investing in such opportunities because you will never really know what’s going to happen next.

Think about this, what if you invested $50,000 into a company that you only came to know about online and they suddenly ran out of business and closed down.

What do you think can you do to get back your money back?

Nothing.. Yes, you can literally do nothing about it especially if you are on the other extreme corner of the world. The only person who is going to lose out is you and not them because they are running away with your money in their hands.


How Much is It?

Like I mentioned earlier, Amazing 5 Limited is free to join. But to get involved in their investment plan, you have to deposit a minimum amount of $20.

They have two different investment plans that you can go about making money from, I will go into details about them later on.

But just to give you a heads up, Amazing 5 is welcoming a single deposit of $500,000.

Yes, you heard me! A whopping $500,000.

Seriously, would someone really boldly invest such a big amount in companies like this? If that was me, I think I would have sleepless nights every day.

Payment options offered:

  • Payza
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Advcash

The have currently 6 different payment options. I believe some of you will be wondering, where is PayPal. Just to let you know, Paypal isn’t doing any business with this kind of investment programs already because the complaints in the past are just too many.

Paypal has a policy of helping you get a refund if you lodge a complaint against that particular company. But since the nature of this business always leads to unhappy customers, it has always been a great hassle for Paypal, trying to go an extra mile and helping people get refunds.

Now, they have totally avoided having business with such opportunities.


Their Investment Plans

There are two investment plans to choose from Amazing 5.

(1) The Five


“The Five” plan lasts for a total of 31 business day, meaning only Mondays to Fridays(Weekends are not included). And of 31 days, you can expect a total return of 155%, which means you will have made a profit of 55%.

So let’s say, you deposited a total fund of $1000. At the end of the 31 days, you will be getting $1550.

(2) Fixed 112


Since the second plan lasts for a shorter period of time, it returns you a profit far lesser than compared to the first plan.

This plan lasts for 10 calendar days which includes weekends too. After the 10 days, you can expect a return of 112% of your total investment.

For instance, if you deposit $1000. After 10 days you will be able to take out a total of $1120, meaning you have made a net profit of $120.


Another Alternative to Make Money?

Amazing 5 also has an affiliate program which allows you to earn commissions for up to three levels. – 20% referral commission from each individual.

All you have to do is bring in “clients” through your affiliate link. And when that person deposits a fund, you will make a cut from it.

You will notice that there are two types of bonus, “standard bonus” and “representative bonus”. Standard bonus caters to people who don’t make any deposit but just bring in clients to earn some commissions.

However, if you want to earn greater commissions, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $1,000 and achieve the “representative” status first.

If you want to learn how I make a full time living from being an Affiliate, check this out!


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons


  • A possibility of making some money
  • Minimum investment limit is quite low, only $20
  • Opportunity to earn income through multi-affiliate program without investing any money
  • Didn’t seem too open up about their company. Felt like they should mention more about who is the owner and who runs the company currently and etc.
  • The idea of getting rich quickly through investing looks easy. Just invest and make money. Lots of pondering, like where they get the profits or how does it benefit the company in any way. There definitely seem to be a hidden agenda which I am not sure what it is. Seriously, who runs a company without thinking about making profits for themselves.
  • Amazing 5 has the authority to cancel your refund request. Meaning you might not get a refund.
  • Most HYIP are very promising but mostly turns out to be a scam, how different is this?
  • Doesn’t accept Paypal as one of its payment options


My Final thoughts.

I believe the information I shared with you above, is more than enough for you to make a wise decision moving forward. I’m not in a position to tell you what to do, it’s totally your decision. But what I can tell you is, Amazing 5, just like any other high-yield investment program possesses lots of risks.

The chances of you losing your entire investment are fairly high.

If you really want to try out this opportunity, by all means but I would recommend that you go slow. Don’t hastily invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since the minimum deposit is just $20, I think that you should make use of it. Meaning, just place a small investment of $20 and see how it goes.

Instead of trying to re-invest bigger every time, I suggest you roll the existing funds you deposited. Let’s say you made $25 from the initial deposit of $20. Use the $25 and re-invest again. Keep doing that till your money snowballs. This way, if you did get scammed(touch wood), you only lost a total of $20.

See what I mean?

Although, Amazing 5 may bring you some amount of money, this is definitely not a good business model. Like I said earlier, most of this programs are not in for a long haul, probably a year or two and that’s it… they are gone out of sight.

This whole programs lives and breathes around new members investing. In other words, the profits you are probably getting is from the members who joined and invested before you. This trend is just going to continue to cycle over and over again till the break point where nobody invests.


Update on 27/4/2016

As of now, Amazing 5 site is not accessible and have a ton of complaints that they have not been paying for the past two days. I will keep you guys posted on this and will update accordingly.

Ok guys, just to update you on the situation, it seems that Amazing 5 has duplicated their website in a different identity. I did a small experiment to see whether is Amazing 5 related to Emoney Global. Unfortunately, when I entered my previous login details, I wasn’t able to enter the membership area. So it’s rest assured that these guys wiped out Amazing 5 and started a fresh site to SCAM more people.

Ok. I just found out more about the new site called Emoney Global. It seems that it is owned by a person called Devid Costa in India.


For more details you can check out this link:




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Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Amazing 5 Limited. In conclusion, Amazing 5 may not necessarily be a scam but you will never know when they will turn into one. So if you really want to invest, keep it at a level that is within your means. You don’t want to be borrowing money from elsewhere and make them start chasing you if you can’t afford to pay back.

Anyway, I would love to hear your personal thoughts on what you think about this program. Feel free to leave a comment or two in the box below.



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  1. Thank you Kumar for your clear thinking on these new Online investment companies….and this one in particular.
    i have no experience….just an observer here…but i am impressed with your insight that
    new members are probably riding on earlier investments of others before them , but which may be about to soon collapse.

    I will check out what you are offering as a comparison for those who are researching this line of income -generation..
    Thank you

    • Hello Williams. You are not exceptional because most of the people that come online has very little or zero experience with online investing companies. Recently, every other month you could see new websites like this popping up. Where have all this guys been all these years, why suddenly there are so many coming up and saying that they are into this sort of business and offer investing programs.

      Clearly these guys have seen the potential amount of money they could make off newbie investors online which is probably the only reason why you could see a sudden bloom in online investment programs.

      Thank you for your comment and have a great day 🙂

  2. This is an amazing review. I see it lasting for another 6 months from now. It WILL eventually crash as no genuine business will guarantee you more than 15% interest per ANNUM talk less 5% per day.
    I joined a different HYIP in August last year (Traffic Monsoon) and made double what I put in about 4 months later, but it took a hit when PayPal withdrew their services.
    I reckon had PayPal not done that, they’d be a good position now (they are still operating though).
    I’d just advise going with what was suggested on reinvesting what you earned and very early too.

    • Hi Toks, thanks for your nice words. Yea you are right it probably will be around for another around 6 – 12 months I guess. Not sure why, but recently there is lots of hype going around this website. And I have to agree with you, no legit business out there is willing to give that interest rate in such a small space of time.

      Personally, I will stay away from any HYIP because you will never know what’s going to happen next. You could have $1000 inside their account and they could even close down tomorrow. So my point is these kinda websites are really unpredictable.

      It’s best to stay away but if you are really keen in trying, then small amounts is the way to go.

      Thank you and have a great day 🙂

  3. Amazing Review Kumar, great points you are bringing about in this article, but I do have to ask a question, why do a review of a company or program while you recommended another program for the readers to join under? Keep up the great work Kumar, God Bless

    • Hi David, thank you for your comments. The main reason why I recommend another program under the review is because there are lots of people looking for opportunities to make money online but they don’t know how. There are tons of scams online, and I have fallen for a few in the past. I only recommend something that I have personally tried myself and achieve great success in that. You can check out my site, you will not notice me recommending any scam products to anyone.

      My this website, everyonecanmakemoneyonline is my part time business, you can say it passion. The sole purpose of creating this website is to identify scams and steer people into the right direction of making money online. Getting involved in shiny objects like high yield investment programs, binary options trading software or low paying sites like pay-to-click sites are not going to help majority of the people to make any proper money online. Most of them will get attracted to these opportunities and try it for themselves. Once they realise the fact that they are losing money instead of making, they will probably never look for opportunities to make money online.

      My point is, there is a handful of legitimate ways to make money online. Like opening your own online store or starting an Amazon FBA business, but all of these requires quite a bit of capital to be on your hand & most importantly have proper knowledge and experience. Most of the people who seek online are very new to all these online opportunities and I can strongly assure you that they lack in those two areas. Apart from this, the best business model to really make money online is Affiliate Marketing because you don’t need any inventory, storage, or high start up to begin with. All you need is the passion and drive to succeed, and you are good to go my friend.

      I’m not saying this to brag whatsoever, but I have really made a fulltime living online thanks to Affiliate Marketing and the platform that taught me. One year ago, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have made my first five figure income online. But hey, I did. But I can tell you. There is no gimmicks or fake promises here. You’ve got to work for it. If you are willing to put in effort, anyone can succeed in this. Those who tell you, get rich with zero efforts are the BIG LIARS, in reality, they are the ones making money off you.

      I hope I have answered your question David. And once again thank you for taking your time to read and leave a comment.
      Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hello. When I tried the other time it was still paying but it was when they first launched. I only capped my funds at the minimum amount. I’m not too sure about what’s the situation now. If you are interested to try, like I mentioned in my review, try with the minimum amount or whatever that you feel comfortable with.
      Hope it helps 🙂

  4. Hi Kumar I saw your review on Amazing5t and found it impressive. I would like know if you know about or invested with
    What is you experience with regarding withdrawals and high returns? Do you think is another scam? I have been trying to withdraw but it all in vain.

    • Hello NgozoBs, Personally I have never invested with and I don’t really have much knowledge about it yet. I had a quick look on the website and did some extra research, and from what I see it looks like a scam.
      #1: Their website didn’t give much details about the company and the owner/founder
      #2: This website mentioned that they are registered in UK and have a physical address. Seems like that’s not true. This company isn’t even from U.K. It’s more towards the Russia region. And one thing I should tell you is, most of the high yield investment programs coming up are all originated from Russia, but funny enough most of these guys claimed they either are from UK or US. I think you should be careful before investing in such programs.
      There are still many more tell-tale signs, but this weighs a great percentage on it.

      Tell me, what issues have you been personally facing with them. Have you tried contacting them?

  5. hi I have a friend who is doing this at the moment and getting a great return my concern is where does all your private information end up if amazing 5 goes belly up? I guess its get in and get out but hindsight is an amazing thing.

    • Hello Vicki, Yes it can get you good return BUT only in the short run and probably for small amounts. I don’t think the outcome will be the same if you invest thousands of dollars in one go. Have you read about the latest HYIP scam, Atlant Investments Limited? I heard over $5million have been robbed from people like you and me. That site was more famous then Amazing 5 and have been around for quite awhile. Guess what, they told people that they are in for long term and have their domain registered till 2020 but now is only 2016 and they have ran away with all the goods. You can read it hear:

      So personally, I wouldn’t try to rely too much on HYIP because they are never in for the long haul. They come and go very quickly. It can be launched today, and a month later it’s just taken down.. so you will never know.

      For the question of what happen to the private information… I guess only god knows. I actually won’t be surprised if these guys actually sell the information. Because there are lots of market research companies willing to pay money for information like this.

  6. I think they being scam, because 3 days ago I invest 21 doller from payza in amazing5.
    but they show me, I have no invest,

    it Is so bad,

    I would very greatful to you, if anybody help me to solve this problem
    pleas, pleas

    • Hi Ridoy, I’m sorry I can’t personally help you solve this problem because I am not part of them. You might want to check your Payza account to see whether money has been deducted. If so, I would recommend you take a screenshot of the money transfer to amazing 5 and email them with proof that money has been transferred but is not showing up in their system. They do have live chat and email support on their website so I recommend you do that following first.

      If money has been transferred and the outcome is negative, I need not say no more. You would already know that these guys are scammers!

      I hope it helps. Get back to me here if you would like me to assist you in any way.

  7. hi kumar g aap mujhe advice de sakte mera abhi ek bada lose huaa he mene q seven technologies me 20,00000 laks ka lose uthaya he meri economical condition kafi week ho gaye he loan ka bahut load ho gaya he aap mujhe meri problem se bahar aane ke liye help ker sakte he please………….

  8. Only thing is your review is very opinionated. Paypal is not involved because they couldn’t handle the audience volume, not so much the complaints. Internet marketers are doing business daily in serious abundance across the globe. Paypal tried but could not deal with this which is why payment processors such as payza and Solid Trust Pay are put in place specifically for this management.

    Also it is very very normal and standard to have multiple payment processors as different countries have different levels of service and fees.

    I work with these types of platforms. The most turn out to be scams but if you read the small print they clearly state that they are not there for investment opportunities.

    The marketers who know how to play the systems surely earn BIG BUCKS and that’s what these platforms are about. Getting in at the right time and getting back your initial outlay with a profit before it goes bang which most surely do. These are not scams as such. They are very transparent but like any opportunity there is risk. Some more than others.

    Good day.

    A lot more homework you need to do my friend. This isn’t a reliable justification of a review for Amazing 5. I am in this program and your views seem a little distorted

    • Hi Sam, I appreciate your comment but I feel that your comment is really biased.

      #1: First issue. “Paypal is not involved because they couldn’t handle the audience volume, not so much the complaints”

      I think this is the first time I am hearing this. Since when Paypal has decided that “I’m making too much money, time to cut down and make little money”. Honestly, doesn’t it seem strange to you. Why on earth will Paypal want to lose out on a massive audience with that excuse. More people = more money right? So you are telling me Paypal doesn’t want to make money? If so, then they should offer their services for free right? Since money isn’t their concern.

      I think you have to go look around the internet, you will see that the reasons why Paypal doesn’t do business with any HYIP is not because of massive audience(LOL?), it’s because of the nature of it. All HYIP are bound to be scammers. I’m not going back on my words because that’s the truth. Its’ only a matter of time. I found a good source. You can read it if your don’t believe me.

      Since you said my review is opinionated. If you could share the source of where you get that piece of information, it would be great. I will check it out and edit accordingly.

      #2: Your statement here is very contradicting. “Getting in at the right time and getting back your initial outlay with a profit before it goes bang which most surely do. These are not scams as such.” So you say that you have to invest in the right time to take out your money before it disappears but after that you still say it’s not a scam?

      That’s kinda funny my friend. You probably might want to read through what you actually said! HYIP are scams and they are not investment companies for REAL. Your probably have come across a couple of HYIP’s but found Amazing 5 Amazing… I have come across of hundreds of HYIP and they tell all the same Bullshit.. I’m an investment company or my company invests in forex, stock market etc. It’s so obvious couple of years back you don’t see much of this. But I can tell you, nowadays I am seeing a new HYIP launched every other day. Is it because there is so many investment companies, particularly in the UK? Obviously, NO! All these guys are trying to cash in on this opportunity to eventually make themselves rich. They are just waiting for the right opportunity.

      Ever heard of Atlant Investment Limited? They seemed to be a very reliable HYIP. But what happened in the end. Website gone, Facebook Page gone, and more importantly everyone’s hard earn money is gone with the SCAMMER.

      Your statement is also trying to say that people without experience and knowledge are likely going to get scammed. Am I right? “Getting in at the right time” So how do people know when is the right time. Nobody knows when it is going to close down. I have people personally emailing me and telling me that Amazing 5 didn’t pay them their money or once they deposited they can’t see the funds.

      So personally, I feel that you need to do more homework and stop being biased. Your comment clearly states your are an avid members of Amazing 5 and you can’t stand people giving negative feedbacks about it.

      Anyway, once again thanks for you comment. And have a great day 🙂

  9. Honestly I totally agree with everything Kumar has said, I’ve been into all these HYIPs and I’ve introduced a lot of people but it’s quite unfortunate that most of them have disappeared with people’s hard earned money. I’m a perfect victim of Atlant Investment, Commodity Trade World and Obofunds, they all disappeared within a very short time. But I’m still interested in making money online and I believe it’s just about getting the right link and information which I hope Kumar will be able to give. Therefore, Kumar, kindly email me so you can put me through and introduce me to what you do, my email is…….thanks and looking forward.

    • Hello Olakunle, I’m glad that you agree with what I said. I do hope people reading this understands the reality of what a HYIP is all about. Anyway, I just emailed you. I look forward to connecting with you.

      Thank you. And have a great day 🙂


    • Well, things look worst then just stop paying. I can’t enter the site. From the looks of things look like it has gone just like atlant investments. That is the whole reason why I don’t recommend Hyip.. These buggers are a bunch of scammers. Hopefully the site comes back up

    • I just checked it out. Yes I couldn’t get to the site too. Looks like it’s gone. Man.. I had some money inside it too. Hope it’s back soon!

    • Hey, that’s very strange. I personally was able to access to Amazing 5 till 26 April. I requested to withdraw my money out and they told me it would take 24 hours. And that’s probably it.. like you I am lost for words too.. I just hope they don’t become the next Atlant Investments…

  10. Hi Kumar
    Wish I read your post sooner. I invested $1000 on the 24th of April, and today I cant even get to the site should have tried out with $20

    • OMG! I am very sorry yogi, $1000 is definitely a huge amount. I just hope the site comes back up and running and everybody be happy again.

      Yes just for the record. Try not to get invovled in any more Hyip. If you really want, small amounts will do.

    • OMG! I think you are right, these b*s***ds have transferred into a new site to scam more people. How bad can this people get. I will immediately update my post to warn people about this. I really appreciate you sharing this with me. Have a nice day 🙂

    • Sorry Col, HYIP all are the SAME! They operate the same way. Nothing lasts long. It’s best to stay away from them. It’s better to keep that money than just give it away to some random SCAMMER.

    • That’s really sad. I am sure lots of people invested a day before it is closed down just like you. Just be careful when trying to invest on such opportunities in the future.

  11. hii invested $100 in amazing5 today when i try to open it its showing domain moved,i cant understand this what should i do in this case if it is fraud how can i file complaint on them i am a student from india i taken barrow from my friends its too difficult to bear this much money plz help me sir

    • I am sorry Rajendra, amazing 5 has run away with everyone’s money.i am not too sure how you can file a complaint. Since this is the internet it’s very difficult to track anyone down and sue them. My hands are really tied I can’t help you in any way. Hope you can get out of this difficult period soon. Stay strong and stay away from any investment program online

  12. Hey kumar…
    That’s a lot of insight.. and sadly.. which I feel for myself for not having read thru ur posts earlier.. lost usd300.. a per the latest comments… pls keep on sharing the updates.. wish those guys come back online…

    • Hello Kiran, no problem. I try my best to help everyone in a way I could. Yes it kinda disappointing on your end that you didn’t come across my post earlier. We just have to take this as a learning experience and move forward. Just try to be more cautious when getting both you foot into such opportunities in the future.

      • Hai kumar.. Tanx for the earlier msgs.. I wud like to enquire on a particular site called Trafficmansoon… can u provide any insight onto its validity or is it another spoof like amazing five..

        • Hey Kiran. Hello again. Yea, Traffic Monsoon… I have heard of this site before but haven’t had time to do a detailed review on it. Just had a quick look at it and from my understanding it’s a Revenue Sharing site. If you ask me I will say revenue sharing site is one level on top of High Yield Investment Programs simply because in HYIP they offer nothing but too good to be true investment plans. Revenue Sharing is slightly different, you have to do a bit work to get money. Basically, you will need to invest money on Adpacks and bring in referrals if you want to see decent money.

          All in all, whatever site you are willing to try have risks associated with it. Anything can happen anytime, you can be getting paid today and tomorrow you might not get paid anymore so… there isn’t any guarantee.

          Same like any thing else, just invest in the adpacks the amounts you can afford to lose. Just because you can afford to lose $1000, doesn’t mean you should invest a thousand too. Think carefully and see what’s the best option for you. If you ask me, personally I will suggest you to start with the FREE membership and maybe spend anything below $50 to see how it works for you. I also noticed that the owner had some bad reputation in the past in terms of not paying members so you want to take note on that too.

          Anyway… Good luck in whatever decision you choose to make. 🙂

          If you need any more advice, feel free to email or leave a comment on my profile. Have a good day ahead.


          • Hai kumar.. went thru WA page.. interested… can u page down some guidelines on the exact work stucture onto my mail I’d..

          • Hello Kiran, I’m glad you are interested and ready to give this a try. I have just emailed you. Talk to you soon. 🙂

  13. Thanks for this information Kumar, please, I will like to contact you to know more about the online business your do apart from all these HYIP.
    Will be expecting your reply via my email.

    • Hey felicia, it’s very likely gone. Although i hope it comes back, but its seems unlikely. Let see how it goes for the next couple of days.

  14. Hi Kumar,

    Just for your information, I received yesterday (27th April) a screenshot of a news clipping stating that Amazing5 office was raided by London police for running a huge “Ponzi Scheme”.


    • Hello Krishna, Personally, I feel that it’s more like a rumour to make everything thing that they are good. If you have heard of Atlant Investments Limited, there were rumours that their site was hacked from someone is China, which obviously, seems like an excuse to cover up themselves. I don’t really think Amazing 5 is located in London. They are just using London to gain trust from everyone because everyone has high expectations of London and feel that they wont scam people.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

      Best regards,

    • Sure I can do a detailed review on it. I just had a quick look at it. It seems this company’s website is registered on the 13th of June 2015 and expires on June 2020. It definitely gives me the impression that these guys are in for the long haul. But having said that, that doesn’t guarantee anything. If you have heard of Atlant Investments, it also registered for 5 years and with over 3 years in contract the site has closed down. Like I always say, all HYIP operate in the same way. Eventually they will close down without giving any notice. It’s like a gamble if you ask me. There is no guarantee. If you want to invest, then small amounts is the way to go. I noticed that only “geological survey” allows minimum investments of $30. The rest is over $300 which is fairly high if you ask me.

      Well, I can only advice you. The ultimate decision is your to make. Good luck 🙂

  15. Hi Kumar,

    Amazing 5 website is not working anymore. I registered last April 25, Monday and lucky enough that I wasn’t able to invest yet. But some of my family members have already invested such big amount of money. Reading through your blogs and comments, it seems that you are an investor, too. Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, I think this is really scam, but I hope not for the sake of those who already infused money. Could it be possible that the website is just under maintenance? I know deep within that this is over but still hoping that they will come back soon.

    By the way, I have learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for your insights. Keep it up 🙂

    • Hi jady. Yes i am an investor but a really small time one. I dont depend too much on investments for a living because of the nature of how they operate. I try my best to help people to make an informed decision. I am sorry that your family members have lots big amounts on this site. And yes, i do hope they come back because my money is inside too. But by the look of things its not going to happen because the domain is transferred.

      And thank you for your kind words.

  16. Hi Kumar, I just checked the new site of Emoney Global. It has the same look as the old site of There is an option “Live Chat” in the “contact us” tab. Surprising – the logo there is of Amazing5… someone forgot to change it. So you are absolutely right. Seems that I have lost my small investment there. I sent them an email but I don’t think they will come back.
    I came to this through another money making page – FORTADPAYS. Do you know anything about that? Did you review them? I would appreciate your comments.

    • Hi Zohar, Yes there is so many thing inside Emoney Global that isn’t changed and looks like Amazing. And they even use the word A5 or Amazing 5 quite a few times in the site. They are probably too busy counting money that they forget to change I guess. Fortadpays – I haven’t come across it yet. I can do a review on it when I have the time. I will get back to you on this. Probably will shoot you an email once I completed the review.


  17. Its a big Scam, I invested $100, blocked the website and after some days they started a new web address with same interface….

    Amazing is a bullshit !!!!!!

  18. Hi kumar I have noticed you guys are back but can’t login with prior login details, how could you help.

    • Hey, sorry I am not part of Amazing 5. I’ve got nothing to do with them. I’m just another investor like you. I tried logging in but I couldn’t. Strange that you were able to…

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