Is Auto Profit Replicator a Scam? My Unbiased Review

Are you keen in finding out the truth behind Auto Profit Replicator(APR)? If yes, then read on … Personally I have used this system before, but instead of replicating profits like what the system claims I actually lost $250(which is my initial deposit). If you are still wandering whether Auto Profit Replicator is a scam, the answer to you is a Big Yes… not only me but countless of people have lost and still losing their money.

I hope by the end of this review, you guys have a better understanding on what is going on and will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward.

Name: Auto Profit ReplicatorAutoprofitrepliatorsystem


Owner: Simon Saunders

Price: Free, but $250 deposit

Rating: 0/100


What is Auto Profit Replicator about?

Auto profit replicator is a binary trading software system that claims to pull in profit after profits for its users on a daily basis. In other words our dear friend, Mr Simon Saunders has found a “winning formula” to beat the trading system.

Simon Saunders also mentioned in his sales video that the auto profit replicator has a very high accuracy, that pulls in 96.47% winning trades.


The ugly truth??

As the name says “Auto Profit Replicator”, does it really live up to its hype and replicate automatic profits?

The Answer is YES… but wait let me finish first.

There are literally only two groups of people making money from this system.

  1. Simon Saunders and his team
  2. The affiliates who promotes APR

Doesn’t it seem shocking? but that’s the truth. I can strongly assure you that there is no one who used this software and actually made money from it, in fact they just lost their initial investments like me.

Everything Simon mentioned in his video are all B.S., he is just another crook who lives a luxurious life on the expense of other peoples hard earned money.

This is how his system really works…

  1. Firstly, you deposit $250 into the brokerage account
  2. The system plays random trades for you – winning rate below 50%(My guess is around 30~45%)
  3. Since your winning rate is below 50%, you will win a bit but lose more
  4. As you continue to lose more and more, you will notice your initial investment of $250 will be slowly going down
  5. Finally, you will come a point where your balance is ZERO…

Now, I hope you really understood how his software works… basically this “magic number” of 96.47% is made up, the truth is there is no secret formula behind the trades. The system is built in such a way that, you will lose your money ultimately if you continue trading.

It’s only a matter of how long before you lose your initial investment, for some people may take a longer time while for others it may be shorter.

I hope you are getting the point of what I am trying to say here…

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Tell-tale signs of a scam

#1: Fake money at the sales page

Ok, If you have gone to their sales page you would have seen the “income generated” on the top where the money will ideally be moving upwards. However, there is one loop hole I spotted in it.. and looks like our friend Simon Saunders has left us some “clues”.

autoprofitreplicator review

First Snip

autoprofitreplicator review1

Second Snip




Ok.. basically these are two different snips I took and a time difference of around one minute between them. Ideally, the income generated has only one way to go and its upwards. The first snip I tool was showing $38,731,729.71 and so I immediately open a new tab and went to their sales page again, and weirdly the money showing is $38,553,297.54.

So what I am trying to say here is that there is no real money being made and this so called income generated tracker is actually fake. If you don’t believe me you can try it for yourself, you can also choose to open two different browser at one time and see.. you will notice the difference! Or you can just refresh the page and you will see the money generated drops…

#2: Lied that it is free

In the sales video, Simon Sounders said that you will not be buying anything so you can put your credit card away. Yes, that’s true… you are not buying anything but you still have to use your credit card to deposit $250 into the broker account later.

Seems like he wasn’t totally honest in his words, basically he tricked people into saying that his system is free and you don’t need spend money. But he script it in such a way that you are putting $250 as an investment to make more money but the truth is this money will go directly to his pockets.

#3: Another lie…Only 375 get access to his program

Auto profit replicator scam

The truth is everything in his entire video is a lie and one of it was that he claimed only 375 people will ever get a chance to see this video which is obviously not true. He purposely said it to encourage people to act fast and sign up.

If you come back 1 week later, 1 month later or 6 months later… this video will still be here. Why would Simon Sounders ever want to restrict the number of people who can see this video and join.

If I were him, of course I would let as many people see this video so I can suck more money from them.. the more the merrier. In fact, that is exactly what Simon is doing behind the scenes but he just makes it look that there are limited spaces in front of everyone.

 #4: Fake Testimonials

It seems their testimonials are also not true.

Autoprofitreplicator testimonialAuto profit replicator testimonial









As you can see the photo which names Darlene J. Herman claims to have made $11,450 profits within 9 days. I went to do some research to see whether these testimonials are legit. But to my dismay they are all scripted.

I managed to find the person with same image. This is a snip I took from her twitter account and her original name is Diane Campbell Payne.

If one of these testimonials is fake probably the rest are no different too. It is very easy to script the testimonials, there is no exact proof or evidence shown that she has made that amount of money.

#5: Not workable pages

Is auto profit replicator a scam

Ok, so I decide to click on the above three pages to find out more. However when I tried to click each of it instead of bringing me to the particular page, it just goes to the top of the page where the video is.

Seems like these pages are there for just display purposes with no real content in it.

#6: Over-selling the software

Auto profit replicator tell tale signs of scam

All the three sales video that I saw keeps trying very hard to sell themselves to persuade people to immediately sign up to their program. For instance, “this is your money and you can withdraw your funds anytime and you are in full control”… It is kind of irritating that they are constantly emphasizing on the this throughout their video to gain trust from those watching it.

He also claimed that he will give a sign up bonus worth $17,000 to the next 2o people who sign up to the software. Basically, these are all dirty tricks to lure people in signing up for their software. Ask yourself, why on earth must he give you $17,000 worth of something just so that you can earn money.

Simon Saunders is not part of your family or not your relative, why is he so keen to help you so much? If his proven system is already generating millions of dollars, why does he need to spend time and effort sharing with people for free instead he can use the time and energy to make more money for himself.


 My Final thoughts…

I strongly recommend you to stay far away from Auto Profit Replicator because it is a total scam, instead of making money you are actually going to lose money.

I am no fan of any program(or software) that claims that you can get rich quickly because they aren’t true. If you look at the bottom of the sales page of Auto profit Replicator they have already claimed that this product does not guarantee income or success.

If they cannot guarantee success, why did they even mention in the first place that they assure you can make thousands of dollars. So here’s my final verdict…




So what now?

For those of you who have lost your money using this APR, I can only feel sorry for you… 

Don’t feel down that you have lost an  opportunity to make money online because they are actually much better and legit ways to make money online.

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You will have the opportunity to learn how to build your own online business, but just take note that it is not a get rich quick scheme. You are required to put in some effort and in time you will get paid for that effort.

You will be able to try it out for FREE, there is no obligations for you to upgrade your membership. But if you are keen to step up your game than upgrading is definitely necessary.

I’ve come to the end of my review, I hope you guys have a better understanding of how Auto Profit Replicator really works. For those of you who are not convinced, it’s by all means to try it out and I have no control it… but I believe I have done my part in warning you.

For those of you who have any questions, please feel to drop me a comment in the box below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Past users of Auto Profit replicator are also welcomed to share with us your side of the story.

Yours Truly,

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