Is AWOL Academy a Scam? Check Out this Review Before You Join!

Welcome to my review on AWOL Academy. I’m sure many of you are wondering whether AWOL Academy is a scam or legit opportunity start making money online. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in this review I will share with you everything you need to know about this program.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: AWOL Academy(or Project AWOL)AWOL-Academy-Review


Owner(s): Kameron George & Keala Kanae

Price: $99 – $9997

Rating: 2/5


AWOL Academy Overview

AWOL Academy is a training program that teaches you how to make money through something known as online marketing.

I’m not sure how you came across AWOL Academy, probably you read someone’s review, maybe it came in your email or even you accidentally come across it like myself. I was watching some YouTube videos which strangely led to one of Keala Kanae video titled “Warning! This video might make you want to quit your job”. I watched the video, checked out some free PDF and was eventually arrived AWOL Academy.

Overall the website looks great but there are a couple of things that bothered me such as the price and the approach to this program. We will take a closer look at some of those slightly later on in this review.


AWOL Academy = Project AWOL

When I first came across AWOL Academy I was a bit confused because I also saw another similar website called Project AWOL. Actually, both are owned by the same group of people. It seems that Project AWOL was launched first but now they have invested all on their newer website AWOL Academy.

The Project AWOL website is linked to AWOL Academy. So for instance, if you want to purchase anything from the Project AWOL website you will be directed to AWOL Academy sales page itself. I hope that eliminates the confusion if you had one.


AWOL Academy Products

There are 6 different products in AWOL Academy. To get started and have access to the member’s area, you will have to at least purchase their cheapest product.


  • Costs $99
  • Basically, if you are a newbie this will help you get started
  • step-by-step training that helps you set up your own sales funnel to generate traffic, leads, and customers for your business
  • You will receive your very own website, domain along with other tools


  • Costs $297
  • This product is more focused on email marketing
  • Inside you will also learn “secret” strategies used by some of the world’s best marketers to increase their revenue with least amount of effort


  • Costs $997
  • This product will teach you how to maximize your conversions using some of their tips, tricks, “secrets”
  • You will also receive some additional tools to aid you in this process


  • Costs $997
  • Traffic is the core to any business model. No traffic = No sales. With traffic academy, you are not only getting traffic but at the same time traffic that is highly converting. Laser-targeted traffic?


  • Costs $3497
  • This course here is on a different level than all the other courses. The earlier courses would help you make somewhat money but this here is to make you Wealthy
  • It’s more focused on managing what you have already built to provide you income for many generations to come
  • Some of the greatest minds will share all you need to know about money management, tax planning, investing and etc.


  • Costs $9997
  • This is for people who are very serious about succeeding in online business and staying on top of what happening in the online space.
  • The training and support here is very intensive compared to the other levels


The Issues with AWOL Academy?

So now comes the problems…

(1) Price is steep

The very first thing you will notice about AWOL Academy is the price. Many of us will find that the products are quite expensive. I’m not going to disagree with that too because I think they are quite pricey and probably will not be affordable for most.

Most people coming online are looking for opportunities to earn money and often have very little to spend. Asking them upfront a couple of thousands is going to just give them a big hole in their pocket.

(2) Indirectly encouraged to choose the higher levels

One thing I didn’t like about AWOL academy is that you are not getting everything. Yes, you can opt in for the $99 course but then there are many things left and probably will leave you hanging.

Imagine both the $99 and the $9997 courses. Can you see the difference in price? Well, that’s how much value and information you are missing out with the cheap course. This is where your personal coach will encourage you to purchase the higher end products.

I wouldn’t really blame the coaches but that’s how the AWOL Academy is marketed. To get people to sign up as a PRO ACADEMY member and get them to upgrade the courses if they want to see faster and better results. People who are desperate for success would hop on while those who cannot afford will probably end it there.

In either case, the real winner is AWOL Academy because they are the ones making the money whether or not you are successful.

(3) Training more focused on Paid Advertising

I did go through some of the free videos and lessons, and one thing I can clearly tell is that these guys are focusing mainly on Paid Advertising. Paid advertising simply means you spend money from your own pocket to advertise.

Here’s the thing, you can get traffic almost instantly but then again traffic isn’t the only important factor. Whether or not the traffic converts into sales is what going to make you profits. If you are new to online marketing, getting your feet into paid advertising is a very risky move. You could easily burn money with getting anything in return.

Even season marketers are struggling to cope with Paid Advertising because there are too many technical things here. You got to do lots and lots of testing, target right keywords, and etc. to see whether it is working. Most of the time, you will need some spare money just for this testing.

(4) Focused on Promoting AWOL Academy itself

For those of you who don’t realize, AWOL Academy is more focused on getting you to promote their program itself instead of teaching you how to build a business the right way.  A lot of the training and tools are catered to help you get people to join AWOL Academy.

Even you would have read reviews of people making money with AWOL Academy. Those guys also made through promoting AWOL Academy and not through building a niche business that you are passionate about.

Since almost all the products here are high ticket items, you definitely can make a good commission if you can get people to sign up and buy the products. But then again, you should understand that it’s not that straightforward.

Think about it, if the owners have all the training and support in the world to bring them traffic and sales why do they need you in the first place. They could use those methods themselves, get all the sales and keep the entire commissions instead of giving a portion to you. You don’t see them do that, do you? This should already have given you a hint that not everything you see or learn here will guarantee you any success.


Final Thoughts

AWOL Academy is definitely legit but I will still not recommend it because of how things really work. You do get to choose the lower budget courses to help you get started but eventually, you will still be required to pay for the higher priced courses if you want to see any form of success.

To pay $3497 for things like money management, strategic tax planning and investing isn’t worth it in my opinion. You definitely can put this money to better use than wasting it on some of these pricey courses. You can simply go online and get some of this information for free.

I mean, come on… they are a ton of information for free on tax planning and investing and why would anyone want to pay so much to learn some of these.

All in all, you should only consider joining AWOL Academy if you are planning to promote this program and earn commissions. You should also keep in mind that getting people to join is never going to be easy. There are not many people out there that are willing to spend hundreds or thousands on such program.

Not to forget if you are a newbie to online marketing, it’s always going to be an uphill battle as you are facing a strong competition among other members promoting AWOL Academy.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended


A Cheaper Alternative?

If you are looking for a cheaper way to start building an online business, I would suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate which is my #1 Recommendation. You can try WA for absolutely free(with no credit card required), unlike AWOL Academy where you need to spend $99 upfront to see how the program looks like.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform to help you get started with online marketing/online business. All those training, tools and support that you would ever need is in one place at no added cost. You will never be asked to purchase additional courses.

I have been with WA for over 2 years and have never looked back since. One of the best things about WA is that you will learn how to build a business around your own passion and most importantly leveraging on FREE traffic.

For example, if you are into bodybuilding, you can create a website around it helping people learn more about body building and at the same time promoting products and you can earn commissions from them.


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  1. I feel I have been scammed. I was sold in the webinar, a promise of training for a one time only fee of $97. I didn’t expect much for that price. But that only bought me a $10,000 sales pitch!, no training or information, As for the 100% money back guarantee “no matter what”……. they wont return my emails. If I can’t contact them, I guess the refund is just a LIE . The training ($10,097 to get started) may or may not be worth it, I don’t know, I simply cant afford it. To lie about what you get for your $97 and then go stealth is simply dishonest.
    I would NOT recommend anyone to do business with any company that promotes these values as a business model…….. Is this what they teach??

    • Sorry about that Time. Thanks for sharing your experience with us though!

      It’s best to stay away from programs like this that promise a lot. And you are right, the refund policy more or less doesn’t take effect at all. It’s all part of their marketing to get you to pay in the first place.

      • did you want refund because the academy is fake? or the upsell is too high for you. please tell me the reason because i am planning to join AWOL as we speak

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