Is Binary Boom a Scam? My Honest Review

Are you interested in finding out the truth behind Binary Boom(BM)? If that is a BIG yes, than you should read on… Binary Boom claims that people like you and me can make thousands of dollars everyday by using their software. Sounds mouth watering right? I bet you are eager to know whether Binary Boom is a Scam. Fret not, you’ve come to the right place…by the end of this review you will have a better understanding of how Binary Boom works and thus will be able to make much wiser decision going forward.

Ok before I go into further details in my review, I thought of sharing a little joke with all of you. Did you know that a simple stick(like a broom stick) can make you rich?  I believe you got my joke. Technically speaking its not exactly my joke but the founder of Binary Boom Denis Anker’s which I just quoted from…

If you watched the sales video, you would have noticed Denis Anker mentioning that…”this stick is the key to becoming rich trading binary options”.

So is it true?

Of course not, he is full of nonsense… any people with experience with binary options will know that this guy here is talking crap.

Name: Binary BoomBinary-Boom-Review


Owner: Denis Anker

Price: Free, but $250 investment

Rating: 1/100


 What is Binary Boom about?

Binary Boom is a binary options trading software that claims to get you rich very quickly. According to Denis Anker, the software runs in autopilot so you can be pulling in money even while you are sleeping.

Binary Boom also claims that this software is for anybody who wants to make money online and the best part is you do not need to have a single knowledge about binary options trading to start making money, since it is automated and does everything for you.

If you look at all the ended trades below the sales video, the amount of winning trades are far greater than the losing trades. From what it seems, it can be assumed that the winning rate is definitely more than 85%.

Sounds good right? Looks like a win-win situation, a free software that makes you thousands of dollars everyday…

But Wait! Don’t get too excited first, you need to know something else…


The Ugly Truth?

Denis Anker in his sales video explained to us how exactly his system works… He also mentioned that he is giving out this software for free because he wants to promote it and gain authority in this trade. However, this is only one side of the story you heard from Denis Anker which is the good side… then the bad side? It’s for you to find out after you invest $250 which is by then too late.

So now…  I will share with you the other side of the story.

Binary boom login

The sales page, indicated that this software doesn’t require credit card details or email address. Yes that true… but honestly downloading the software only is redundant.

Once you download the software, they expect you to activate your account by creating a brokerage account which requires some of you personal details. As for me, I am not comfortable to give my address or contact details to anyone… This system is pitched in such a way that they require you to deposit $250 before you can start trading. They make you think that this software is free but in actual fact it is not… this $250 will directly go into the pocket of Denis Anker.

If you thought that after depositing $250, you can start making money than I am sorry. Because, everything about this software is fake. Denis Anker mentioned the reason why his system is accurate and profitable is because trades a placed within trends. So I ask you, do you really think binary trading is so simple that you can predict the trends?

The truth is you can never predict a trend, and his sales video is misleading saying his system can predict them.

This is what happens within the system…

  1. The trades are not 60 seconds like mentioned – around a few minutes
  2. Minimum trade is not $10 as what you are told – $25 is minimum
  3. You losing rate is far higher than your winning rate – Yes you may win some, but the system is scripted in such a way that you will end up losing all your money instead of making any profit.

I doubt you will even be able to withdraw the money even if you won because the support provided is very poor. There are tons of complaints from past users that there is no respond from the support team despite frequently emailing them.


Tell-tale signs of a scam

#1: Fake testimonials


Every single testimonial you see in this video is fake. Basically, the people you see in this video has got nothing to do with Binary Boom. These people are probably paid a small sum of money to record themselves and give some positive and relevant testimonials about the software..

Tell me if someone comes to you and says I will give you $100 if you record a 15 second clip for a particular product, will you do it? Personally, I wont do it but there are people out there who are in desperate need for money willing to do so.

Ask yourself this question… If they are real making money through this software, why instead of simply saying a few words about the software, show some more convincing evidences like their bank account or pay checks? Of course they wouldn’t do that, because this software is a scam that doesn’t make any money.

How would they show screenshots of their bank accounts that doesn’t have money in it?

Binary boom video

This is a snip taken from their sites terms and services. There is nothing much I can say here, you will immediately understand the truth once you read the disclaimer.


#2: Unrealistic money claims


The above, is a screenshot of one of their FAQ… average of $17,000 profit per week?

I don’t know about you, but I really cant stand it when the program or software claims you can get rich quickly. There is no such thing as easy money, unless we are talking about striking a lottery…

To make money online, it greatly depends on yourself. The amount of effort you put in will determine how much money you are going to make. Don’t expect to make ten of thousands of dollars every week without doing nothing, something that claims such are definitely scams.

Take something to think, if everybody can make so much money using this software… nobody ever needs to go to work, everyone can just download this “free” software are start making big bucks online. Tell me Who doesn’t? I know the truth hurts, but honestly I bet you won’t even make a dime with this software.

I’ve reviewed many other products that pitches you to get rich quick but Binary Boom definitely have taken things to the next level. $17,000 profit per week??

Common sense tells us that this is just a scam, but there are many people falling for this dirty trick even when you are reading this, so this is no laughing matter. Every single one of us wants to lead a luxurious lifestyle, and when we see such opportunity(I.e. $17,000 a week) our eyes are immediately blinded by the excitement… However once we pay the money and try it for ourselves, only then we realise that this is a scam, by then its actually to late… your lost money can never be recovered.


#3: No guarantee you will make money

Binaryboom income disclaimer

This is a snip of the risk disclaimer found at the bottom of their website. As you can see for yourself, binary boom has clearly highlighted that they cannot guarantee that you will make any money through this system or you will lose you initial investment.

Doesn’t it seem totally contradicting to what you see in the sales video? In the video Denis Anker keeps mentioning everyone can make lots of money and so on… That is all an entire lie…

Spending time just watching the sales video will lead you no where, you also need to spend some time reading through the disclaimers to find out their credibility.

Let me give you a scenario, you decided to invest on this software just by looking at the sales video. But once you noticed that the software is nothing like it was mentioned in the sales video and lost your deposit, you will not be able to get a refund. They will immediately ask you one simple question, did you read the disclaimers? If you didn’t read, then they will tell you.. too bad sorry I cant help you – its your fault for not reading all the details clearly

In other words, whatever you see in the video is not very important… most of the time those are not true.


#4: Lots of emphasis on the luxurious lifestyle

Binary boom benefits

One of the best ways to quickly lure someone into trying the system is to impress them with the luxurious benefits and I have to say, Denis Anker has done that very well from the start to the end of his sales video.

Firstly, the sales video was taken in a very big house just beside the seaside… this was to create the first impression of ” that is a awesome house with a wonderful scenery outside the window “. So most people will think, because of the money he earned through the software he managed to buy this house – Actually this house may or may not be his… he just made you think that way. It is very easy to fake the house, you can just rent this type of house for awhile or it may be even his friends house.

Likewise, the yacht he also showed in the sales video. He gave everyone a walkthrough of how “his” yacht looked inside.. where his friends sleep and where he sleeps. So was this necessary? The answer is obviously not, he is just trying to mind wash you with this dirty trick. This yacht is also probably not his, you can just rent it for awhile and still claim that you own it.


My Final thoughts…

Binary Boom is a total fake software that is designed to rob people’s money… I strongly advice everyone to stay far away from it. I have noticed that there are many websites actually promoting Binary Boom, for you information those positive reviews that you hear are all fake.

These software doesn’t work, those people who said they are making thousands of dollars are all lying because they will get a commission when you deposit money in the software.




What now…?

Don’t feel down that you’ve have lost a potential software that claims to make you rich… be thankful that you didn’t waste your $250 on some scam program.

If you are still looking for ways to make money online I suggest you check out my No.1 Recommendation.

Personally, I have been working fulltime from home for quite some time now and I have never regretted that decision. I am an online marketer and my main source of income is through affiliate marketing. Basically, I promote others products and earn commission from it. How much you can earn? Only the sky is the limit!

The amount of effort you put in will determine how much money you can make but frankly speaking, more than what you are earning from a 9-5 job.

I have come to the end of my review on Binary Boom, hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a lot. For those of you who have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Past users are also welcomed to share with us your personal experience.

Yours Truly,

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