Is Facebook Bonanza a Scam? My Honest Review!

This review is going to be about a program called Facebook Bonanza. What is Facebook Bonanza? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to earn revenue online? I will be focusing on this and a couple more issues in this review.

I highly encourage that you spend a couple of minutes to thoroughly read this review as it might actually save you a couple hundreds of dollars or even more.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Facebook BonanzaIs-Facebook-Bonanza-A-Scam

Owner: Unknown

Price: $47 per month + many upsells

Rating: 1/5


Facebook Bonanza Overview

A couple of days back I saw a handful of people promoting this program called Facebook Bonanza on social media. Like always, they made ridiculous, too good to be true earning claims such as making hundreds and thousands of dollars per day. I have to say they did a good job on promoting the program because it caught my attention and made me click their link.

I came into this website with quite a high expectation but I have to say, they disappointed me. One glance at the entire site, I already understood that this is nothing but a scam. Unfortunately, not everybody would be able to point out straight away as me because I have over a year of experience doing reviews on legit/scam making money online programs so I could easily tell whether a program is legit or scam.

Of course, I don’t just go around bashing programs and labeling them as a scam for no reason. I have strong evidence to support my statements and that’s exactly what I am going to do here. I will go through a couple of red flags found in this website to justify my statements.


Is The News Video Presentation Legit?


I believe all of you who went to their website would have seen this news presentation. Is it really true? Did Facebook Bonanza really appear on the news? Were CNN news presenters talking about this particular program?

I’m not going to beat around the bush. The above news presentation you see is FAKE. Nothing about the Facebook Bonanza appeared on any news channels. What exactly happened here is, the video is edited. Lots of different news video sections have been cut and compiled to make it look like one video.

There are actually people providing such services where they create a news video to promote the program. One distinct place to find such gigs is Fiverr.

Just an example:



What Exactly is Facebook Bonanza all about?

I think this is the question everyone here wants to know. What is this program really about? In their sales page, there weren’t much information regarding the program.

Some of the information provided were,

  • Free 1-on-1 training consultation to get you ready to earn immediately
  • All the training guides and easy to follow short video tutorials
  • How to get your own personal automated money making website for free
  • Instant Activation
  • This is Not an MLM of pyramid scheme
  • This is Not a bogus data entry scam
  • This is Not an envelope stuffing rip-off
  • This is Not a rebate processing scam

The above is not enough to get an idea of what this program is all about. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a disclaimer section where they have, to be honest about the program.

So this is what they said.

” This is a program to teach you how to use recommended products and services in an internet business”

Again… it still does not give a crystal clear answer. Anyway, I already have an idea of what this program is all about. Basically, you are going to be taught how to make money online by promoting products/services. How I come to a conclusion is very simple. They included ClickBank in their sales video, showing a short video and income claims.

There are only two things you can do with ClickBank. Either you sell your product or you promote someone else’s product. Selling your own products is far more complex and thus, it is obviously the second option where you promote products.

I understand some of you might have gotten the impression that you will be making money through Facebook. I also came here with that idea. But seem it isn’t that case. Seems more like you will learn how to promote ClickBank products through Facebook and earn commissions.

Actually, I am doing something very similar for a full time living online. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. You promote someone else’s products/services and earn commissions. But mine is slightly different. I don’t rely heavily on or even at all on Facebook for sales. I will talk about this slightly later on… but for now, let’s look at this program first.

How Much Does it Cost?

The original price for this program is said to be $197, but they are giving out at a discounted price of $47. This isn’t a one-off payment. You will be billed every month $47 until you cancel it.

However, seems like that’s not all you are going to have to pay. If you look carefully at their payment page. They also mentioned that you will be getting a free 10-day access to something called success road academy training. After, the trial period you will be automatically charged $1 every month till you cancel.

Seems like these guys are BIG time scammers. They deliberately fail to mention anything about this program called success road academy and also placed the words very small to make people not read it.

It is very important that you read everything carefully before you pay. If not, you could end up paying $1 every month for years and years without even finding out. The founder of this program is the one really benefiting. Just imagine if thousands of people fail to notice the added fee of $1. He could easily pocket himself additional thousand bucks a month.

I doubt this is the only upsell you will ever come across. I bet there is a couple more once you purchase the program. They would probably say, “in order to make more money, buy this or that”. That get fooled by all these. If you ask me, I wouldn’t even recommend you to spend a dime on this program.


Some Red Flags Worth Mentioning

(1) Fake Testimonials

The testimonials you see on the sales page is fake. Those images are called stock photos. In other words, one can pay a small amount of money to get the rights to use the photo in any way.

Fake Testimonials


As you can see for yourself. This particular image has already been used on several different websites. Not only this but the other images are also stock photos. I don’t think I need list down the rest of it for you because this one evidence is good enough to prove what the rest will be.

(2) Fake Timer & Spots Availability


You will see the above image on their sales page. Basically, it says that only 8 spots are available and you spot will only be secured for 10 minutes.

Don’t get fooled by this. These are marketing tactics used to make people buy the program quickly. In reality, none of these works in real time. If you don’t believe me, just refresh the page. The numbers will reset back to 10 minutes. Also, even if the timer hits zero you still will be able to buy the program.


My Final Thoughts.

Honestly, I can go on and on about different red flags pointing Facebook Bonanza towards a scam. But I don’t think it is necessary for me to do so because the above is more than sufficient to categorize them as a scam. I would rather you spend that money by having a nice dinner with your family because it’s way more worthwhile then just throwing it away on a program like this.

Though I can see that they have the intention of teaching one to make money online through promoting someone else’s product. Their programs seem misleading and I get the “all over the place” feeling.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended

Remember earlier I said I have been doing Affiliate Marketing as a full-time career. Frankly speaking, it’s one of the best and most legit ways to earn income online. However, you need to have proper training & support to be successful with Affiliate Marketing. You can’t just plug in information from all over the place and start an online marketing business.

The program that I used and have been using is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to start an online business. The training and features you find at WA are second to none. The best part is unlike Facebook Bonanza, you don’t have to pay a DIME to get started. That’s right, you can try it for absolutely free.

They also do offer a premium membership. If you are serious about getting more advanced training and features, you should opt in for the paid membership. It definitely enables you to make money more quickly. All in all, this is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. You have to put in the effort and give yourself enough time to succeed.

If you want to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read here.

>>>Click Here To Find Out More About Wealthy Affiliate<<<


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Facebook Bonanza. I hope by now you have a better understanding of this program is all about and whether it is something for you or not. Those who have personally tried this program are welcomed to share with us your experience in the discussion section. Of course, opinions and questions are always welcomed too.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. Hi. I finally have a day off and I am pooped! I was really excited about the Facebook Bonanza offer and decided to check out reviews on it…
    So, here I am once again disappointed to see it was a bunch of hoopla…
    Thanks so much for sharing this information and for saving me money…

  2. I noticed it was a scam right away. I could tell it wasn’t affiliated with Facebook. Anybody who says you will make that kind of money right away is a scam. Anybody that charges you money up front to make money is a scam.

    • Absolutely spot on joe. It has nothing to do with facebook at all. They are simply using a big branded name to try lure inncocent people into their scams

      • Hey Kumar,

        Is there any true work from home jobs, which can be trusted Norma to sell your information or financially rape a person?!?!?

        If so, which have you had success with? I see the one you mentioned in your reply to the Facebook Bonanza and intend to check it out after completing my reply to your comments.

  3. First red flag when looking at this, and other “make money working online” scams is you have to pay. You should NEVER have to pay to work for someone else. If they require a fee, or fees and a re-occurring fee at that, you are being ripped off. Second red flag is the amount of money they claim you will make. Third and most important, if it sounds too good to be true, it 100% is too good to be true and is a scam.

    • Wealthy Affiliates makes you pay after the first 10 lessons. They get you started with a site. Then you have to pay to find out what to do with it. I did it and did learn a lot, but they don’t get you up nd running without further money. Which I don’t have. So I had to stop.

      Just FYI.

  4. Hey just wanted to.say.I actually did sign up and tried.this product. Wish I found this review forst. When i signed up i thought it was a “work from home” job where i would promote others product amd get paid commission of what i promoted. I was wrong. I contacted customer service today and asked them how the “Easykit” you get was supposed to help me make money and the rep explained to me that just like in the tutorials its to help teach you how to start an online business. The initial charge was 47 and reaccuring was 67. I watched wuite a few of the videos and there wasnt anywhere that helped you promotr others product only if you wanted to promote your own.

    • I did the same EXACT thing and I was wondering the same exact thing, if it was going to tell me who I’m marketing for, I don’t need to know all of this because I don’t have a business, that’s what I went to them for. It’s so disappointing because an online job at your own pace would really work super well for me while in school and trying to study while trying to make rent at the same time. Ugh I’ve had this disappointment a few times over websites like this and this being the only one I signed up for, and it still never gets easier.

  5. I think its definitely a scam. And i think the poster with positive comments on the blog is the same person. Its no coincidence how all of them talk about getting they first “check” instead of CHEQUE. If one person made this error so many of them cant make the same mistake.!!!

    • Not sure exactly what you are trying to say. Perhaps it’s a cultural miscommunication? In America, the common term is “check”. That is what you sign to your bill collectors that comes out of your account. It is also what your boss sends you as payment for your work. They only other term we use is generally is “pay stub”. That just breaks down how much you were paid for how many hours and any taxes taken out. However I do agree it is fishy that everyone only talks about their first check.

  6. Unfortunately I was scammed and when I tried to cancel I was told to wait for 10 workin days and get just 50% and your acc is cancelled quickly to avoid you

  7. Unfortunately I was scammed and when I tried to cancel I was told to wait for 10 workin days and get just 50% and your acc is cancelled quickly to avoid you.
    On members page you are welcomed by a professional software binary scammer passing of millions in 12 he’s and when I asked about it I was told they don’t own it.

  8. Can you give me information on something that is legit and can make money from home and does not cost you anything?

    • Hi pamela, sorry to say but most opportunities online does cost you money. If you are looking for some online jobs, you could try freelancing.

  9. Thanks for the input wasnt to sure if it was tho to good to be true things which is why i decided to look it up in google. I just wanted to find something for the mrs so she can help with the income and not worry about a babysitter but i had the felling it was a scam just had to make sure and i just got the email today about and never saw it on facebook anywhere. Again thanks for the input

    • Hi Marjorie! WA does work. I am making money through all my websites. But what you need to know is, you will have to put in the effort for it to happen. I didn’t make anything overnight. The training, tools and support found in WA will teach you to become an online marketer and make money. I would suggest you give it a try.

  10. I will have to give it to them using Facebook was genius. That was the only reason I gave it a second look and kind of got excited that it might be something that would work. However, the money sounded to good to be true like everything else so I always check out the reviews first and I am glad I did. Thank you for providing the service that you do. I really need a way to make money from home because I have a disability and my husband needs a kidney. We have a go fund me account to raise money for my husbands surgery,but my husband and I have always been givers were not use to asking for anything and I don’t know how to even get the word out for that, except my Facebook and that doesn’t reach that many people. I will look at WA if you have any other ideas that come up, please let me know. I am a hard worker and used to run multimillion dollar a year restaurants for years.(I was the manager, not the owner) ; ) Have a Blessed Day and know you are appreciated. Anna

    • Hi Anna Harris,

      Definitely you could use WA and start your own donation fund raising. You can create a website or even campaigns on Facebook, share your life story and put a paypal donation button below so people can donate.

    • Hi Logan, there is several ways you can promote WA. Social media is the least you could do. If you really want to make great income, you should create a website and also run ppc ads(in the future). All these are taught step by step in WA. I would recommend you to start the training to get a better glimpse of what this is all about.

  11. Wow. I’m Soo Glad I Didn’t pay The $47.00 Dollors…. I kinda was Thinking in the back of my mind that This Was to good to be True.
    Thank You sooo Very Much Kumar
    For Sharing your Thoughts On This. I Wish there Were More Honest People in this world Like You , cause IT Sure would be a Better
    Place to live. God Bless You….. Thank You Again.

    • Hi Krista Ann, glad to help. I have been scammed several times which was one of the reason I created this site, so that more people can avoid such scams as well. Thank you for your kind words and blessings!

      Have a great day 🙂

  12. I signed up and when they started asking money for another program, I suspected it was a scam. My virus protection program warned me the website would put malware on my computer and I should exit it immediately which I did. I never got any program and I can’t find a phone number or website to cancel the order. My only other solution is to contest the charge on the basis it is a scam. I used my Capital One card and they are very good at getting your money refunded. They sent me an email that an international charge had been added to my account. The lady I talked to there said it was from England. The people are not even in the United States. She said the charge had to post to my account first, then I could contest it.

  13. Thank you for the information on the Facebook bonanza story . Glad I did not do it . I was wondering if there are legitimate jobs on line to make money ? If so could you recommend some ? I am being forced into early retirement do to a on the job injury . I need to make income from home . Can you help ?

    • Hi Kenneth, there aren’t many legit jobs online that I could think off. If you really want to make good money online, you should consider starting your own online business. There is another program that I recently came across. It’s a advertising/revenue sharing site. You can’t really make a good living with this but definitely can supplement you some extra income.

      If you are interested to join, you can click here.

  14. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for the great info. I wanted to leave the phone number for Ruby to call for FB Bonanza Customer Support and Billing. It is 1-888-793-3429 – 24/7.

    I think I will check into WA.

    Best Wishes,



    • It’s a typical way of trying to lure their visitors. Reducing the price. But if you look carefully, that reduced price is for a very short period. They will charge you a bigger amount days later.

  16. Well I just looked out and how everything filled out and my gut said research it first.Im so glad I found this page and saw the reviews.She/He that’s doing this is making millions off of the ones that fall for the scam.Thank you so much you saved me from being scammed $47 and $67 there after.

  17. Dude thanks, I almost got caught up with it until it got to the “you just pay $47” page and asked for your info. Glad it didn’t accept my card, it gave me a moment to look up reviews from real people. I also noticed that when I tried to go back, it kept lowering the price from $47 all the way to $27. Anyway thanks again, this was a big help

    • No problem Rowan! It’s a typical marketing method of trying to get the person to buy. Don’t fall for those as they will eventually charge you for it on a later date.

  18. Hi Kumar, I found this program in my in box today and went as far as the edge before giving a slightly incorrect digit on my card, allowing me to jump off. As a former UK Legal Investigator in the UK, may I congratulate you on your extremely professional review which showed in-depth research and clarity of reporting. If in future doubt on any program I may consider, I will check back with your review site for a true assessment. Many thanks.

  19. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I present “the smoking gun” found in the fine print at the bottom of the web page:
    We are not affiliated in any way with Facebook © All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners. The authors of this web site are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the third-party trade mark or third-party registered trade mark owners, and make no representations about them, their owners, their products or services.
    It is clear that all information on this page is fiction and the claimed associations are non-existent. Caveat Emptor (Latin for “read the fine print”)

    Thanks Kumar

    • Well said Anthony. If you look at their disclaimer, you will see that they are very honest and transparent about themselves. However, the problem is most people(including myself, sometimes) fail to read those.

    • Hi Daniel, I would love to say if something like that do exist. Unfortunately, most of the opportunities online either are scams or will ask you for huge amount of money upfront. If you want a ordinary work-from-home job, you could try out freelancing.

  20. Hi kumaar i am really very appreciated about your experienced information thanks 100 times. I was almost sign up
    Again and again thank you for saving me money

  21. Kumar,
    Although I truly appreciate you pointing out all the facts about this company being a scam … at the end of your presentation I felt like you were promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Just a suggestion if you are truly trying to help folks not waste money on scam’s, don’t promote a business at the end of your presentation. It will go a lot further in most peoples eyes.

    • Hi Christine! Sorry to hear that you felt this way. My intention is never to promote scams or I will ever will. The only reason why I am promoting WA on this page is because it has give me an opportunity to build an online business. I have been where many have you are now. I have searched high and low for opportunities to make money from home but all I got was a bigger hole in my pocket. Somehow along the way thankfully, I read some article which eventually led me to WA. From then onwards, I haven’t looked back till now.

      The whole reason for sharing WA is for others to cut-short this process of failing and get scammed and steering into the right path as soon as possible. You can look around almost everywhere, but you will see that most programs online are actually SCAMS. They sell you a dream. Nothing but a dream that everyone wishes to have. Once you get your hands on that product is when you will realise that “hey, it doesn’t work like what it promised”. That’s whats happening every single day.

      One of the best ways to come around is to start your on online business. This is the only thing that provide you income for a long term. The rest of it, such as PTC, paid surveys, revenue sharing are mostly paying pennies and don’t have a specific time frame on their calender. They can shut doors anytime and people will lose that earning opportunity.

      Thank you for sharing what you feel. Have a nice day 🙂

  22. Thanks so much I almost did sign up but I’ve always said if money is asked for up front it us a scam. And I did read the 1.00 a month which I knew was a scam

    • You’re welcome Suzette! It’s very important that you read everything carefully because they tend to hide those payment in very small words or places where one don’t really see. When you overlook those, that’s the opportunity where they capitalise on our mistakes!

  23. I am SO glad you are on top of these things! I just got an email for the FB Bonanza and did a search and read your review!
    I think that I have read some other reviews that you have done in the past…
    Thanks so much!
    I think I will check out the WA program you spoke of and see if I can get something going with it.

    • Hi Lisa, you’re welcome. I’m happy to see that you like my reviews.

      Sure Lisa, you should check out WA! If you do need some assistance along the way, just drop me a comment here or on my WA profile page. I will automatically be your mentor if you sign up through me.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Kumar, Hello! I want to check out WA. I read the good reviews. Yesterday I fell for I was looking at fbbonanza. If I sign up through you Kumar …you will be my mentor? 🙂

        • Yes Tammie, I will immediately become your mentor. I will come to your profile and drop you a welcome message. We can communicate and move forward from there. If you need any help building your online business I will definitely help you along the way with my experience.

  24. Long Live Kumar!
    I applied for, received, and activated a new credit card just so i could “get rich quick”. I even told a friend who is more broke than myself how i found the Holy Grail.

    With all my years of successful sales/marketing and entrapreneurial experience, I should be ashamed that I even CONCIDERED it!

    I am very grateful for your earnest dedication to providing FOR FREE on your TIME the bare bones truth on these thieves. When they are stripped of their magical scammer fairy dust, they suddenly lose their power over our wallets and pocket books.

    I was in process, ALL in, googling the website to Join the band Lemmings on the road to Nowhere – Quick and Broke. I found You first. And still I scrolled down looking for a POSITIVE review…LOL.

    Thank you for saving me the Money I actually WORK for and reminding me that WORKING for it – in my home or outside my home – is still the safest bet.

    • Thank you so much Lori K Giorgio! I’m glad that I can help people like you to stay away from these scammers. Honestly, I won’t entirely blame you if you decided to go for it. Seriously, who doesn’t want to get rich? Everyone does. I have spent quite a bit of money on many many make money online programs in the past which is why I never trust those programs that promise you quick cash anymore.

      Anyway, give yourself a pat in the back for doing some research first before eventually jumping into it. And yes, the only safest way to make money is to work for it and not expect something easy to happen. haaha..

  25. How do I Cancel My membership? because I unsubscribed from email list but I’m not sure if my account its cancelled permanently

  26. i work from home and i didnt have to pay anything but u do have to pass some pre screening tests before the company will assign u a job its called i have been working for them for over a year now

  27. I submitted my credit card for the free trail which turned out to be for 3 days only. The site told me the credit card didn’t work, try another. I know the card was good, but put in my debit, before submitting that card, something told me to read this entirely. It states after 3 days of free trial, u will be billed 89.00 month till cancelling. Today, the very next day, I am getting all these overseas work at home offers. I have texted them 4 times today, saying I don’t want this, no I didn’t download your link, did my card get charged and so on. I get back, click here to see today’s new jobs.No acknowledgement of any of my text last text I asked for a phone number, still waiting. I can’t find the email that was sent to me about this. Anyone know what the number to call & cancel this mess is. Not sure if it’s been charged, just need reassurance. Considering they said my 1st card wouldn’t work (no reason why it shouldn’t have, unless this was a way to get another card, scares my to death) and asked for another, I’m afraid both cards might have been charged. On 600. a month disability, 178.00 is a third of my check. Thanks for listening. Pam

    • Hi Pamela, very sorry to hear about this. The best for you to confirm whether you have been charged or not is to call your credit card company and check about this.

    • You’re welcome!
      Why not look into WA and start an online business? That is the best way to go forward in my opinion. All the others you see online are either scams or simply pay out too little to be really off

  28. I’ve just paid $4.97 and received my username and password, but I decided to read reviews from real people, and I got you. I’ve realized I got a scam. Am I still charged $4.97 next month? How can I stop that? I appreciated your help, Kumar.

  29. Hi after reading your review i went back to read the information on the web page more carefully, the following was a big tip off under the disclosures right at the end under privacy policy – “we are not affiliated in any way with Facebook”

  30. Thank you for your input online, I just wish I was smart enough to check this out before. I got ripped off for just about $95.00 and for a senior that is a lot of money, it made my rent to be not paid due to insufficient funds. I don’t know what to do, I will go to the bank tomorrow and see what and if they can do anything for me.

    • You’re welcome TDW.

      Sorry to hear that you have already spent money on this program. Yes, do go to the bank and see if you can void this transaction. Good luck!

  31. Thanks, Kumar, I have an appt. tomorrow, with God’s forgiveness for my stupidity the outcome will be positive.

    • Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Everything in life is a learning experience. We learn from our mistakes and then we will be more cautious the next time round. I have lost thousands with many online programs too. It took me awhile before I realised that there is no such thing as easy money in this world.

  32. I received a text message with the link about Facebook Bonanza…I’m so on guard now with thinking things are a scam… I learned the hard way back when I was unemployed and searching for a job. I also found out when you unemployed, struggling to find employment…its puts people in almost a desperate mindset which is how a lot of these scams are able to make money by playing on the weak. So now I believe EVERYTHING IS A SCAM until proven otherwise. The first thing I noticed about this Facebook Bonanza as I was scanning through it, at the bottom there was a disclaimer saying this has nothing to do with Facebook….REALLY, then why we here wasting time with a scam!!!

    • Hi Tina,

      One of the biggest issue is many of us do not read the disclaimer at the bottom. Most just look through what’s on top and go on to blindly follow them. If only we would pay more attention to these disclaimer section, the chances of us getting scam will be very less.

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