Is a Good Place to Find Jobs?

Many of you might be wondering whether is FlexJobs a legit place to find job, don’t worry about that because I’ve got that covered for you within this review.

By the end of this review, you will have a better understanding of what has to offer and thus will be able to much better decision moving forward.


Name: FlexJobsFind-Jobs-Using-FlexJobs


Owner: Sara Sutton Fell

Price: $14.95(1 month), $29.95(3 months), $49.95(1 year)

Rating: 55/100


What is about?

FlexJobs is a job service site that finds professional and legit job opportunities online and compiles them into one place. In other words, they do all the searching for you and filter out the junks so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding them yourself.

There is a wide range of jobs to choose from including telecommunicating, part-time, freelance and most importantly flexible jobs. Currently they have about 50 different job categories and have approximately 29,000 postings to choose from.

Wow, not bad… that’s really quite a wide range of jobs to choose from.


How much does FlexJobs cost you?

There are three different kinds of plans to choose from,

$14.95 – This plan only lasts for 1 month. This plan is more catered to people who think they only required a short period of time to find the job they want.

$29.95 – This plan lasts for 3 months. Ideally, you would want to choose this plan because it gives you a much realistic time frame in getting a job you like to do.

$49.95 – This plan lasts for 1 year. This is more catered to those who are keen in doing freelancing.


Additional benefits of their membership:

  • You get unlimited access to all the latest jobs available
  • You will get alerted by email if there are new jobs posted
  • You will get your very own portfolio where employers can access to check your resumes/ work experiences
  • Free skill testing to determine your level of skills

There also cater for Free visitors, however you will be only shown a limited amount of job opportunities.


What are the things I liked about FlexJobs?

Reasonable Pricing – If you ask me, I would say the price for their plans are quite reasonable.

Money Back Guarantee – According to their website, if you are not satisfied for any particular reason, you are able to cancel your membership and ask for a refund. At least we know these guys are just not only in for the money – they are looking for customer satisfaction as well.

Legit –  To be honest, they are really to many scam websites lingering all over the internet. If you want to seek opportunities yourself, in between the chances of you falling for some scams are very high. Going through FlexJobs you can be rest assured that the jobs are totally legit.

Well Recognised – They have won lots of awards and most importantly they are A+ rated member of Better Business Bureau(BBB)

Great versatility- They have a wide range of jobs to choose from and are regularly updating new jobs to their site.

Good Support – One of the most important aspects to look when signing up for a membership site is their support. How important is backbone for a human being is how important to have proper support for a membership site. It is good to see that there are several ways to get in contact with the support team. There are many sites that don’t even list down their email address but to see a phone number, post mail and live chat definitely gives me an extra boost of confidence about the credibility of their service.


What I didn’t like…

Not Worldwide – This question was really answered in their FAQ which I was kind of disappointed me. I feel this site is more catered to people who are living within the United States.

No Free Trial – It would have been better if they actually provided a free-trial of their service. Though from outside it looks legit, people would feel more comfortable if they actually get to have a taste of their service for free. I would prefer if they had a find job-pay later policy. In other words, once you got your suitable job then you pay the fee.


My Final thoughts… is definitely a legit place to patronise for job seekers. However, you should know that it is not necessary that you will be able to get the ideal job you want because there is a greater pool of competition. Just imagine, if you have a particularly favourite jobs there will definitely be another 100 people who wants to have that same kind of job too.

There are alternative websites to seek jobs which are free to join as well so if you are not willing to spend money you can do some research and find quite a list of sites offering free job services.

You can still give FlexJobs a try, but I would recommend to try it out for a month. Though 1 year membership may sound like a bargain, taking the 1 month membership would be more ideal since you will never know what is in store for you in the future.


My Advice to You!

If you are looking for more flexible opportunities to make money, I high encourage you to try out online marketing. I know this term online marketing may sound a total stranger to you, but don’t worry it is not as complex as you might expect it to be.

As an online marketer:

  • You promote products and earn commissions from it
  • There are over millions of products to choose from & there is no restriction
  • More and more people are purchasing stuffs online. Think about it, when was the last time you purchased anything online. I bet it was quite recent. The future for online marketers are very bright
  • You can build an online marketing business based on your passion or hobby
  • It’s a work from home job, you are your own boss – great flexibility
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  • Your target audience is worldwide, not only in the country you live in
  • Hence, more opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue

There are over 3 billion of internet users and if you just target a small fraction of these people you could be looking at an income way beyond what you are getting from your day jobs.

Before you come to conclusions let me tell you something… you are not required to immediately quit you fulltime job and focus entirely on online marketing. You can do what exactly I did in the past, during free/spare time just work on your online marketing business. Once you are making similar income levels to your current fulltime job than you can think about resigning and start focusing on expending your current business. Or you can also continue to stick to your fulltime job and use online marketing as an additional source of income.

Well, that’s totally up to you to decide…

Having said that, online marketing is not something you can learn of the library books of read of Google. It requires proper training and education.

Then you may ask, “where am I to go and find classes on Online marketing?”

Don’t worry about that… I have that one covered for you. The following is an online marketing training platform which teaches you everything from scratch on how to build an online marketing business. I’m one of the members there, so don’t worry you are not alone. I will personally assist you and guide you to making money online. This is the only platform online which actually allows you to earn while you learn.

They also have a starter membership which is totally free(no credit card details required). I highly recommend you to take advantage of this free membership and try things out. You may never know, this might actually be the turning point in your life. Don’t worry, you have no obligations at all… if ever you feel like you don’t want to continue anymore you can just leave.


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I have come to the end of my review on, hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. Past/current users of Flex Jobs are more than welcomed to share with us your personal experience, simply drop us a comment below. Those of you with any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot them below, I will get back to within a few hours.

If you liked what you are reading please share this with your family and friends. Thank You.


Cheers, 🙂

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