Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam? My Unbiased Review

I will be doing a review on “Get Paid Taking Pictures” to share with you the truth behind this system. Some say it’s a good opportunity to earn extra income online while others say it’s a scam. So who is telling the truth? We will find out soon…

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Name: Get Paid Taking Pictures (GPTP)Is-Get-Paid-Taking-Pictures-A-Scam


Owner: Michael Davis

Price: $77, $37, $27, $19 + Upsells 😡

Rating: 25/100



What is “Get Paid Taking Pictures” all about?

I think by now you would already have a rough idea of what “Get Paid Taking Pictures” is all about. As the name suggests, it obviously has something to do making money from taking pictures. According to their website, it seems that GPTP has been voted “best work from home opportunity of 2015”. I went on to Google to find out who exactly gave them this award, unfortunately I couldn’t find any information linking with GPTP. Seems to me more like a self-proclaimed award 😆

In the sales video, Michael Davis goes on to share with us his personal story of how he first got introduced to earning money from photos and making his first $500 within 24 hours.

Isn’t it great? This job is a total no brainer… just take random photos and upload, literally FREE money.

Hold on a minute, if that was what you was thinking that sorry to disappoint you because whatever you seen or heard from the sales video is not entirely true while I will explain in details right below this.


Can I make money selling pictures online?

Yes! Selling pictures is a legit way of earning money online. You can easily do research on your own on Google about websites buying photos, there is no reason for you to actually spend money and purchase the GPTP product in order to get answers.

Some of the sites willing to buy your photos:

  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • Dreamstime
  • Clashot

To find out more details, you can simply go and check it on their website. But one thing you should know about selling photos online is the competition is very large. Just like you there are thousands of people also wanting to earn money from this. So don’t expect an easy walk in the park and earn big pay cheques.

“Get Paid Taking Pictures” definitely overly exaggerated the entire process. For instance, Michael Davis said he earned $500 within 24 hours is definitely not true and not typical to everyone else so don’t misunderstand it and expect to replicate his earnings too.

I know that you have seen several testimonials in the sales video claiming that they are making a four-figure income monthly. Don’t believe those, they are simply just actors who are paid to give fake reviews. Unlike the past, getting testimonials nowadays are not so much of a big deal because you can easily get them as low as for $5 from Fiverr.


Tell-tale signs on a Scam

(1) Dirty marketing tactics



From their Website

Don’t get fooled by their upsells and Downsells…

When you enter your email address you will be directed to the sales page for you to make your purchase. And you are told that you will get a 50% promo coupon discount for TODAY only, hence the price you would be paying is half of the original. Whenever you try to cancel, you will get a pop-up in your screen claiming to have reduced your price. – This is a known as a Downsell…

What you didn’t know is when you actually purchased the product, there will be still upsells waiting for you within the members area. They will probably tell you in order to access more features, you will have to pay more money.


(2) Money-Back Guarantee

This product claims to have a 60-day money back guarantee, but does that mean they will refund you at all costs?

Well, the answer is No. You will have to eventually have to go through a lot of hassles, even then there is no guarantee you will be refunded. I have personally experienced it myself, when I tried to contact the support and asked for a refund that didn’t even bother replying to any of my emails… I was just totally ignored, in the I just totally gave up on it but I promised myself I will never fall for such scams again.

Whether its a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day or 100% guarantee you should always remember that there is a catch behind it!


My Final thoughts…

The Competition for selling photos online is far greater than you might think it is. Hence, don’t expect to make a fulltime living from home using the techniques. Though you can use this to earn extra income on top of your fulltime income.

If you are still looking for ways to make money online, I suggest you to try out Online Marketing. I understand, the term “Online Marketing” may be a total stranger to most of you here. But don’t worry the money making process is far simpler as what you might expect it to be.

As an Online Marketer:

  • You promote products & services and earn commissions from it
  • Your online marketing business can be based on your interest – hobby or passion
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  • You don’t have be a university graduate or internet geek to learn online marketing, basic computer skills are good enough
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  • Hence, more opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue
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I have come to the end of my review on Get Paid Taking Pictures program, hope you guys benefited from it. Past users are more than welcomed to share with us your personal experience, simply drop us a comment below.

Also don’t forget to share this post around. Thank You 🙂



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