Is Market Buster a Scam? Review on The “Best” Online Money Making App

I will be doing a review on Market Buster to uncover with you the truth about the system. I’ve noticed that there are mixed criticism about this App, some say it is a good opportunity to make money online while another bunch says it’s a scam.

So who is telling the truth? We’ll… we will find out soon!

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Name: Market Buster


Owner: Ethan Taylor

Price: Free, $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 10/100



What is Market Buster about?



Market Buster is a binary options trading software that is created by Ethan Taylor to help people like you and me make money online. In their sales video the narrator mentioned that one can make anywhere near $2000-$5000 per day in automation.

Wow, that is really some bold claim to make. Most average people barely make $2000 a month, but it seems with market buster making $2000 a day is no biggie.

Sounds good right?

Well… sorry to interrupt you from your dream and lets get back to reality shall we?

The $2000-$5000 per day money claims are fake, the truth is you will never make a single penny with this software. Ethan Taylor just came up with this random figures and made you believe that it is true, just like how people believe its magic when a “magician” pulls out a rabbit from his hat.


The Ugly Truth

What you are told

  1. Six months free trial
  2. Make thousands of dollars daily, no prior experience/knowledge about trading needed
  3. Deposit minimum $250 to activate account, you can withdraw anytime you want – just like a bank
  4. 83% guaranteed success rate


What you didn’t know – but you need to know

What you saw in their website and sales video has nothing to do with how their actual system works. They just covered up and added lots of false information to make their software look good in the eyes of the public.

It is a normal reaction of a human being, we always have a soft spot for products that claims to make us instant rich. If you tell me there is really such a system that makes you thousands dollars everyday without doing anything, I will definitely be one of the first ones to try. Honestly, who doesn’t want easy money? all of us wants… but we should have the mentality to accept the fact that there is no such thing as easy money in this world, everything requires you to work for it.

What actually happens:

  1. This software does not have a success rate of 83%, this number is just made up. The success rate is probably around 35~50%.
  2. The system is already scripted in such a way that you will be bound to lose all your money, how long depends on the amount and frequency you trade.
  3. You will not be able to withdraw any money from the account whether it’s your initial deposit or winning. They mentioned that Opteck is the most reliable broker and has flawless reputation. That is B.S., I went to do some research about them and I found out lots of negative remarks instead of positives. Some people mentioned that their accounts got frozen once they deposited the funds and their support is very poor. Every time they mention that they will get back to you but in the end there is no news.


You become the loser…



Don’t get fooled by such claims, “the more you invest, the higher your profits will be”… I have seen these over and over again in other binary option trading software as well. These guys are not here to help you make more money, instead you are helping them fill their pockets with your money.

The reason why they ask you to use their so called recommended broker is because they are affiliates of them. So whenever you deposit funds, they will get a commission from it. The more you deposit, the more commission the owner gets. The commissions are definitely very lucrative, the owner can earn around 80% commission for every person he refers(and deposits).


Tell-tale signs of a scam

#1: No guarantee you will earn money



The truth is spoken, take a look for yourself. This is a snip I took from their earning disclaimer page from their website. As you can see, Market Buster App does not guarantee that you will earn money using their techniques.

Doesn’t it seem strange? In their sales video and website, they mentioned one can easily make thousand dollars a day but here it shows otherwise.

Guess by now you would have known that this software is a scam, everything you saw earlier was just for marketing purposes only.


#2: Paid Actors



The testimonials you see in the video are not real. These guys are just paid to act and give “positive” review about the software which they literally never tried. All you see is words from their mouth, did they show you their real bank balance? No! Though one guy claimed to have showed you his bank account but it is actually not his, its just a edited screenshot which can easily be altered with Photoshop.

Unlike the past, getting testimonials nowadays are very easy and the best part is you can get them for a low as $5 from Fiverr. In some of the earlier products I have reviewed, the testimonials were from Fiverr itself.

I also have seen some of these same faces promoting multiple products, I don’t know how can they willingly lie that they made 1 million from this product and still sell their service for $5 in Fiverr.


#3: Limited No. of positions available

Market-Buster-Limited-PositionsAccording to their website, the mentioned they have 30 spots available for access everyday. Unfortunately, the reasoning the give for that was kind of lame and make them just look stupid.

Reason: ” I monitor new users cause I don’t want to upset the method. When too many newbies apply for the method all at once it could cause bad results”.

The truth is that is no limited number of positions available to join. As you can see from the above it will start of a 26/30 positions and sooner will indicate only 3/30 positions left. That’s not true. You can come back anytime of the day, weeks or months later and you will still see the same numbers. The reason for this is not because it will affect the system(there is no system in the first place) but to make you think that this is a limited opportunity to make online and want you to act first if not you might have no access anymore.


My Final thoughts & Recommendation…

Binary options trading is a legit way to make money online but you should always know that these form of trading is associated with a high level of risk. So instead of making profits you will end up actually losing you entire investment, in short online trading is no different from gambling.


Instead of wasting money and time on “get rich quick” schemes, why not use it to build a sustainable passive income every month. What do I mean by passive income? Once you have everything set in place, you can earn money without putting in much effort… that is what I call automatic income!

I talking about becoming an online marketer. Basically, your job as an online marketer is to promote products and you will earn commissions from it. The good thing about this is you do not need to physically own the products you want to promote.

Just to share with you some statistics, there are over 3 billion internet users and everyday these numbers are just getting greater. If you could target a small fraction of these people, you will be easily able to surpass your day jobs monthly income in no time. However, you should keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick scheme so don’t expect to become rich overnight.

If you think you are up for it, than I suggest you to give it ago. Besides, what have you got to lose.. everything to gain only!


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I have come to the end of my review on Market Buster App, hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. Those of you who have tried this software before are welcomed to share with us your personal experience.

P.S. Don’t sit around hope to become rich one day, because it will never happen. Work hard with diligence and your effort will definitely pay of one day.



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