Is Master Writing Jobs a Scam? Read My Review to Find Out!

This review is going to be on a program called Master Writing Jobs. What is Master Writing Jobs? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to take part in and earn money online? Is it worth spending money on a program like this? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things started…


Name: Master Writing JobsMaster-Writing-Jobs-Reviews


Owner: James

Price: $68, $34

Rating: 1/5


Master Writing Jobs Overview


How many of you here saw the headlines “Quickly Become a Freelance Writer TODAY and Earn Your First Paycheck in Just 30 MINUTES” and got excited about it? Well, I’m sure many of you are or was before.

If this is my first time coming across such an opportunity, probably I would have reacted the same way as most of you too. But that’s the thing… I have seen many of these programs over the past few years that promised quick and easy money but they fail to deliver upon signing up or spending money. So I am not buying into any of those non-viable claims from Master Writing Jobs.


What Happens when You Join Master Writing Jobs?

This is what you were told in the presentation:

  • You pay $34 to join Master Writing Jobs
  • Once you logged in to your dashboard there will be many jobs for you to select from. Ranging from writing articles to proofreading
  • You have the potential to make $125 for each article or $25-$30 per hour working for those companies
  • The more jobs you take up, the more money you could earn. $5,000 per month is a no biggie for you once you join Master Writing Jobs

Well, if you join Master Writing Jobs with that impression in mind… you are in for a very big surprise because a majority of what was mentioned in the presentation is not going to happen.

So… what is likely to happen?

Once you bought Master Writing Jobs and go into the member’s area there will be freelance writing jobs for you to complete. Basically, there will be the links attached to the specific job. When you click on the link you will be directed to the job site.

This is where the problems start. You can’t just immediately start the job. There will be many people just like you applying for the job. Of course, the employer is not going to appoint everyone. The person to hire you will want to check your portfolio and see whether you are capable of doing this job. Your past experience of writing and maybe some samples will even be required.

If you got none, the chances of you getting hired are almost close to zero. The is lots of competition in the freelancing industry. Not only you, but hundreds and thousands of people worldwide are also trying to make a living out of it.

Are people making big bucks with Freelance writing?

Yes definitely.


There are many freelancing sites available online. I just went to one of them and selected the writer’s category. As you can see from the above image, these are some of the top rated writers there. They charge, anywhere from $20 to over $50 per hour. So yes… there is money in freelancing. But what you need to know is that these people didn’t come to this position overnight.

They have built a strong portfolio and have lots of satisfaction from other customers that slowly built their reputation. It could have taken them years to come to where there are. What Master Writing Jobs is doing is misleading you to the core. The claim you can earn big bucks instantly upon joining them. Wrong… it’s never going to happen.


You Don’t Need Master Writing jobs To Become a Freelancer

Yeap that’s right! You don’t need to join Master Writing Jobs to become a freelancing in writing or proofreading. There are many freelancing sites available online. You can do a simple search on Google with the term “Freelancing jobs” and you will see a long list of different sites that you can join and become a freelancer.

However, like what I said earlier, Freelancing is not as easy as you might think it is. Just like any other job, it is also very competitive. You have to be good at something to become a freelancer. If you are really passionate about writing or have a very strong language backing, yes, by all means, you can try out freelancing.

So the question now is, since anyone can join freelancing sites and take up offers for free, why do Master Writing Jobs $34 for their service?

Well, the answer is kinda straight forward. The person who is behind Master Writing Jobs is simply looking for an income stream to fill his own pockets. So what the person did is create a product that everyone will go “WOW” and market it very well.

They even run Facebook ads to get more people. Now there are over 1000 people looking up on this product over the internet every month. I have to say he/she did a very well job.



Master Writing Jobs Complaints…

There tons of complaints with regards to the Master Writing Jobs and obviously I am not surprised why. This product was already hinting as a scam right from the get go.

The story we heard in the presentation video where the owner suddenly quit his job overnight and worked on a program for 2 years so that everyone can start making lots of money through freelancing is something too good to believe.

Anyway, I went to check their Facebook page and it looks very clean.

Any guesses why?

Because our dear admins have deleted all the post with the negatives comments on it. For instance, that post supposed to have like 35 comments… but when I clicked there are only 3 comments.

A lot of people in forums are also calling this a scam. Too bad, this time they can’t delete those posts.




So is Master Writing Jobs a scam?

Yes! Master Writing Jobs is definitely a scam. I recommend that you stay away from it at all cost. The chances of you losing money are much higher than you make a dime. Although $34 is not really a big sum, it nevertheless is still a scam for the simplest reasons of giving everyone fake promises.

$2,000 to $10,000 every month? Yea right…

Those who are really interested in starting a freelancing career should just sign up for those free sites that you can find through Google. However, you should still keep in mind that freelancing is just as competitive as any other job. You will have put in a lot of effort into it to make it a successful journey.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended


A Better Alternative?

Whenever easy money is promised, there’s always going to be people who jump on the opportunity. Unfortunately most of the time these things will turn out to either be scams or not even close to what they promised they would be.

So what then is the answer?

Well, there are a number of opportunities you can check out on this website as I’ve bought, tested and reviewed dozens and dozens of programs.

But if you want to save time and know what the best program is for making a real supplementary income, there is my #1 recommendation. It is not a freelancing opportunity but it’s kinda similar because you can dictate how much money you are going to make eventually. But what exactly is it?


I hope you’ll check it out because it’s amazing, but either way, for future reference, be very cautious of any program and know that if any of those places promise you riches, it’s most likely a scam!

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below ?



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  1. Kumar,
    It might occur to some people that you are simply taking to task a competitor, By denegrating Master Writing Jobs and then offering an option to try your own method, you immediately cast doubt upon your own validity. If I were you, I would suggest advertising your product without the negative review of other competitors in order to give yourself a more legitimate appeal.

    • Hi Jana, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes, I do agree with you to a certain extent. However, the main goal here is to get my visitors to see that there are not going to get any where with Master Writing Jobs. The fact that they can claim you are going to make money in the next 30 minutes or so really frustrates me.

      I mean, why do they have to blatantly lie infront of their customers just so that they can get a sale. If I am being to generous with my words here, some may take it for granted and actually purchase the Master Writing Jobs, which is something I don’t want. It’s a complete waste of money and when they find out for themselves after they actually tried it the feeling of disappointment cannot get any worse. I have been in this situations many times while looking for a legit program to make money online.

      Thankfully after several failures I came across this awesome program called WA that teach me how to build an online business through Affiliate Marketing.

      As for the program I am promoting, it’s actually kinda secondary. I’m not too concerned whether they actually try the program I promote but I definitely have a sense of satisfication if they read my review and learnt more about the program.

      Thanks again, and have a great day:)

  2. This company definitely seems to be a SCAM. I request a refund 4 times and no one has responded or processed the refund. Below is my latest email to them:


    Good Day,

    I have requested a refund, via email, at least 3 times for the purchase I made over a week ago. I see continue “received email receipts” that the emails are being read, however, I have yet to receive a reply or a refund.

    This system is not a database of available writing jobs, but more a collection of companies/publications that MAY offer guest writer or freelance jobs.

    Please advise on when this will be processed.

    • Yea exactly like what I mentioned in my review. I think you should just give up on emailing them because I have been in your situation many times before. Some of these guys will never get back to you.


  3. I think I have strengths in editing. I sent Master Writing Jobs an email pointing out their typos in the video! 😀 [Psst: Kumar, thank you for the review and advice, but you have some editing mistakes in your review, as well. 😉 ] Good luck.

    • Absolutely! This article, most of the comments on this page, and the Master Writing Jobs material all brim with basic editing, proofreading and word choice errors. If your stories aren’t written well, you’ll never sell them… and that’s not the fault of the Master Writing Jobs folks.

  4. When the internet was fairly new, my dad (RIP) told me NEVER pay someone to offer you job opportunities!

    Also, I see a lot of people who paid are not being given their money back when they request it. My bank, Bank of America, will give you the refund amount within 24 hours and then THEY will fight the company. I have done this a few times by being stupid but the companies cannot fight this if you save the site where they make the 60-day unconditional refund claim. If you lose, you will have to pay the bank back (the money will be debited back from your account) but if you have an “ironclad” refund claim, you WILL win.


    • Perfect answer from Dawn Smith. I am with federal credit unions, and if you will submit your complaint to THEM (your bank), reasoning product or service failed to deliver as promised, along with anything else needed (like proof of e-mails asking for refund) – your bank or credit union will PUT your money back/reversing the debit payment the thieves took. If the unscrupulous company wants to fight you they can’t. Fight the BANK that is backed by banking laws/consumer protection laws….oh yeah, and FRAUDULENT advertising and taking your $$.

      I took my publisher to task when they said they could not refund my $499 for promotion services – that they did not deliver. I said, ‘Okay, you won’t? Well I know who WILL.’ They learned the hard way – when their own bottom line turned up $499.00 short.

  5. Hi Kumar;

    I want to thank you for telling the truth about ‘MasterWritingJobs’! I don’t mind you giving me a recommendation of a program that really works. I will visit the site and see if it is something that I am interested in. So, thank you for that.

    I have had horrible encounters with many people/companies online that just take us for the money… of the worst is Adrian Morrison! He took $1999.98 from my bank account! I was signing up for his courses that were on special for $998.99 & they took the original amount (twice special price) from my account! I called him numerous times, emailed every email that I could find that he has registered….NEVER did he get back to me! NEVER….and I continued to write & call him for over a year….NEVER did he contact me or refund my money!

    BE CAREFUL! There are so many people out there with great reputations, people say good things about them and when you are one of the few or many that these people take $$$$ from…..well, let me say, I felt like a big fool! Angry….oh yea! However, it did me no good!

    Good luck to all of you in finding your ‘stay at home’ job. It is a great way to work, especially if you are still raising your family.

    Linda Swearingen

    • Hi linda, very sorry to hear about your bad experience with online money making programs. We really have to be careful when signing up for such especily if they require a big amount of money to start.

  6. well you are the first link from you review of Masterwriting Jobs – so good work. And Yes Wealthy Affilates does offer a full range of training – but it takes work and time also – I know I am at it also

  7. This is a total scam! I had to write them on FB, Instagram, email them twice, call and leave a voicemail and tell them that I’m getting my attorney on them if they don’t respond and then they finally emailed me a refund back. This is terrible.

    • Wow this is really terrible. Its an hassle to get back your money. Most people give up in first try. Goodos to you for persistently fighting to get back your money!

  8. Looks like I fell for this scam in my desire to find work as a freelance writer. I have lost my money and want others to know that I don’t want the same thing happening to you. Wish I did not get sucked in.

  9. I was almost making this transactions….these guys are lairs.I was wondering what kind of a job that I need to pay for me to get employed

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